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Outlook Sync: SimpleSYN Now For Outlook 2010 (64-bit)

The Hanoverian software company Internet solutions has the version 2.1 of the synchronization tool SimpleSYN for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (64-bit)-released Hanover, the 29.10.2010, the Hanoverian software company Internet solutions has the version 2.1 of the synchronization tools released SimpleSYN for Microsoft Outlook 2010 (64-bit). Outlook 2010 is the first version of Outlook by Microsoft in the 64-bit technology, and will be supported immediately in addition by SimpleSYN. SimpleSYN can be used in mixed Windows environments (32-bit/64-bit), and under different versions of Outlook (from Outlook 2002). In addition, the version 2.1 is for the first time in an English Edition available. SimpleSYN SimpleSYN is the effective software solution for the automatic synchronization of Microsoft Outlook on multiple computers, excellent in the trade press.

Only a few steps away is the practical tool set, ready and runs quietly in the background. The program starts fully automatic synchronization, once an Outlook item has changed. There are no restrictions on the nature or extent of the Outlook items to be synchronized. The exchange of data is highly encrypted (AES-256 bit) and guarantees highest security when you synchronize. The software is available in two different versions available. The standard version is ideal for all home users and small businesses that want to synchronize Outlook data on the local network quickly and cost-effectively. The business version also offers the possibility to synchronize Outlook over the Internet worldwide and regardless of location.

Through a filter function Outlook items can in addition be excluded from synchronization. So, the colleague receives about just the business dates, but not the private appointments, concluded with the filter function in the Outlook calendar. Prices SimpleSYN 2.1 is only 19,50 euros per computer. Users who have purchased SimpleSYN in version 2.0, get the update to the version 2.1 for free. The SimpleSYN offered 2.1 business version for 24.50 euro per computer. Users who have purchased SimpleSYN in version 2.0, the update on the business version for just 5.00 euros per computer. The license for that version 2.1 is unrestricted and includes free updates until version 3.0 SimpleSYN 2.1: 30 day free trial who would like to try out the program before you buy on your own computer, find a free 30-day trial with all features on the website before. Website:

Jose Saramago

What it seems the irony of the romance of Jose Saramago presented in ' ' The intermitncias of morte' ' it is of the type literary irony or irony of the mood because it brings to the reader ' ' the conscience of the relativity of the man and mundo' ' (Duarte. Leila Vine arbor, cunnings of irony P. 9). Literature is excellent half to express figures of language and estilstica as it affirms Leila well Duarte Vine arbor. ' ' No language if gives more to the presence of the irony that the literary one for its characteristics of art made with staged words, which they intend to represent as true a direction fictcio' ' (Duarte, Leila Vine arbor Cunnings of irony p 8). The author conscientiously goes conquering the reader for its point of view on the performance of the death in one determined ficcional country. It goes making this of form milimetricamente calculated until this reader, without perceiving, starts to make the same conjecturas that the personages of the romance, adentrando of soul and body in the game of the author and living deeply the same investigations, questionings, perplexidades and you distress inherent to the tram presented to the eyes and the spirit, tram this, that slowly goes if uncurling throughout the narrative.

The mood irony also call irony of according to degree, makes a mixture, at the same time, of the tragic one and the comic actor. As Leila Duarte Vine arbor while the field of the rhetorical irony is of the deceit and of the seduction, of the literary irony is of the denunciation of the deceit games, of the desmistificao of the seduction and the embroidering around the emptiness. The author, through literature, makes that the irony tries to overlap an emptiness and to eliminate the existenciais frustrations, distanciando itself of the fear and the anguish to die.

Multilevel Part

In this post I want to write about the history and evolution of the MLM industry and at the same time the problems that had to suffer by the public. Since the text is something big I decided to divide it into 3 parts, since this way the reading will not be so heavy. I hope you enjoy it. After 60 years of life, since in 1945 Nutrilite implato the first great MLM, there is still considerable confusion in the minds of the general public, which makes it confuse multilevel pyramid fraud with installed. When we started to estudar marketing networks in a serious and technical manner, it amazes us that there is still such a degree of ignorance in our advanced and educated society. But that neither can nor must asombarnos therefore, contrary to what appears is the most natural thing in the world, because there are compelling reasons to do so. The first cause of the ignorance is in the habit. MLM is a type of very young direct sale, only 60 years, compared with a history of thousands of years of traditional commerce.

