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What Happens In Osh ?

In Russia not many people that the events of recent months, taking place in the former Soviet republics – Kyrgyzstan – indifferent. Recent armed provocation in the city of Osh in the south-west of the country, giving rise numerous civilian casualties, forced the countries of the region more closely at what is happening there. Our reader Leo, like many others interested in caring question – who is behind the events in Osh, and in general for the April coup in Kyrgyzstan? In the most diverse variety of media experts has been identified many points of view on this issue. In this article, I will not engage in their analysis, and will express their point view on the basis of that publicly available information that can be easily found on the web. I'll start with the coup. To understand who is behind it, it is necessary to identify its main motif. His discovery will help the person Rosa Otunbayeva.

She a serious track record, in which special attention is drawn to the diplomatic service, Ambassador of the Republic to the United States, Canada, Great Britain. In addition, it is quite a long time worked as a special Representative of un Secretary-General to settle the Georgian- conflict and the Foreign Minister of Kyrgyzstan, and after the "Tulip Revolution>> 2005, led to the government of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev, is using it briefly regained the post of foreign minister, though later her candidacy was rejected by the Kyrgyz parliament. It is obvious that, despite his opposition to the new government, Otunbayeva as fairly an experienced politician with multiple connections through diplomatic channels, was demanded by Bakiyev.

The Deputies

What are the real reasons behind growing metropolitan real estate prices? The first and the main reason affecting the price rise has been and remains a weak legal framework and total inactivity of the state as the main party of the construction market. To this day, and there is no clear and transparent mechanisms that would allow all market participants play by the "same rules". Miscellaneous starting conditions, which turn out to developers, from the moment the selection of the construction site until the approval of the project and obtain permission for the construction works, leaving only one the name of the construction market, completely emasculating the economic content of the concept. Separate component of price increases is the progressive corruption of deputies of local governments and officials land offices. It's no secret that most of the construction sites, real estate sale is the representatives of the deputies or their relatives.

Often the plots are assigned to hastily registered limited liability company, which later themselves become objects of sale, and are often sold plots generally unsuitable for any construction. Its "Contribution" to universal fanning hysteria is making a huge number of amateur and often ignorant comments, which significantly affect the overall psychological state of the purchaser, warming at the same time So difficult situation. These "experts" most of his predictions and opinions, because of lack of arguments to build only on analogies with the near abroad, the examples of price changes in recent years, sometimes leading it to some fantastic influx of visitors to the capital of the homeless millionaires from the eastern regions, and so on.

What Is The Road To Happiness ?

In this age of high-speed technical abilities of a person far outweigh the development of the spiritual side of life. It's no secret that the moral norms of modern society are far from ideal Now a lot of attention on the material side of life, while baby-son still asks her father: "what is good and what is bad?", and confusion about morality drags humanity down. And we have nuclear weapons, drugs, and all possible types of crimes. Since ancient times, people have wondered about the moral norms and tried to deduce a single moral code. Ron Hubbard, being a founder of Scientology, attempted to give people a non-religious moral Code. Twenty-two precepts laid down in a small booklet titled "The Way to Happiness", are universal for people of different faiths, as well as non-religious people.

Because they are based simply on the sanity Here are some of them: "Be diligent," "Respect your parents and help them," Keep the government up and running for the benefit of the people, "Be worthy of trust" Simple truths with profound meaning if think about it, each of the manuals makes life a little happier and more comfortable if it comply with Here's another question that is worth considering whether the work-made man from the ape, but its absence clearly returns the human being in a primitive state Just look for among your friends and lovers of doing nothing look at them carefully. What do you see? You have to retire? When a man says: "all, buddy, you're nice labored for the society, now you're free "what he feels? Pride? Thanks? Most often it is – the feeling of uselessness. If you are still young, ask your grandparents about it Be diligent until you get the realization their plans, and you will feel happier and it is easy to verify. Looking for ways to self-development? Read The Way to Happiness ", and decide for yourself: it's your way or not. Many people have already embarked on that road, make it's you!

