Monthly Archive: January 2012

The System

– A large number of commercial (Paid) modules are very high quality. Transform the system into an ideal professional product. – Plenty of free modules. Deficiencies in the system: – I did not like the structure of templates. – There were problems with the modules.

– gravity system. In general, Joomla is a decent product which I can recommend many. If you have programming skills, it will be an excellent choice. With the system working is a pleasure. The kernel is already done for you, but hone to fit your goals will have no difficulty. 3.PHPBB very often use this system of governance forums.

Excellent professional product. In the presence of straight hand knowledge and html, you can easily fit under the forum level commercial systems ipb and vbulletin. All very high quality and professionally done, even to carp especially not to anything. What are the main advantages: – the system practically does not yield to commercial platforms. Everything is done at a very high level! – A large number of free and paid modules. – Ease of setup and editing of templates. – Professional administration panel. Deficiencies in the system: – 3 version pretty heavily, tupit. The ideal option was PHPBB2, but he is no longer being updated. There were 7 engines, which are worthy of my attention. I will not be their strong paint, go over them briefly. 4.Drupal fairly flexible and a good portal system, but I do not lie to him a soul. Quite a lot of available plug-ins and extensions, you can safely collect the portal. 5.SMF There are webmasters that supporters of this forumnym platform. I once put it a few times and endured several times. If you need a forum with standard features, with no extra plug-ins and extensions, then this is a great option, because He runs quite quickly and is easy to maintain. If you need a flexible engine, this is clearly not about smf, it is painfully Kutsi. 6.e107 Enough interesting was the engine, I was even picking him, but the system is still the order of crude and requires major revisions. Another 7.Movable Type blog engine. Seriously inferior to WordPress, no such user support. There is a flaw in the plug-ins, system originally envisioned as a commercial product, so support is currently quite poor. 7.PHP-Nuke do not know why I'm writing about this cms. The project was actually pretty popular and looked out a large number of modules. Another 3-4 years ago – it was a great cms. Unfortunately, time spares no one, the system will slowly start to die. However, the Russian community to continue to move and constantly emerging new topics and different situations and problems. Let's hope that soon the project will come alive again and we are waiting for a complete upgrade of the kernel. 8.Ez publish Faced with this engine at the time of its occurrence. I will say one thing wet! 9.UMI.CMS failed to work properly with the system, and Free version rather unpretentious. Perhaps, given the commercial orientation of the system, the engine Mighty pretty, but almost all commercial systems do not have good support for the add. extensions, etc. Decided not to climb into the dark forest. 9.Typo3 not had a chance to work with this cms, so visible and it was at the end of the list. Since 10.LiveStreet social networks are very popular, sin was not inserted into the list one of these engines. I hope You liked the article.

South Ossetia

According to previous reportedly said of the five citizens. In the Georgian capital came to 27 after the European Union, on the spot to learn about the situation and understand whether there are substantial grounds for further aggravation of the situation in the zone conflict. Briefly, we note that these trips, as life has shown, are almost useless in terms of real impact on the situation. Nevertheless, after the bloody battle of August the European politicians, by their activity, try to be more attentive to what is happening in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict events. In Tbilisi, was in those days and EU Special Representative for South Caucasus Peter Semneby.

And he and the ambassadors returned after a two day stay in Brussels, where he is expected to be worked out concrete measures. It is unclear just one thing: how to secure the release of the hostages if the Ossetian side raises condition the release of captured earlier Ossetian and Georgian – the fact of such seizure, as mentioned above, has denied categorically. To install adjacent to South Ossetia under international control, which would help continue to avoid kidnapping cases (although hard to believe that crimes will oppose all "controlled space"), the Georgian side demands the EU to send observers, and the organization no objection. Tskhinvali administration strongly opposes such a move, arguing that international institutions there is nothing to do, as long as they adhere to "pro-Georgian position." The Georgian leadership, of course just trying to draw international attention to the territorial problem, or, better yet, increase the interest of the West to support Georgia's interests. And seeking to use this every opportunity. Suffice it to say about the film, which Hollywood takes on the scenario of last year's war in South Ossetia. Opposition leaders, including former Speaker of Parliament Nino Burjanadze expressed outrage, saying that the film involving Andy Garcia plays the role of President Mikheil Saakashvili, removed the funds allocated from the budget of Georgia.

That is about $ 200 million … Hollywood tape is designed to, like, to reflect the events of August, in all their tragedy, however, according to some reports, the film inevitably highlight and "strange" Georgia's political regime, as against the background of the main conclusions of the European Union Commission on the causes of war art paintings reliability, even if its relative conventionality seems largely uncertain. Well, the infamous PR is present in everything, including a massive collision with diplomats in Tbilisi. And here I want to say about it: Caucasian traditions do not deserve that our problems are solved for us overseas officials. But what can you do if so ordered by life itself, directed by incompetent politicians …

Robert Gates

The decision made in Iran at the state level. So that Moussaoui, as if ethnic Azeris, Kurds, whether, if the Baluch, and finally (and why not?) Armenian, etc. – Simply would not have had any right to himself to change this level decisions related to the higher national interests of their country. But the fact re-elected president of Iran M. Ahmadinejad a second term also means a lot more, it is not associated with the Iranian-Azerbaijani nor the Iranian-Armenian relations. To begin with, on the eve of the election (June 9), the Americans decided to surprise the world. A different application can only be regarded Pentagon chief Robert Gates that the de "Russia has recognized his mistake," and seems to be "turned toward us" (ie the Americans).

