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Fit challenge agreements of the Board of owners before the courts in the following cases:-when are contrary to the law or the statutes of the community of owners. -When seriously detrimental to the interests of the community for the benefit of one or more owners. -When they pose a serious prejudice for any owner who does not have legal obligation to support it or they have been taken with abuse of right. Those owners that had voted negatively on the Board, the absent for whatever reason and those who had improperly been deprived of their right to vote can challenge judicially such agreements only. For contesting agreements of the Board owner must be current in the payment of all debts due to the community or previously to proceed against the judicial provision thereof. The deadline for contest expires 3 months after adopting the agreement by the meeting of shareholders, except that in the case of acts contrary to the law or the statutes, in which case the term will expire in a year. It is important to highlight that the contestation of the agreements adopted den Board does not suspend its except Executive character agreed upon as a precaution in a judicial procedure. Always convenient to obtain the advice of an attorney on whether or not to initiate the corresponding legal actions.

Americas Data

Recently was given the report on the State of road safety in the Region of the Americas 2006-2007? made by the Pan American Health Organization, which obviously erroneous statistical information can be seen on page 76 supplied by our agencies. There is no continuity in the compilation of records nor much less the habit of making recommendations about public policies on road safety in Dominican Republic. The Attorney General of the Republic also unveiled on October 21, a report establishing ten crimes most incurred in our country in the period from January to July 2010, where it is observed that the violation of Law 241 and its amendments there are only 2 settled throughout the national territoryrepresenting 0% of the total number of cases recorded in the country. A failure is evident when we compare the data of the metropolitan authority of transport – AMET – with the Attorney General. A previous publication Unveils large amounts collected by concept of offences exceeding hundreds of millions of pesos per year, to light involve violations are called 241 law and its amendments. More than 229,000 the traffic law violations were recorded in the first 7 months of 2010, according to the same report of AMET. What concludes the first place among the crimes most prevalent in our country has to do with road safety. Poor and inadequate information handled by the State is proof of the why not decisions accurate and objective on the subject of road safety.

Our data are simply not credible or reliable. Not awaken no interest when instances of political and economic power they are told that the traffic law violations are insignificant and imperceptible in relation to all others. When are these violations so everyday that we perceive them normal. It is a widespread behaviour in our known countries by international agencies that handled false official data, and also our institutions that have the responsibility to propose and design public policy to improve road safety. Meanwhile, are how many million weights corresponding to the annual budget of the nation, which equally affects negatively on GDP will continue losing by a not wise decision? It will be so, while handling bad information, which is equivalent to saying: not credible or reliable for lack of a National Observatory of data.

San Carlos

Juan Larrea was born in the town of Mataro (Catalunya) on June 24, 1782. He settled in Buenos Aires in the early 19th century, became a loose position as a wholesaler, for his intelligence and correction. Manuel Alberti was born in Buenos Aires on May 28, 1763. He studied advantageously until graduating doctor of theology at the University of San Carlos in Cordoba, in 1783, and receive sacred ordination. Domingo Matheu was born on 4 August 1766 in the city of Mataro, distant eleven leagues of Barcelona. He obtained the diploma of sea pilot. In 1793, having liquidated the social reason which had with his brother, decided to establish merchant in Buenos Aires. He succeeded in cultivating a good fortune.

He was also a Lieutenant of the 1st company of Minones, and attended the fighting of the Riachuelo and Miserere, during the British invasions. He took participation in the work that resulted in the revolution attending the Cabildo Abierto of May 22, 1810, to give their vote for the cessation of the command of the viceroy Cisneros. Miguel de Azcuenaga was born in Buenos Aires on June 4, 1754. He studied in Spain, and in 1773 began to provide services in the garrison of the Viceroyalty. Alderman of the Cabildo, royal ensign and later Mayor of second vote.

He served as trustee attorney general for several years. In 1796 he assumes command of the militia. He also formed part of the defence of 1807 against the English invasion. The role of the masonic lodges the character secret of the Masonic Lodges prevented for a long time to find a document that links them directly with the patriotic airs in 1810, but its members directly were the precursors of the patria grande: Jose San Martin and Simon Bolivar. It is almost impossible to date the presence of the Lautaro lodge before 1812, year in which would have begun to run the organization from which much of the illustrious Argentines formed part.

Right Environmental Brazilian Subject For Monograph

He is expected that the new millennium, with the worldwide shortage of water, this precious liquid will be worth more than oil. However, in Brazil, 80% of the sewer is cleared in rivers, lakes and springs. Without treatment of sewage and waste control, riparian cities strangling the Sao Francisco River. Says Jorge Almeida, President of the NGO new boy who plays garbage in the Arrudas or old river or knows that there is the San Francisco River. The celebrated jurist Antonio Herman Benjamin notes: Brazil still takes the first steps in the search for the compatibilization between economic growth and protection of the environment. By monograph AC and research in environmental law our 500 years of history are marked to iron (first, the axe, later, tractors and chainsaws) and fire (the burned and, more recently, uncontrolled fireplaces). Throughout this period, we were slaves of the distorted view of the naturaleza-enemiga (valve on the author).

