Ruling Religion

Not less than it would be foolish to convince the physicist, which in practice works with elementary particles in the recently launched by the Collider is that the soul is eternal and to know its material basis is impossible, but it is so stipulate the basic articles of faith of almost all world religions. Of course, not without exceptions, the history knows many examples when the world-famous scientists have been deeply believers who are or have been established in the latter stages of his life. Despite the fact that for millions of years to a man as a biological being has reached a certain physical perfection, the formation of his mind to far studied is not enough, what religion is also "put their hands" of artificially restricting some areas of his scientific career. If the engine invent for the ruling classes were, of course, cost-effective, the development of science in this area, at first glance, it is not profitable enough in the foreseeable future, and thus exposed to artificial limitation fund such activity. Our global community is diverse on the planet are forced to coexist public education a variety of socio-political formations, respectively, and the attitude to religion in differ across countries, until the opposite. This is relatively "young" world religion like Islam, which united a large part of the most impoverished of the world population, its most radical wing of the present time is a real threat to the peaceful coexistence of all nations. Using the lack of overall educational attainment of its population, based on religious bias, the rulers of these countries are trying to neither more nor little to redistribute the wealth accumulated by many generations of the rest of the world's population.