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Council Signing

This will allow you to avoid any unpleasant surprises in the future. And by the way, consider this point: if you are late and do not pay taxes in the 30-day period, you may be fined. Pay fees on time! 3. Serve a copy of the Contract in the Land Registry after signing the contract, the buyer has 2 months on it to register your copy of the contract at the Land Registry. We strongly recommend to do it (of course, a good lawyer can take as this part of paperwork). Reasons for recommendation two. The first reason – when you register a contract, you become a beneficiary Owner, and this step registration clearly indicates that you are the owner of this particular property in Cyprus that a deal has been made and that the Land Registry in the course of this transaction and protect your interests as a buyer.

The second reason – delay in issuing title if you are buying a new property, which is part of the residential complex. In this case, all the titles often are made after complete delivery of the full range of operation that can take even up to 3 years. This is quite normal practice in Cyprus and the fear is not worth it, since the signing of the contract in any case you are a full owner of the property, but registration contract at the Land Registry will keep you in the event of a hypothetical situation where the seller has, for some reason, can delay the registration of title. In this case, you can get it to move through the courts, and even strebovat with his very impressive penalty. By the way, when buying an old property and real estate, which was built "single", that is not part of a complex, the title is obtained much faster, but better still be on all sides to insure and register your contract. 4. How to pay the seller is a fairly simple procedure.

After signing the contract, the lawyer will be able to open an account for you at a local bank, that you can transfer the funds to pay the seller for you buy a villa in Cyprus. 5. Obtain permission from the Council of Ministers before the property can be transferred to the buyer's name, you must obtain a District office of the Council of Ministers of the special permit. It is still quite simple and straightforward procedure, and permission is granted in most cases, all in a queue, but the process could be delayed even for 8 months. Nevertheless, at the time of this authorization, you can easily enter into full possession of his newly acquired property. 6. Transferring ownership of real estate in the Land Register: Finally, after how you get permission from the Council of Ministers, as described above, you can get the title – that is to complete the transfer of property rights. At this point you as the buyer will have to pay taxes. The amount of taxes calculated according to the value of your property, and range from 3 to 8%. Tax is progressive. Please note that all these actions can be performed by your lawyer in Cyprus, according to attorney, and you will not have to even arrive for the signing of the documents. This will greatly save your time and effort.


Just as in the intimacy between men and women work alone laws – spiritual, conscious, in the intimacy others work – if you like animals, physical laws. Our heads, our hearts, their language, the body has its own. For example, when a person introduces the language of the soul in bodily intimacy beyond measure, that is, controls it wants to look better, it interferes with the harmony union bodies. Because there are often problems in the intimate lives of people. For better physical proximity requires only one thing – do not think, do not monitor, turn off your mind and fully surrender to the body language, which in itself tells you what to do.

And therefore we must learn to work with the cells of the body as possible using the mind. Need learn body language, and it totally different than the language of the brain. Talking with the body, the cells would be like to communicate with stone, wood or a donkey – he was by himself and can not be human persuasion. Stone should be handled chisel, tree watered, and the donkey should be given a carrot. You might argue and say that such a plant feels human and people can communicate with him as a living creature. This is true, but watering plants, fertilization is much more important plant, rather than our kind words. Everything in the world has its own laws and their languages: the birds of his own, with its flowers, its language of animals, other language in the universe, from elementary particles and so on.


At the door – the winter months, and therefore such a time, significantly changing the general condition of our highways. And this applies not only to international or rural highways, as well as city streets. Motorists have less easy, and – regardless of the fact, what model cars, and weather conditions. Accordingly, statistics for the period beginning immediately frosts have the most significant amount of accidents of various severity measures. But even if in a collision you just broke the bumper and fog, it is unlikely to really be pleased, because the mean considerable costs of repairs. In order to resolve this difficulty, there is insurance. That's different systems of car insurance can best address the issue of reparations in a rather different complex states.

In our time Motorists are required to produce liability insurance – an insurance policy osago, and yet more and more people enter into parallel contract of voluntary insurance system, hull, which allows not only to insure against the cost in case of accident caused by the second driver, and in addition, and a large number of other unfavorable provisions. Chips from the failed ehavshey nearby machine, the professional actions of teenagers, or completely matured people, besides climatic disasters – all of these cases can be paid by insurance hull. As they say, correct pay less – and not think about where to take the finances to repair the machine. However, motor hull insurance implies a rather negative one option – namely, stealing a motor vehicle. Of course, some insurance companies when signing hull prescribe that during the night time car must be on a paid parking, but the day is not always possible.

And in situations when your car can be stolen, the owner is able to keep losses insurance exclusively through the hull. In such a situation can come to the aid of lawyers who are and will prepare all necessary documents, without exception, and help you get insurance. And those who contract the insurance hull not signed in this kind of situation will be able to just relied on the expertise and efficiency of road service employees, who probably ever will be able to find your car. Every motorist knows of a large number of dangers that await him and his car on the highway. Low-grade highway coverage, inept drivers traveling near vehicles, hooligans. The people say: you can not change the position – changing its attitude towards it. However, in situations with a motor vehicle's position really change: trivial issue an insurance contract through the hull. And then a truly acceptable to be less nervous and in a way and in a situation where you leave your own passenger car on the night a complete rest.

