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First Professional Court

The union immediately proceeded to establish a guardianship for the right of association and working people laid off, which was received and settled by the First Court with Guarantees control function, as no protection failure. To protect the rights of association and work as a result of this, order the legal representative of Telmex Hogar SA or whoever replaces them, that within the maximum period of 48 hours following notification of this decision, proceed to reinstate appointed to a position of equal or played such a level that … “In response, the company decided to challenge the failure of protection in court of the circuit 16, which, as of April 30, 2009, resolved: a to CONFIRM contested the decision through the which upheld the rights of association and work MARTIN EDGAR GONZALEZ GARCIA, As a second attack on the formation of the union, the company filed an application whose main claim was request the dissolution, liquidation and cancellation of the registration of association of the newly created organization, claiming that the withdrawal of EDGAR GONZALEZ MARTIN GARCIA, the union ceased to have the minimum number of workers who are members legally required for the creation or maintenance of any labor organization – 25 workers. FUA LAWSUIT THAT WON THE UNION AND TO PROVE “THAT WAS NEVER THE UNION DISSOLUTION AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN LEGAL. On May 25, 1913 fellow of the city of Medellin decided to make the union, formed the committee in that city, making the appropriate filing of minutes of training, the Ministry of Social Protection, of this city, on May 26 , 2009 at 8:03 am and 9:22 am was also notified the company Telmex and affiliations of the members of the Committee who were graduated in compliance with the rules for laboralesa. But earlier than two hours of such notification, the company decided to dismiss without just VAT N Yerima cause BONILLA, who eraa the principal representative of the committee and therefore enjoyed a trade union.

Besides having the same practices of January 15, when the creation of the union in the city of Bogota, the company began a series of meetings with union members to lobby their separation. Apart from the dismissal of fellow Yerima IVAN, in the city of Barrancabermeja also without just cause, then join and promote the union. These three people were protected by amparo proceedings, ordered the company to returning them to their regular places of work as though they had been dismissed, as are reinstated by the first protection.Today, we are seeking the reinstatement of 8 people who were laid off on August 5th, we are also examining the circumstances in which some workers were fired for low productivity.

Helpful Hints In The Relationship With Your Lawyer Legal

1. Obviously, the first recommendation is referred to the choice of the practitioner will take your case. Whatever the means by which you had knowledge of it (an acquaintance who was in the past his clients gave him his phone, saw your ad in a newspaper or visited your website), you should make sure to three fundamental aspects: training, expertise and experience in similar cases. 2. When you contact him first, you should explain in detail, point by point, what is your case. Normally a preliminary meeting is highly recommended for both you know and check your professionalism and knowledge to be hand in hand, and that provider, for its part, check these basic data to determine whether there are any possibilities of taking your case forward. 3. Honesty is fundamental.

If you tried to hide facts or data but would not “blow up” your own chances of achieving a favorable outcome, because the other party could highlight them in Court, removing the defense of your lawyer. Note that it is bound by its confidentiality. Let it be he who decides what is and is not important. 4. To facilitate its work, should make available to you all documents and evidence as contained in your power, so you can effectively articulate and organize your defense to face trial.

Fear not, because all will be returned once it has been used. 5. No topics about raising your doubts or reservations. As mentioned earlier, the bond of trust must be very strong, otherwise the other party could break easily. Showcase your views, but also have confidence in the voice of your professional expertise, and trust your discretion when advise. 6. Cenirte should try as far as possible to your subject. Please note that your lawyer is not a confessor or a psychologist, and their basic function of advice concerning your legal rights and obligations. If you think you might need some therapy, maybe you should ponder the possibility of going to other skilled professionals. 7. Try as far as possible to always act first hand before your lawyer. Your contact and coordination will be key in ensuring the success of the case. Do not delegate to other people your contact with it, unless you have a cause of weight keeps you from realizing them. 8. Keep in mind that proper consultation has a price. The information, expertise and experience has a value. Maybe even this consultation may be enough for all your questions and clarify your case. 9. Remember that you are not the only customer of your lawyer. It must divide their time among all the cases they take, and act according to the degree of urgency in each procedure or topic. Therefore, you can not pretend that it will exclusively devote all his time.

The Fundamental Role Of A Lawyer In The Request For Disability Employment Legal

The creation of the Social Protection Systems is a relatively recent phenomenon, born of the need to prevent people with disabilities on the grounds that it was to do a job stay in a situation of precariousness and social exclusion. For this purpose we considered various contingencies or motives that could lead to the allocation to such person of a benefit which they serve as support to cope with their situation. This is set as the retirement pension, widow's or incapacity, of which we shall deal in this article. Why is there a work disability coverage? The Disability and Disability coverages Labor were purpose of providing a hedge against those who, having suffered some type of accident or illness (related or not use), are unable to engage in paid work either way temporarily or permanently, unable to access other benefits than the system (eg, having no right of access to that retirement). What is the difficulty that arises when applying for this type of service? An application for permanent disability involves a complex and often uncertain pending before the body managing the Social Security, whose function is basically whether or not the applicant meets the requirements of the Regulations for access to it. Basically, try to verify that: 1 – Meet with the formal requirements established for the specific provision applying, especially if you have met the minimum contribution period required for it. 2 – His health condition is serious enough or precarious after accident or disease to prevent, in whole or in part, to develop a future work.

Firms Skirt Labor Laws with Recession Hiring Practice

As the legal world continues to reel in the wake of the precipitous economic downturn, for-profit law firms have discovered a new way of cutting costs: getting law students to work for free.
Several students, many of whom wish to remain anonymous when talking about potential employers, have been offered summer internships at firms without compensation or minimal stipends. While many of these opportunities had previously appeared on Symplicity, the Law School-sponsored Web interface used by students to search for employment opportunities, most have since disappeared.