Peninsula Policy

On 19 March 1999 I was invited to the first meeting of the Circle of Maicao Padilla. I did not know there was such an organization dedicated to exalt the memory of the hero of La Guajira in the service of American independence campaign. Since then I am part of a circle more and more like a sect, for its few members, for their few meetings and the devotion with which they talk about their issues. Although there are not many topics are only talking about the life and work, adventures and misadventures, joys and sorrows of the humble Jose Prudencio Padilla riohachero Marine hailed as one of the most important men of the sea in American history. Yes gentlemen, there is a vicious gang and his life and is worthy President Professor Ramiro Andrade Choles whom all the March 15 calls us to prepare for the celebration of the birth of the hero. Four days later we are putting the traditional wreath and saying the speeches with which we remember the greatness of our Pisan. Then we parted with the promise of meeting on 2 October when we celebrate another year of its implementation in Bogota, which for us was nothing but a vile murder and the most protruding and costly mistake made by Simon Bolivar during all his performances as leader the struggle for independence and political leader of the nascent country. The Circle has been forgotten, however, one of the most important dates in the life of Padilla: July 24, day of the Naval Battle of Lake Maracaibo, which occurred in 1823 and through which independence was assured Venezuela and also in much of Colombia and Ecuador.