Egyptian Fifi Abdo

This made of it one of the biggest Egyptian celebrities. After all, if it did not dare, it would not be Fifi Its name is mentioned in such a way with regard to the scandals how much to the high faturamentos of its films, parts and videos. Beyond bailariana of dance of the womb, the Egyptian Fifi Abdo is a woman business-oriented, sufficiently income-producing for signal! It and its entrepreneurs (possue nothing less than six) knows to deal with the media. They use the controversies to call the attention, to cause commotion and to breach conventions, as much with the media how much with the authorities. It is all part of a game.

A less famous dancer certainly would face problems with the moral policy. Its success in the media made of it one of the women richest of the Cairo. The French magazine Jeune Afrique disclosed that Fifi earned about 1,1 million euros between 1993 and 1996; it certainly it gained more than US$400,000 dollar per year. It more than possesss five a thousand clothes of dance, some Mercedes and two apartments throughout the river Nile. It still is known by helping less fortunate.

Although the prohibition of the films and novels in which Fifi Abdo acts as Tar’ al hob and El siti aseelah, its popularity continues intocada. Some women of the Middle East see Fifi as a heroine, because of its audacity, even so has some opposition it due to controversy that has created. Invited sharp language of a program of tev, Fifi Abdo openly said on its life and its career. It clarified that, after if to retire as dancer, she is not working as faxineira to gain money and that continues acting in different novels and films. In an attempt to neutralize some rumors, she added that opposed to take off it advantage of the fact of its current husband (sixth so far) to be a prosperous man business-oriented and to use money of it to produce films or series for television.