And in principle, most always wary of what’s new. The Second, is education. US scheduled to have very clear limits that we can not pass ever, except stroke of luck or great wit and wisdom, or by studies and contacts. And those limits have just materializandose in our lives as a sort of prophecy unequivocal and relentless. Therefore, all those who say that certain things are possible, in principle it is a scammer.

the third is in advertising. We are saturated with it, and reject it in all its forms. And the more we promise, more we distrust. MLM and its fantastic possibilities of gain are no stranger to this phenomenon: the majority of people who tell them that they could win one million euros in five years directly considered you a troublemaker.

Shanghai One Bronze Medal

Remains third with his team in the test of 4 100 m freestyle behind Australia, gold and new world champion, and France, silver. Phelps swam the first outpost of the relay. Belmonte, out of the final of the 200 styles. American Michael Phelps won his first medal at the world of Shanghai, one bronze, being third with his team in the 4 100 m free, behind Australia and France, gold, and silver proof. Phelps swam the first outpost of the relay. His team consisted of him, Garreth Weber-Gale, Jason Lezak and Adrian Nathan. The United States dndian his world title achieved in Rome two years ahead of France, Russia and Brazil. The result was a small revenge of the Gauls, since they came from be seconds after the Americans in the two last major finals, of the Beijing Olympics, where Lezak took the gold in the last stroke from Alain Bernard, and the Italian capital worldwide.

The new champions of the world presented a Quartet composed by James Magnussen, Matthew Targett, Matthew Abood and Eamon Sullivan, who stopped the Chrono in 3:11.00 to beat the French, silver with 3: 11. 14, and the Americans, with 3: 11. 96. The fourth Gallic reliever, Fabien Gilot, was instrumental in his team’s comeback to be relined at the last meters to American Adrian. Gilot made 47.22 47.40 Adrian, who had received the Lezak posta in second position. Prior to Gilot French bullpen were Alain Bernard, Jeremy Stravius and William Meynard. For its part, Phelps was second fastest on the first 100 with 48.08, only surpassed by Australian Magnussen with 47.49. The Italian team, with Luca Dotto, Marco Orsi, Michele Santucci and Filippo Magnini, qualified in fourth place with 3: 12.

39. Belmonte, Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte fell badly eliminated in the semi-finals of the 200 m the world of Shanghai swimming styles. Barcelona swimmer could not repeat his time from the morning, 2: 11. 38, and did 2: 12. 37, fifth in his series and tenth in the sum of the two. In the playoffs he had been second. The best of the two semifinals was Australian Stephanie Rice, Olympic champion, who won the series for the Spanish with 2: 09. 65. Source of the news: Michael Phelps wins his first medal in Shanghai, a bronze in the 4 100

Blister Packs

Production of blister packs – is a multistep process that begins with the design of the future of packaging and design matrix, and ends laying products. Production of blister packs is, in most cases, from a cardboard substrate and manufacture of the blister. Efforts of designers focused on the design of the substrate – it is sealed, as any other non-transparent packaging. Blisters generally follows the shape of the product. Therefore, the production of blister packs necessarily includes the matrix, which will be made whole party. Production of blister packs is largely dependent on quality of the matrix and the precision with which it was designed and executed. When the preparatory stage is completed, you can begin the actual production of blisters. For this matrix is set in a vacuum-forming apparatus.

It also served the polymer film from which the proceedings are blister packaging. The film is heated to a temperature where it becomes flexible and elastic. Bottom it provides the forms. Next production of blister packs is using the method of vacuum molding. In this case, between the matrix and the film creates a low pressure (or vacuum), because of what the film takes shape. The next stage in the production of blister – a blister from the cutting of sheet film. Typically, the production of blister packs is automated: machines for forming, cutting and trimming are joined into a single line.

However, the final separation of the blisters is often used manual selection. Production of blister packaging varies depending on how the blister is attached to the substrate. If it sticks, it is necessary for the region Apply glue thermo varnish, put item in a blister, connect with cardboard and heated to a temperature at which the lacquer turns into glue. If, however, is the production of blister packs, which can be removed from the substrate is then ready Blister heated to elasticity, bend edges on three sides, and then inserted into the resulting "pocket" the cardboard backing.