Happily, non-governmental organizations and civil society outlines reactions. The order of the lawyers of Brazil, section Minas Gerais, insurgio-si against the pollution of rivers in the region of Hormiga-MG, where, in July 1999, were discovered three points of clandestine nesting of materials used in vehicles of the FIAT automobile assembler. It also required the Regional Attorney of the Republic administrative and judicial measures against the installation license of the hydroelectric factory of Itapebi, granted by the Brazilian Institute of environment and resources natural renewable IBAMA, the bahiana Itapebi power generation company. The initiative will be implemented in the Jequitinhonha River, neighbor to the mining Township of jump of the currency, threatening the waterfall of the Tumbo of smoke. We read in the State of Minas newspaper: even in front of the sad scene of destruction of our forests and degradation of the quality of our soil, water and air, we are reacting. Currently, several well experiences of rational exploitation and sustainable development projects are showing that we are on the right track.

Bank Property

There are banks which enable the agent represent them in giving information on the different offerings that have, others not, but sometimes the agents share information of what banks are looking for, e.g. There are banks that favor certain letters of pre-approval of financing or prefer offerings that can go to closing immediately. Much more information can collect, but his chances of winning the bid will be. 4. Consider the possibility of purchasing a property to fix (Fixer Upper).

Inmates, the term of the industry when the Bank owns the properties, are sold as they are (AS IS). Is common knowledge, requiring the majority of homes foreclosed properties array. This can be problematic, since some are not in livable condition. Often, the former owners were struggling to pay their bills and it may have neglected routine maintenance. Other cases of decline in properties are that the houses were vandalized, before having been delivered, or not they were re listed on sale after months or years time where natural factors like cold may have frozen water pipes, boring the and doing spilling water inside the House. In some cases, home buyers can persuade lenders to solve some of the problems before the end of the sale, provided they are minor fixes and come as a recommendation of the appreciation or property appraiser. It is noteworthy, that calling for these repairs, also runs the risk of losing or annul the contract, especially if arrangements are not within what the Bank has in mind.

There are loans for properties that obviously need repairs, these are known as 203 K, also in some local municipalities, can find programs for first-time buyers that allow you to receive money for the renovation of the property. 5. Hire a real Attorney roots once aya contracted with the Bank and all points of the offer has been accepted, you will need to hire a lawyer of closure for the study of the title and other tasks.

Franchise Cheap

When investing in cheap franchises it is essential to consider certain recommendations to be successful in this particular business system. Below named aspects you need to know AntecedentesPrimero that everything must know the background of those who invested in this franchise and if you have been successful over time. Find reviews and opinions on specialized forums is helpful to have a notion. Very important locations that business is located in a place with public willing to consume products or services that you offer. Personal calificadoSi the format of business need of qualified personnel, it is necessary that you investigate if you can get it in your locality.

This is the case for example when you need an international chef for a food business. Essential asesoramientoEs you receive continuous training for you and your employees from your franchisor to improve the quality of service and attention to customers. This is generally specified in the contract. PublicidadDebes know well that it is aimed the guns of advertising that you pay and if these authorized to make marketing campaigns on your own or through the parent company only. May to AdquisitivoLa franchise you’re installing satisfy the needs of customers at a reasonable price that can address it? Capital to invertirDebes consider that it is not only the amount of the initial investment, but that you need capital to operate the business until it begins to take profits and can be kept for himself. This is a very common misconception among investors of cheap franchises.

Possibility to exit the negocioDebes know the aspects of the contract indicating what happens if you want to sell or transfer business underway. Many franchisors can prohibit the transfer or sale of the same for reasons specified by them in the agreement. You must sure know this topic well in depth or you may find it a big problem. Finally always consult with your attorney and accountant before signing any legal agreement or invest money in a business as it is of the cheap franchises.

Equal Housing Opportunity

If this buying in cash (Cash) this would not be a mandatory requirement, but it is recommended, but if this funding do not problem, since its bank lender would oblige you to get one. Now pay attention, banks foreclosed properties property owners, they will try and persuade him that you can work with the lawyer they choose, but in certain States or jurisdictions you can as buyer select and hire counsel of closure you want, this option would be the more advisable since counsel for the Bank would be working for the interests of the Bank. Asesorece in this regard with the local mayor’s Office or if you are working with a Realtor or agent of real estate, it would be the more encomendable for this type of transaction, ask you that recommend you a closing Attorney preferably to speak their language and have full knowledge in the area of real estate reposeidos. 6. Visit the House with a contractor and home inspector. Apezar these homes are sold AS IS, as she is, without warranties, and very likely to need arrays, you can’t be very good bargains at auction prices or below market, it is prudent to make an inspection to determine possible major problems that cost lots of money. Banks usually give between 5 to 15 days to make inspections, take advantage of that time not only for inspections if not who can also bring a contractor to estimate repair costs if it is that the House needed them. If the contractor and inspectors make recommendations that are beyond your budget, you can cancel the contract and receive your deposit without penalty.