Fearful Attraction

Where is the difference between being cautious and being fearful?. For those who just beginning to encroach on the law of attraction, it will seem that they are synonymous, that because of the first readings that had, reasoning that the caution you're thinking about that echo you want to avoid, and As a result, instead of avoiding it will attract. That is, that is just beginning to study this subject will say: A negative thoughts attract negative, therefore there is no difference between being cautious and being fearful. But this does not do, though at first glance it seems. The difference is in the "emotion" that one gives to such situations. Being afraid we're not just thinking of that element or circumstance, but we're accompanying a "negative emotion." That is, the problem of attracting negative consequences, not so much on the fact of thinking specifically on them, but in the accompanying negative influence or shape. Therefore when one is being cautious, for example when driving in a car, and you look at both sides of the corner before crossing the intersection, will certainly have a lot less likely to crash, if it does so without looking and carefree. On the other hand which continuously manages to collide with the fear that invariably come when it crashed. Some also say: If one theory does not fearful thoughts never collide, even if there was cautious, is there any reason for that person driving carelessly and without paying proper attention, can come into conflict? And to that question would say yes.

Federal Law

Based on these documents, the plaintiff believed that the land belongs to him the right of ownership. However, not one of the documents had not been reflected enumeration areas, because the latter itself was not. Defendant with a claim not accepted. She was sure that the ownership of the plot belongs to her and filed a counter complaint, file a request to oblige the defendant did not mend its obstacles in the enjoyment of the land. At the defendant had the following documents to confirm their land rights: – Resolution of the Head of the Administration Council of Agriculture of Moscow Region on the Granting of the land – proof of ownership.

Thus, both sides have had enough title documents for state registration of rights to land. In accordance with Clause 2, 3, 6, 7, Art. 25.2 of the Federal Law of 21.07.1997 122-FZ "On state registration of rights to immovable property and transactions with it" basis for state registration of ownership rights of a citizen on the Land provided for ancillary, suburban agriculture, horticulture, gardening, garage, or an individual individual housing construction, are the following documents: – Regulation (decisions, decrees, etc.) to provide such a citizen of this land, published by public authority or local authority within its competence and in accordance with the legislation in force at the place of publication of such an act at the time of its publication – proof of ownership at the land issued by the authorized body of state power in accordance with the legislation in force at the place of publication of such an act at the time of its release – issued by the local self check-out pohozyaystvennoy books about the presence of such a citizen the right to this land (if this plot of land granted for ancillary facilities) – any other document establishing or confirming the right of a citizen in this land.

Law Of Attraction – The Pendulum

This article is a continuation of earlier and I could have called one of lime and sand. In my last post I start saying that he knew that writing, in contrast with this one occurred to me otherwise, I have five issues to develop: 1) LAW OF ATTRACTION – The Pendulum 2) LAW OF ATTRACTION – Dar to receive 3rd) LAW OF ATTRACTION – Comments and Communications 4) LAW OF ATTRACTION – My goal 5) LAW OF ATTRACTION – Living Books "Sales and purchases of …? This is not to say that will comply with that order of publication, or even intersperse some new issue that I can think of during the coming weeks. But ultimately what is important about this is that if you read the previous article, I will see how I went from one end (initially pessimistic) to another (full of energy). Why this happened to me?. It is what is called the law of the pendulum.

The law of attraction is the law mother, but it is composed a succession of laws, to the extent that we know when they make their appearance, or else when we apply its principles correctly, will be at the time we get the best result from its use. And in this particular case I speak of the Law of the pendulum, which in the Kybalion is known as "The principle of rhythm", so that on page No. 18 of that book says: "It ebbs and flows, everything has their periods of advance and retreat, everything rises and falls, everything moves like a pendulum, measure its movement to the right is the same as that of the swing to the left, the rhythm is the compensation.

Territorial Tax Service

01. In 2006 there were More than 10 organizations, this address gets blacklisted, so-called database addresses mass registration. Banks are advised not to open accounts to those organizations who have had a massive address. Applicants denominations, registering firm on the massive addresses are being invited on preventive police interviews. The problem of secure addresses and receive mail from the tax immediately became very important. A good address for 11 months, with the postal service has risen in price in Moscow from 7600 rur. up to 18,200 rubles. in other regions is not as noticeable, but also addresses the cost rose.

Some banks have been quietly open an account even for the mass at, if there was literate contract to address the location with the provision of postal and secretarial services. In late 2006, the cases of verification of owners, providing an address for the registration of new jur. officials, employees Territorial Tax Service in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After that, the number of providers, address, greatly diminished. By the summer of 2007, the situation with the addresses for the registration of legal entities as follows.

nrf itself has been active to identify firms ephemera at the initial stage of registration, working with database addresses mass registration and the mass of Directors. The cases when the registration of the newly created organization, the inspector requires a letter of guarantee of the owner or a certificate from the bti that the structure exists. In addition, the already established organizations are actively checked against the registration address location also General Director of the organization.