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Anaximander Arche

Anaximander (610 a "547 BC) was born in Miletus, Greek philosopher and mathematician. Like Thales is considered one of the most prominent thinkers. Demas was astronomer and scientific discoveries are attributed as the solstices, the equinoxes and the obliquity of the zodiac. (Pliny Natural History, II, III) and released a sketch of geometry (Suidas) but the stories show us the man inventor. Nomon inventor, builder of world map, and the letter from heaven, an earthquake prediction, as well as military and political organizer, at the head of a colonizing expedition in Miletus in apolonia. (History III, 17) His treatise on the nature was the first written philosophical prose.

Anaximander can be seen in a materialistic scientist, applied to the natural questions of things. As happens with physics. His theories are the principles of scientific materialism which seeks to explain the phenomena of matter in its various phases. "Apeiron." That is infinite, the indeterminate, the eternal, that which governs the world by being substance law. We now can make a clearer idea about the theory of Anaximander as a result of our century we have a greater knowledge, for this reason are broader concepts even when they are reduced to the figure of speech. "If you look involving young people as the force of gravity in this beautiful phenomenon "raises the search Anaximander Arche or beginning of things given by the very principles of sensory experience. behold to our surprise, a rigorous thinker with a thought, which supports its analysis on the physical structure of the senses or the brain as a primary function of the body.

Table Steamers

Table steamers, as a rule, are equipped with one, two or three baskets for cooking. The presence of several baskets allow you to cook several dishes simultaneously. When choosing steamer should pay attention to the pallets. Preferable to have a few pallets because they help prevent condensation and Padania juice from one product to another. If you prefer a combination of flavors multiple products (such as vegetables, soaked in meat broth), will approach you with a steamer tray. Please note that trays should be deep enough so that during cooking is often not accounted for condensate drain. Type of control One of the important parameters when buying a double boiler type of governance. It can be mechanically and electronically.

In a double boiler with mechanical control of the device while set by a switch in a pen with subdivisions. The advantage of mechanical control is that it allows you to quickly and easily install the necessary time on the timer. Steamers with an electronic type control occur more rarely. They feature a keypad with a small board, which displays the selected mode. In terms of functionality steamer with electronic control is preferable because they allow you to set the exact time of shutdown device or delay the start of cooking. In addition, these steamers are usually the function of maintaining the food in a warm state: after work, they do not disengaged, and pass into the heating mode, so that food does not cool down.

Additional Features When you purchase a double boiler you should pay attention to the presence of a number of additional functions. First of all, the steamer should be equipped with automatic cut-off at low water level. For its control, you must have a special indicator. In addition, it is desirable that steamer had a hole for filling in during cooking. Since the effect of steamers and steam ovens is based on the active evaporation of water, they necessarily formed the scum of the salts contained in water.

Valve Engines

In diesel engines 9CB350-IIPC exhaust valves are mounted in a water-cooled housing. Camshaft installed in a compartment of the block casing and is driven by the crankshaft through a gear transmission. Y reversing diesels on camshafts attached removable fist puck forward and reverse. Camshafts irreversible diesels are made integral with the fist-washers. Actuator Valve boom. Inlet and two exhaust manifold for diesel-6L275 1PPN located on different sides of the body.

Diesels 9CB350-IIPC has three outfalls. Boost diesel gas turbine. Aluminum alloy pistons are connected to the rod at with hollow fingers floating type. In diesel engines with supercharging pistons are oil cooled. Cranks neotemny with lower head and I-bar. Some modifications to diesel engines of the first issue connecting rod bearing shell detachable. Go to the top of the head of the connecting rod lubricating oil flows through a pipe attached to the rod.

