Monthly Archive: October 2011

Gamsakhurdia Overthrow

And not without surprise, observed that while other republics in the majority more or less discreetly watched the disturbing events in splitting a huge state of Georgia too prolonged bursts of gunfire, killed people, dressed in mourning clothes mother and sister. And all because of that came from the streets of arrogant political radicals urgently demanded independence. Not shrinking at the same marginal outbursts against Moscow and its the same company, late, alas, recognizing the deep essence of pernicious nationalist extremist movement. AND without regard to reality, with the interests and destinies of the peoples living in the autonomous regions, or, say, a long-standing propensity to Abkhaz independence. As if on arms was taken motto: "At least – care, maximum – madness! ". What of all this happened, is widely known.

August 14, 2009, a week after the first anniversary of the start of the second bloodiest war in South Ossetia, Eduard Shevardnadze again declared that he had committed a fatal error when the person did not go in August 1992 in Sukhumi to discuss with the head of Abkhazia Vladislav Ardzinba Sun joint measures to protect the railroad from the saboteurs, Zviadists, looted after the overthrow of the train Gamsakhurdia, in revenge of the State Council headed Shevardnadze. The leader of the paramilitary group ("expeditionary force") was a member of the Tengiz Kitovani HS, General, eight months before the fire led the House government and the overthrow of Gamsakhurdia. Instead of trains began a military confrontation, aggravated after the first collision.

World Peace

Today increasingly have to meet people from the circle of educated, modern and energetic, who say they stand for "world peace". That is: the idea of global pacifism touching slogan states beauty contest moves into the category of social ideals and becomes the property of the vector directions. Have a question. That's be honest: You are the educated, sophisticated and active-not you think that "world peace" there is not nothing but a modern fallacy, if not – a myth? If only because the world has never been installed by other means than war, violence and oppression. The theory of social contract is only a good basis of associating an already formed a society in need of civilized and equitable foundations of its existence and ready to accept them.

In fact, historically, no country did not arise without conquest and plantations power. In order to establish peace in the territories in which there are conflicts, which in turn most of them have ethnic roots, it is necessary to remove one of the oppositely charged elements or "Extinguish" it. Elimination, as is known, is carried out by the complete destruction of one of the hotbeds of conflict in the people, groups and communities, as its cause; "extinguished" – through the assimilation of one ethnic group by another with his territory ("we are one people, we have no reason to fight.") In the second case, the elimination of conflict and contradiction absorption, you may have and without weapons and bloodshed, but in practice the equal of the fusion-something science fiction; in these cases, one people (group, community) is suppressed by other culturally, socially, perhaps, and economic terms, that really is not a form of violence? Russian Empire established a world on their land only after it eliminated the Independents and the group held policy beliefs of subject peoples, that they are all united from time immemorial, with different variations on the theme of "Russian".


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How To Create Your Business On The Internet

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Citizenship Act Federation

dollars and above, with unusually spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic and the Caribbean from the top of the prestigious Southern Hills isthmus of the island; Sunrise Villas – a modern design that combines the convenience of location and comfort of a tropical paradise. Obtaining citizenship Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis is regulated by: 1) Chapter 8 (paragraph 90-95) The Constitution of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis; 2) Paragraph 3 (5) of the Citizenship Act Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis from 1984. According to these laws, applicant may be registered as a citizen of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis without providing voting rights, if Cabinet is satisfied the applicant sufficient investment in the economy country. Allowed dual citizenship, and there is no requirement of residence in the country. Program participants do not even have to visit the country. The investment requirement may be satisfied if the following Action: Contribution to the Fund (SIDF) investments in the amount of U.S. $ 200,000, including fees, purchase of real estate in the amount of $ 350,000, not including fees. The procedure for review of applications usually takes from 2 to 5 weeks.

The overall process citizenship, including consideration of the application, signed by the Prime Minister Act, conferring citizenship, issue of the passport (s) and certificate (s) of citizenship usually takes from 2 to 3 months. Second citizenship without Mandatory residence in the country of St. Kitts and Nevis recognize dual citizenship, so you should not give up their former citizenship.

Economic Development

Adjustments to the proposed new document, so global and revolutionary, that they cold-bloodedly take appraisers can not. In addition, there are still many questions about the new device evaluation activity in Russia. To improve the assessment activities in Russia a new law established a new system of regulation, control and surveillance in the area of evaluation. Estimated community sequenced For 2007 adopted regulations legal acts that determine the order of publication of the federal appraisal standards, as well as the nature of the body, which maintains the register of self-regulating organizations of appraisers and control over their work (FRS). In addition, the adopted rules according to which legal regulation is carried out assessment and approval of federal standards for evaluation (Ministry of Economic Development of Russia). President SIAA Marina Fedotova explains: "Until now, the concept of" appraisal community "in relation to our country was, if I may say so, uncertain.

With the entry as a new law this term has acquired a particular meaning: the self-regulatory organizations Steels truly independent regulatory institutions, not only within the professional relationship, but also in the relations of "consumer valuation services – appraiser – society as a whole. " And the most fundamental: the structure responsible for the development of appraisal services and their quality (in particular, a statutory National Board of valuation) are not "above" the decree or Resolution of the Government, and "bottom" – the professional community, the largest self-regulatory organizations. " In response to a private person in the same time, the majority of evaluators were critical to the proposed amendment as exclusion of the subjects of self-evaluators, acting in the form of legal entities.