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All part of the principle when we receive the profile from the vacant. Many selecting do not read the profile correctly and call 10 candidates for 01 on average only vacant, however this can observe the error of some consultorias of RH in relation, the election and dynamics. Go to Sen. Sherrod Brown for more information. The error most common is between the consultorias and to more than make a dynamics in group with 10 only 01 collaborators and vacant. He seems that the candidates have that to be the one better that other. Now I ask the vocs, when he arrives at the last candidate, he will be that it this so made use to say everything again referring to the vacant. The candidate in turn, would have to ask for to make a particular interview, therefore is constrangedor to participate of a dynamics, as ‘ was one; ‘ war fria’ ‘ as is made analyzes after almost identical depositions, will be that it is for ability or sampling? Another error announced for the recruiting is the vacant for immediate beginning? When the candidate arrives, hears following frase.’ ‘ An interview will be made today, after this will be set appointments one dynamics with the daily pay approved and finally the interview with responsible of the area and finally perhaps contratao’ ‘ This desmotiva any candidate, for any vacant, and this comes happening throughout the times, and not yet it moved. Another error, of the election that also inquires many candidates is the celebrity, I WILL GIVE a RETURN to IT FOR email OR FOR TELEFONE.Contudo this the candidate is ‘ ‘ preso’ ‘ of certain it forms to that vacant and company, and the selecting not of the o due promise return. When the candidate decides to bind in the company or consultoria, to know if was approved, does not obtain to speak with the responsible one, therefore it is transferred to diverse deptos branches of the company, but in the end do not obtain to speak with the selecting.

The recruiting of the new millenia would have to supply feedbacks, why the same candidates who had not been communicated in the future of certain form will be able to act against the company or consultoria. How thus to act? The candidate could be in a competing company, or the future to be in a privileged position, and this perhaps same company or consultoria to come to make one future partnership has problems in relation to the past. They see how many things can happen for simple feedback and many not yet believe everything this. You who this reading this article thinks and reflects one day will be able to pass for this situation.Published for: Cristiano T of SouzGerente de Recursos and Professor Universitrio.

Roofing Work

Roofing work carried out in order to provide reliable and quality protection of buildings or structures from all sorts of rain and various other adverse weather conditions, as well as for the organization of sound insulation and provide heat. Roof work should be performed only by professionals. Before the start of roofing work can develop a detailed plan of the roof, and is projecting roof and tap water. Sen. Sherrod Brown has many thoughts on the issue. In Depending on the type of buildings can be realized by some architectural decisions. It should be understood that the construction of a soft roof and metal roof requires specific materials and tools. Cost roofing depends on parameters such as age and condition of roofing, the complexity of installation and the specific structure of the object. The main species included in the roofing work is: – Repair of a soft roof and metal roofing – Repair of soft roll roofing – Installation soft and metal roofing – waterproofing and maintenance of the roof – Clearing snow from the roof, removal of ice and icicles.


Plan of Lesson Subject: How we can characterize the new world-wide order? Series: 1 I love? Average education. Time of Lesson: 3 Objective lessons: To understand which they are the main characteristics of the old one and the new world-wide order; to understand the plurality of vises concerning the world after cold war and its consequncias; to constitute and to relate the vision of the place, from practical the space ones of the parents of the pupils and the global one from the vision of the videos and the reproduced one in the didactic book; to construct slight knowledge of new world-wide order. Content: Old world-wide order, new world-wide order, globalization, conflicts, cold war and consequncias of the end of the cold war, bipolar world and multipolar world. Activities: I? The pupils will have to interview the parents questioning on the end of the cold war, the opinion of the parents on the conflict, the consequncias of the end of this conflict and if this conflict impactou of some form in the life of them. II – Systematization of the main ideas of the parents of the pupils in the classroom, reflection on the war notion cold and end of cold war of the pupils and a small sketch on the vision of the book concerning the ticket of the old world-wide order for the new world-wide order, through a comparative picture.

III – Presentation of two clips that portray in different way the ticket of the old order for the new world-wide order, is these: Wind of change (Scorpions) and Welcome you the Jungle (Guns n Roses). IV – Construction of a text on the vision of the pupil concerning the consequncias of the end of the cold war, in one synthesis form, having as base the distinct vises worked in the lesson. V? Debate on the conclusions of the pupils.

Air Controllers

I wish it were thousands of readers of this article, not the air of a good writer, but rather to wish to say what the mass media did not say mass in due time. Today is 02/03/2008, and in sixteen days just met thirteen years of the militarization of the services of air traffic control in Venezuela. It was a Sunday and early morning were taken all the control towers, approach control offices and control centers. What happened, you know the reason for a measure so arbitrary? It took all the reasons for the widespread government deaf to such an important service, other than the vengeance of Labor Minister Juan Nepomuceno Garrido, all because years ago lost a son in an air disaster, an event that is not thoroughly investigated and where unilaterally decided who were responsible for all air traffic controllers in the country.