In diesel-6L275 PSHN each crank crankshaft, while the diesels 9CB350-IIPC first, fifth and tenth cranks fitted with counterweights. Cranks shaft located relative to one another at an angle of 120 . Fuel system with mesh or plate-and-slot-type filter and fuel pump gear type. Felt fine filters. High pressure fuel pumps individual, spool type. The engines are equipped with 9CB350-IIPC cooled spray nozzles. Speed governor for diesel engines crankshaft 6L275 vserezhimny indirect action of tight feedback. All modifications to diesel engines have a closed cooling system. Pumps and softened seawater piston diesel engines in recent versions – self-priming vane. Lubrication system with oil tank. Lube oil cooler pipe to the thermostat. In the latest release of diesel engines with jet lubrication systems centrifuge. The diesel engine by compressed air. Diesels 64HI6/22, five are equipped with air and electric starting devices. Most diesel engines drive a two-stage compressor mounted nondisconnectable. On diesels 6CHN 16/22, 5 set to manual compressor. Reversible pneumatic actuator diesel engines have to movement of the camshaft, some of them are equipped with hand reverse drive. Reverse-reduction gear in irreversible diesel engines with a hydraulic clutch friction. Diesel engines are equipped with electromechanical 6L275PN, 6L275 diesels, the NPA – pneumatic DAM design manufacturer. Some versions of diesels have mechanical or pneumatic control DAM design TSTKB Minrechflota Russia.

Azov Novorossiysk Governor Chertkov

Lieutenant-General A. A. Prozorovskii dolzhenstvuet aggravate them, so willingly agreed to move its home economics in Novorossiysk and Azov province, where under the cover of our will they find a quiet life, prosperity possible. And especially to persuade the Greek Metropolitan of Gdask, encouraged by its various benefits … "Prince Potemkin ordered prepare to receive the colonists so that they have not experienced anything shortage and were provided with sufficient land. Do not tighten it, the Governor-General the next day sent two orders to the Azov Novorossiysk Governor Chertkov and Governor Yazykov. The governors were ordered after the withdrawal of Christians from the Crimea to take them under his protection, provide immediate food and comfortable ground.

The governors also had to assist persons to build houses. All this is paid for State Treasury. In addition, it was necessary to provide the displaced seed for sowing, and the "haves paint to merchants and tradesmen, according to their capital and will. " In April 1778 Prince Prozorovskiy as commander of Russian troops in the Crimea replaced resolute and energetic Lieutenant-General Alexander Suvorov, to it commanded a corps in the Kuban. Catherine II ordered the case to expedite Suvorov.

Suvorov, organizes and commands the displacement of the Christian population of the Crimea. Suvorov was a specific plan of relocation, in which were items: "Protect all assaults Angry Sim Khan case. On the way poor with food supply, and on arrival as all seeds, as well as with food, until the new bread is born, to impregnate.


We know the laws of nature, scientists have discovered. But science is constantly evolving, and opens new and often come into conflict with the already known. In nature, there are a lot of spiritual forces and relationships, which is insufficient to comprehend the purely materialistic approach. And modern science is beginning to shape a new framework that recognize objects of scientific study of information phenomena, or 'spiritual' nature. With the deepening of the 'bowels' of matter it becomes evident that the source of the forces that govern it, is at a higher level, called now spiritual. Findings of modern scholars agree with the opinion of the Kabbalists: The laws that govern nature, and the power that created the man and his paths lead story – this one and the same spiritual phenomenon. Kabbalah offers consider all natural processes and human development in relation to each other as spiritual phenomena originating from the same spiritual source, and united by a common spiritual purpose. She said there was no chance, and there is a consistent development system from a simple initial state to a state of similarity higher spiritual power.

This system is gradually opening up to humanity all the new stages of spiritual comprehension of the laws of our private world. And every next stage of comprehension, we are still not known, the Kabbalists call 'spiritual'. Thus, the spiritual in Kabbalah – it is not transcendental God and not the minister of culture on television. This is our tomorrow's more sophisticated state to which we are inevitably forced to come, attracted by the future enjoyment and pushed today's suffering. The entire history of mankind – is the story of man's relationship to the spiritual, to how it is their future. Endless wars of liberation and revolution that had been affecting society for several thousand years – is just the tip of the iceberg under the name 'desire for a better spiritual state'. So we arranged: Continuing dissatisfied with what we have and try to improve it by changing 'for themselves' environments, and each change is preceded by a change of spiritual ideals. But it is possible to act in the opposite direction: to determine what is unchanging spiritual ideal, constantly improve ourselves to achieve compliance with this ideal.

In this case, the spiritual will, first of all, the quality of relationships between people and their desire for knowledge single source. We understand that the spiritual – it is not ritual, not a temple and not a sect. Spiritual – this is love, opening the world of new relationships between people in the infinite perfection without time and space. Source article –