To hire inspectors and contractors it asesorece that have the licenses required by the State. Here are a few useful tips to consider buying foreclosed properties, for more information visit us at where you will find reports such as; 6 Errors more common to first-time buyers to comment and how to avoid the. Save up to 50%. free listings of homes foreclosed properties and other bargains by email daily. Visit click here. This article is courtesy of Sebastian D. Martinez REALTOR affiliated with Prosperity Realty LLC.

If you live in the Washington DC Metro area, will and MD can contact us at 703-929-3520 or Equal Housing Opportunity terms used: REOs, REO or Real Estate Owned are the common words used to denote that the property is in the possession of the Bank. Foreclosures, other common terms are, foreclosed properties by banks, properties of HUD and VA, auction, foreclosure, bank runs, foreclosures. The following as, Realtor, Realtor, broker, broker, agent, real estate seller are used interchangeably. Fixer Upper houses are to fix or who need complete renovation.

EFE Platform

EFE platform Stop evictions has convened to attendees before the door of the building to close to the passage of the judicial Commission. His action has not been required eventually because the Court responsible for appraising the procedure has postponed it to remedy a defect in form. The action coincides with the opinion of the Attorney of the Court of Justice of the EU, which says that the Spanish law on eviction is illegal. A hundred people have gathered this Thursday before an immigrant housing Congolese and their two children in Zaragoza to prevent their eviction at the behest of the judicial Commission to carry out the eviction, on the day on which an opinion of the Court of Justice of the EU concludes that the Spanish Act of evictions violate Community rules. Summoned by the platform Stop evictions, attendees have been concentrated before the door of the building to close to the passage of the judicial Commission, although eventually his action has been unnecessary since the Court responsible for appraising the procedure has postponed it to remedy a defect in form. A spokesman for Stop evictions, Pablo Hijar, who has expressed his satisfaction at the decision of the judge to delay the procedure, time frame in which the platform will intensify talks with the Bank owns the property a month so said it. Concentrates have broken in applause to learn of the news at the time that chanted the slogan Yes can be, in allusion to foreclosures prevented by the platform.

The immigrant, Ancy Buaty, who lives in a modest apartment located on the street 16, Cubero Pedro, Zaragoza Las Fuentes neighborhood, since 2006 has remained in the House next to two women from Stop evictions, that have accompanied it overnight, until it has been given to know the judicial decision. Pablo Hijar has been responsible for making public the decision of the Court, which has been communicated to him previously by phone, and the suspension of the judicial Commission’s visit, in anticipation of which a police device intended to prevent possible incidents had been located. Finally, the immigrant, visibly excited, has gone to the portal of the House along with his two companions to thank the solidarity of all those gathered in his support. Ancy, nervous to publicize their children the news, has expressed its willingness to continue with the negotiations undertaken through the platform to get the cancellation of debt to the Bank and get a social rental for your family. Spanish standard violates Community rules also on Thursday, the Attorney general of the Court of Justice of the EU (TUE), Juliane Kokott, concluded in an opinion that the Spanish Act of evictions violate Community legislation because it does not guarantee an effective protection of consumers against possible unfair contractual terms on mortgages.

The general counsel has responded in this way to a question submitted by the commercial court of Barcelona, which must settle a complaint lodged by a citizen against CatalunyCaixa, which forced his expulsion from the House which occupied in January 2011 for non-payment of the mortgage. This opinion has no character binding, but the Court follows its recommendations in 80% of cases. Precisely, this Wednesday the Vice-President of the Government, Soraya Saenz de Santamaria, and the Deputy Secretary-General of the PSOE, Elena Valenciano, agreed to agree as soon as possible a legal reform against evictions to resolve situations of particular vulnerability, with priority attention to families with children or elderly dependants. See more: one hundred people prevents the eviction of an immigrant with two sons in Zaragoza


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Basic Finding Questions

Even if your lawyer is there to guide you in your process of divorce, there are some things that you should ask to ensure there are no last minute problems. If you are trying to decide by an attorney in particular, does not need to say that that person must be fully qualified and provide sufficient attention to your case. How to know it? Some questions that you can make yourself to have a more accurate idea of the lawyer that you are looking for are: what percentage of cases that have treated are divorces? For few years has he been licenced as a divorce lawyer? Do you have useful experiences similar to your case? Do you have any certification or special training in the niche of divorces? Once you have obtained the answer to each of these questions, you can begin to focus on the determination of what you can expect in your case. You can also ask him: how handles divorce cases generally? Do with how often go their divorce cases to trial? Will it be the one who help you in your divorce or delegate your matter to other lawyers? How long do you expect to take the process of your divorce? By asking these questions, it is very likely that you begin to get an idea of what every lawyer offers so when you find one that will convince, make sure you ask the following questions before hiring: do the cobra for the processing of divorce? Charge per hour? What additional costs are there? You can make an estimate of how much is the maximum that could cost me this divorce? Could you give me an agreement in writing of the tariffs which has just told me? Perhaps these questions seem you exhaustive but it is much better to cover all these bases beforehand and avoid big trouble..