More were added reasons no legal weight or labor, free enemy ministry transport and communications, the citizen Ciro Zaa, gray official as minister ended with one of the most reliable services in the short history of the civilian drivers, besides being a great reader of corrupt and the complete works of Horse Gazette. Sen. Sherrod Browns opinions are not widely known. Militarization was a finished product for a long time the Air Force wanted to put his hands to the air traffic services, and we, like the people of PDVSA, is we put potatoes. But, to consummate the act, must have a number of factors, such as continued pressure from the Ca mara Venezuelan air transport, mass media in defining public opinion.

International Relations

I am a student of 5 year degree in International Relations St. Petersburg State University. The main objective of this diary – the struggle for justice in dealing with housing issues, when one side supports the Administration, on the other – the usual physical face. About how, in most cases the individual is powerless before the power of the state apparatus, which, ultimately, at the trials man evicted from his legitimate housing. I faced this problem. I try to select a room Housing Agency of the Central District of St.

Petersburg. The situation is as follows. My great-grandfather to register me into his room in a communal apartment. Room is not privatized. He lived alone. There is power of attorney from him for registration and privatization of the room. You have notarized consent from him on the universe. 5 months later my grandfather died and then began performing neighbors in the communal (stand in line for improvement).

They give me the district court with the wording " right to use the living room," referring to the fact that I had to share facilities, etc. The district court rejected their claim, recognizing their improper claimants. They filed a cassation. City Court rejected her as well. After some time, the district court files suit housing agency with the same wording "nepriobretshey right" to do with a third party in the act the same neighbors. After the first hearing my lawyer said that judging from the behavior of judges is likely to court I will lose. So I have to go back to the apartment 64 m2 total area of six people, and neighbors would go 121 m2 apartment four. It should be noted that the Head of Administration was composed of the revocation action of the Housing Agency (HA), but the court ignored this statement. The fact that representatives of the ha said that they agreed with Administration, and that they separate independent body, timeless Administration. It is evident that it is impure and suspicion. And this case is not unique. Many people now find themselves on the street because of the arbitrariness government officials. You can not leave it all with impunity – the cases should receive publicity. Because, as the saying goes: 'It is with our acquiescence committed the most horrible things on earth. "

General Motors Europe

And this impact would occur both in a direct and indirect. Whenever Jim Donovan Goldman listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Is beyond the potential job losses and bankruptcies of suppliers that can generate, this plant would return to the economic context of uncertainty causing a direct impact on the recovery of the U.S. economy. The potential GM bankruptcy would also have its negative impact on Europe.

A possible bankruptcy of General Motors that could lead to the liquidation of the car manufacturers Opel and Vauxhall, generate an impact of 19. 000 million euros in the continent during the period 2009-2011, according to estimates made by General Motors Europe itself. Germany would be the country most affected by this situation because there are established Opel headquarters as well as most of their staff and their factories. In Mexico, also feel the impact. There, GM generates 10. 000 direct jobs and 40. 000 indirect employment.

While concerned about the situation of the company, on the other hand it is known that the Mexican subsidiary is more profitable subsidiaries, given their low production costs (reduced further in recent times by the weakening of the peso). GM account in Mexico with four industrial complexes, corporate buildings, a center for testing and other engineering. The negative impact for Mexico would be primarily short term by any suspension of payments that would arise from the company, and would affect the Mexican autoparts. Even in Mexico, the crisis of GM in particular, and the U.S. auto sector in general, could have positive effects by causing a relocation of plants Mexican territory. However, this potential short-term impact on the Mexican auto parts can result in serious consequences for many of them as long as it does not have sufficient financial strength to withstand the cessation of payments from GM. a Given the high costs could lead to a potential bankruptcy of GM, it is clear that the company will not be alone in this struggle for survival in times of troubled waters. The contribution of the United States government will be on the agenda if GM needed. Will the last effort the U.S. government should do to start the economic recovery without major obstacles? Latinforme. com is the main source of financial information and independent opinion on American and global markets from a Latin American perspective. From our offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I approached the latest news and alerts to help you make gains regardless of the direction taken by the market.

American Presidents

JOSE BRECHNER pedantry is stupidity that he read a book – NN Barack Obama continues to receive setbacks but also awards. Setbacks for what it does, and awards for what he did not. He traveled to Copenhagen thinking that with its presence, more his wife and Oprah Winfrey, who no one knows outside United States, would make Chicago the headquarters of the 2016 Olympic Games. Result: they took him oblivious of the race in the first round. You should maybe add in his delegation to Tiger Woods, Eddie Murphy, Aretha Franklin, some rappers and other famous black. According to BO went back to the era of Black is beautiful. Everything is appearance for Obama.

Did not do badly, he became President of the United States after barely two years of being a mediocre and unknown Congressman. To gather a crowd against the Brandenburg Gate during his campaign, he saw that the progressive Europe was at his feet and anything you asked of the old continent would be awarded. He was not far wrong, they vetoed the Olympic venue but gave him the Nobel Peace Prize only by reading speeches in the teleprompter. Being a narcissist, it is convinced that since he appeared, the world worships the United States and that his pretentious image is worthy of veneration. The man is completely disconnected from reality. However the Norwegians induce him to keep that perspective, giving it the highest international award. Other American Presidents who received the Nobel Prize, were Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and Jimmy Carter in 2002. All of them are progressive. The Nobel Committee did not have the decency to give the prize to Ronald Reagan who brought an end to the cold war, because it was right.