Balconies Become Stricter

In July of this year's vice-governor of St. Petersburg, Alexei Sergeyev made a special statement governing the installation of glass in the city. Somewhat earlier, local authorities decided to return to its former appearance residential and administrative buildings of the northern capital. Officials asked to agree the projects previously carried out work on glazing public and residential urban sites. Authorities rely on a government decree St. Petersburg 1135 of 14.09.2006 according to which "the location of windows on the facade of their size, character and appearance of the device must comply with architectural design of the facade, space and volume of the building and structures, provided design decision. Changing the device and the equipment boxes is permitted provided a single, integrated solution based on an architectural project, agreed with the pga, and for objects cultural heritage – with kgiop. As explained by Mr.

Sergeyev, if the apartment owner to install new windows will maintain their shape and appearance, no approval will be required. "If there is a desire to change something, one would have to undergo a simple procedure – to apply, without any unnecessary projects and supporting documentation. During the month, the district architect will provide the answer, where will the valid parameters change, "- noted vice-governor. "Strengthening the authorities' attention to the problem of the appearance of the buildings is quite natural – says Rafik Alekperov, head of Customer Service Group propleks (one of the founders of the Russian market of pvc profiles). – Modern features glass houses led to the violation of the integrity of the image of many buildings. And this applies not only to residential buildings but also monuments. Therefore, stricter requirements for compliance style is quite justified.

In addition, there are now PVC-profiles of different colors and configurations, which allows you to find the right solution in each individual case. " By the way, most people today do not even know what glazing and changing the appearance of balconies / loggias also requires approvals. Moreover, in many countries around the world (not excluded that Russia will follow this practice), there are strict requirements and their "filling". For example, Several months ago, authorities in Tashkent said that the extreme measure of hung out laundry on the balconies would be eviction. Stringent requirements for the appearance of loggias and windows are dictated not only by the desire to preserve the appearance of cities, but also the need to prevent emergencies. "During the replacement of windows change might occur SNiPovskih standards, the deviation from the rules – says Valery Grebenyuk, Chief engineer of the municipal enterprise " 2" Solikamsk. – For example, instead of a small window box set a little more. " The result of such repairs can become a violation of the structural integrity of the building with all consequences. " Being the most "visible" part of the interior, windows and balconies, however, has long been seen by the authorities. Today this issue is given a new meaning: the legal requirements are become stricter. This should remember everyone who has conceived to replace the windows or repair the balcony.

Registrars Prolong

Today, we can not imagine our lives without the Internet. Global Network with us practically everywhere: when we work from home on vacation when traveling, and more. Including PCs, if it is for any reasons the Internet works, we do not even know what to do. With the help of a global spider web, may solve many problems. Firstly, it's a great method for communicating. Currently, there are many dating site, or to find former classmates, classmates, and so on. Thousands of people are registered on such websites, communicate and find each other.

Besides using e-mail can be exchanged files and information, no matter where is your source. Secondly, a very common steel shops online. With their help, you can buy any product you like at a reasonable cost and we can say, without getting up sofa. This product will come to you within a few days by mail. Thirdly, it became quite popular to make money on the Internet.

Domain name registration – this is the first step to the top of an extended Internet project. Now There are many different kinds of domains: the top-level domains internal use (for example, the United States Government, U.S. Army, intergovernmental organizations, and so on), domains that have already reserved, and others. Domain – this is much more than the name of the site. Often, the combination of letters in the domain, you can immediately find out about that site and see if he needed it or not. Today there are many sites that perform Sale of domains (domain name registration). Between them there is serious competition. Therefore, we must very carefully approach the topic of choosing the site for the sale of domains. This kind of sites that offer search domains, as well as extend the life of the domain. Matching names that quickly remembered, has long occupied. If you have not found a suitable name for the site, then do not despair, you can invent your own. In Recently, the development of the World Wide Web has reached a very good level. Every day it operates in all areas of our lives. Internet reliably stayed in our lives. Its quality is being improved all the time (Eg speed). At the present time the number of large Internet service providers, therefore possible to easily choose the right tariff for you.