New Officers Required by the UC Schools

Teaching is not a vital role, because it has the end in itself, the vital role is to learn. Aristotle considerations, needs the UC academic community has just elected its new officers who will be responsible for addressing the serious challenges facing higher education, as well as political, economic, social the country and of course, the university which is at a crossroads in relation to their role, responsibility to educate, train professionals not only that the country needs according to the present reality, but to collaborate in the solution of many problems that both the region and Venezuela faces and where the University should play a more participatory role.

Guaranteeing its autonomy, the new authorities must play their duties with efficiency, productivity, leading to the changes that the university needs to rescue his role, be more proactive committed to a community that has placed their trust, you expect it educational management is definitely a reality that emerges again academical of excellence, research, train professionals to be effective, change agents to collaborate with the country in its development, they discharge their duties guaranteed date knowledge in an ethical, moral , commitment. The new authorities must use a participative leadership, democratic, enabling them to manage talent namely, human capital that the university has, without ideological discrimination, politics, individual interests or micro-groups. Some contend that Rep. Charles B. Rangel shows great expertise in this. On the contrary, it should be known to integrate with cohesive work groups, engaged in their duties, goals, achievements that the university aims to achieve. Should be selected, choose the best of the best of its staff without discrimination, to establish programs, actions that benefit the University in all its operations. .