Speaking before the U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations, he also said that the issues placement of U.S. radar or centers for data exchanges in Russia appear as possible options, discussion of which is currently under way between Washington and Moscow. According to the head of the Pentagon, prospects for cooperation between the U.S. and Russia on missile defense (NMD) is somewhat "improved." According to the Associated Press, the reason for this "improvement" Gates called the "fear of Moscow because of the increasing threat from Iran ". "The fact that the Russian came back to us and recognized us right on the possible threat posed by Iran, they admitted they were wrong on this point" – Gates said. However, he told the senators, some details of his meeting with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

Taliban Reconciliation

In social and political circles and mass media in Afghanistan, as well as abroad, actively discusses the theme of reconciliation with the country's leadership of the armed opposition. Recently, President Hamid Karzai visited Saudi Arabia to discuss the mediation of Riyadh process of dialogue with the Taliban. The Saudis interpreted the move as "logical, opening the door to real negotiations with the opponents of the current Afghan administration." It was emphasized that the movement of "Taliban" should abandon ties to terrorists and O. harboring Bin Laden. In Kabul, seriously counting on Saudi Arabia and Pakistan as the most influential states that could push the opposition to change its conditions for reconciliation. In his all, Washington is ready to support the process of restoring peace and stability only when the refusal of rebel links with "Al-Qaeda," complete disarmament and the recognition of the Afghan Constitution.

Americans give the right understand that the presence of the international community in Afghanistan will last a long time, and the decision on the withdrawal of foreign forces from that country remain the prerogative of the Afghan people. In Afghanistan itself, is initiated performance of the tribes to support the negotiations with the opposition. The government of Hamid Karzai hopes that the reconciliation plan will be developed and taken to the "peace jirga" in a few months, and it still is only about peace with the militants of the lower and middle levels. Many foreign countries are willing to assist reconciliation program, but there are differences in approach to action in this direction. In particular, a number of countries, including Australia, Britain and Japan, agreed to invest in the reconciliation process, while New Zealanders prefer to concentrate on reconstruction projects, and Canadians in general have expressed doubt in feasibility of sponsoring the militants laid down their weapons at the expense of ordinary citizens, not engaged in armed resistance. India, among other conditions, requires the condemnation of the Taliban ideology and political practice extremism. At the same time, the movement itself "Taliban" while giving a very simple answer to the attempts at reconciliation – in January, which has become the most "bloody" month to stay in Afghanistan of foreign troops, their hands were killed 44 troops, of which 30 Americans.


If we analyze carefully all current projects "Booming" economy, they are based, in any case, nothing but hare-brained schemes, no. Carry on "Boeing" purebred cows in America, or to create a "screwdriver" manufacturing, high intelligence is not necessary, as economic justification of such projects are usually nothing to do with reality is not. Such activity is difficult to name the economy, especially the market, so the crisis in the economy in Kazakhstan was not, and in the near future, not expected, because there is the economy itself in the classic sense of the word. But talk of a crisis and a successful exit, strongly exaggerated for the purpose only to the public perceives the world as Kazakhstan has already "Own", that is how the state and market, too, like all developed nations, "can" to the crisis. Finally, impoverished nation, the soul is aware of all this, without a murmur, "silent", waiting for the further development of the script. Why? Yes, because there is no market economy with free competition, its attributes, to protect against monopolization, institutionalized rules and efficiency, as the supreme value of the economy. In these circumstances it is difficult to speak and the presence of "Marx's" classes, ie classes built on the functional role in the production.

Our classes are also formed on the basis of the nature of access to consumption. They basically can not be the driving force behind the development society. With a few minor errors in modern Kazakhstan can be divided to determine the three main classes.

Dave Phillips

Of course, he had in mind and the August 2008 crisis. It is surprising that the Americans were quick to inform the world public with his "vision" of the prospects for the Caucasus was once held in Sochi trilateral meeting between the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, after which Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (though without much detail) told the world that there are some positive developments in the recognition of the conflicting parties (note – only two out of three) of the main approaches to the preamble of a future peace agreement based on the so-called "updated Madrid principles". And if we were talking about only one D. Blair, then it was still possible to posomnevatsya something and assume that the director of the U.S. Natsrazvedki poorly informed, or even "framed" his staff who prepared the report. However, in subsequent days, and even on 4 February, when arrived in Yerevan from official visit to the first deputy. U.S.

Secretary of State James Steinberg (from Yerevan, he then went back to Georgia) was amplified propaganda war in our region, and that with the filing of the U.S. media and experts. To begin with, that in Yerevan granted almost simultaneously with the Steinberg one Dave Phillips, who in 2001-2004. Turkey and the Caucasus, led the program in the field of citizen diplomacy and as head of the Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission (TARC). Officially – to participate in the presentation of his book (Armenian translation) "Talking about the past." Unofficially – to pass the so-called "American's message." Confessions D.