If we analyze carefully all current projects "Booming" economy, they are based, in any case, nothing but hare-brained schemes, no. Carry on "Boeing" purebred cows in America, or to create a "screwdriver" manufacturing, high intelligence is not necessary, as economic justification of such projects are usually nothing to do with reality is not. Such activity is difficult to name the economy, especially the market, so the crisis in the economy in Kazakhstan was not, and in the near future, not expected, because there is the economy itself in the classic sense of the word. But talk of a crisis and a successful exit, strongly exaggerated for the purpose only to the public perceives the world as Kazakhstan has already "Own", that is how the state and market, too, like all developed nations, "can" to the crisis. Finally, impoverished nation, the soul is aware of all this, without a murmur, "silent", waiting for the further development of the script. Why? Yes, because there is no market economy with free competition, its attributes, to protect against monopolization, institutionalized rules and efficiency, as the supreme value of the economy. In these circumstances it is difficult to speak and the presence of "Marx's" classes, ie classes built on the functional role in the production.

Our classes are also formed on the basis of the nature of access to consumption. They basically can not be the driving force behind the development society. With a few minor errors in modern Kazakhstan can be divided to determine the three main classes.