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Voluntary Action

The suffering or the much effort when performing a voluntary action are not synonymous with job well done. On the contrary, enjoy volunteering is an indicator of the developed service quality. Doing things in a forced manner and force beyond the limits of responsibility and commitment, means forcing the beneficiary of the program to support our sacrifice. And it shows. We must prevent other the forced smile that is bent himself. So smile outbreak with naturalness, that words are spontaneous and not need to force the attitude positive, it is important to choose well service, find out about what this means and inserted in a program in which we can feel at ease. The volunteer must defend their positions in a positive way and in several respects.

On the one hand, towards the own organization to participate in the development of programmes or proposing constructive criticism towards the methods or the orientation of its work. Is a right to volunteer to participate in the design of plans that he himself then run with other colleagues. On the other hand, it is possible it I witnessed assaults or negligence of professionals, public officers or other volunteers towards the marginalized people we work with. In that case, the volunteer must assert rights as a citizen, has anyone, regardless of their cultural, social, economic level or their nationality. But the most prudent and effective is to communicate it to their service in the organization responsible for to not let use the appropriate riverbed.

Volunteers, people sensitized to the problems of the weakest, we have to stand up to social attitudes of hostility against the excluded. This last chapter is still pending in the volunteer movement. You have to demand adequate legislation, social protection, greater resources, prioritizing budgetary allocations, social protagonism, right of access for minorities and citizens with greater difficulties of insertion. Volunteers have a lot to say in this aspect. Of course, a positive attitude involves firmness and sweetness when you say no or put limits and rules in processes of reintegration. A volunteer cannot be soft and pandering with everything. In this way, the other person feels adult, responsible and is most identified with the volunteer. J.C.G.F.

Innovative Biotechnologies

What do bmw, Porsche, Mercedes, Volvo, Magna, Thyssen, Austria Email, Caterpillar and Palfinger? In all of these productions used protec, when it comes to protecting metallic surfaces. All products protec, designed for welding processes, are produced from biological raw material. For over 10 years means protec sold worldwide. A large number of known metal-working companies around the world have confidence in their excellent quality and their use. Highly protec products are used in many industries: automotive, manufacturing of cranes, shipbuilding and other product development for ordinary people seems elementary welding process. In fact, this coupling process has a decisive influence on the quality of the final product. Crane, cargo or passenger car – in any case we are talking about the exact connection of metal parts that will guarantee not only ultimate security, but also an excellent appearance. Inventor protec, Hans Hoffman: "In the early 90-ies of xx century, the use of funds against spatters were forbidden by law to protect the environment.

The choice was between explosive sprays and irrelevant biological means against spatters. We realized this problem, so developed and patented in 1994, the formula protec. This lotion forms a base coat shall: protection against spatters and excellent final cleanup. No additional follow-up treatment, thereby reducing the costs of the company. To date Metallotion protec CE15L – this is the most famous and popular tool against the build-up of welding spatter. Convincing quality: the successful implementation from 1994 to 1996 started with the introduction of such well-known Austrian companies such as: Austria Email (Enamel), Bombardier, Liebherr, man, Palfinger, Pottinger, Siemens and Steyr Daimler Puch.

Internet System

Pay-as systems are developed on a commercial basis and are thoroughly tested for vulnerabilities and therefore has a higher security level. This is no small argument for the acquisition of toll management system. The cost of one license for the control system online store is different, all systems are characterized by functionality, convenience for the administrator and users as well as many technical features, such as the possible number of items, number of visitors at the shop which keeps performance, as well as the load which has a store on the server. On average, a good management system for store can be purchased for $ 250-300. You have chosen the system management? Well. Now you need to register a domain name (the name of the shop on the Internet) and get hosting (a place to put the store). Domain is the average price of $ 12.10 a year, hosting an average cost $ 04.05 per month.

Choice Hosting serious question, because of it will depend on the performance of your shop and according to its success. Now we need to establish a system of controls on web hosting, domain podklyuyait to comply with all eneobhodimye settings fill the convenience store and start advertising on the network. If you can not do it yourself, you can ask for help from freelancers. Performance of these works will cost $ 30-50 a result, your cost is $ 50 with free installation management system and $ 300-400 for the acquisition of toll management system. In addition, you will need a design for your shop. Management systems typically come bundled with one or more predefined templates. In addition there many ready-made templates that can be adapted to your store for free or for a token. Razarabotka same individual design will cost you about $ 100-150.

And another way of creating an online store – is to rent. In this case, you get 100% ready for work shop. You are granted access to the administration panel shop and you fill his goods. All work to install, configure and support the store carries James called the landlord. In most cases, later you can pay for the shop and move it to your hosting service. The cost of renting an average of $ 20-30 per month. Thus you can start your online business with minimal investment. That's all. I hope I was able to convince you that having your own online store is quite real and not a luxury.

Journalistic Ethics In Bolivia

I always believe, irrevocably, that one of the main functions of a journalist is to provide the news company with the ability to provide full, accurate, true, complete and free from any personal subjectivity, since everyone who practices journalism, so I understand it, must inevitably be a priority for public welfare personnel, respecting the right to be properly informed inherent in each and every one of the inhabitants of a country. The journalist regardless of their cultural heritage or ethnic origin should establish and support the development of its work, the time to provide the news, on the accuracy and objectivity, leaving aside any personal passion, so as to provide this service to society in a balanced manner, concise, clear, credible and reliable.

It is true that journalism is not only limited means to communicate news items, political, social, sporting, economic, scientific, cultural, etc. but in a broad sense, and for the benefit of all citizens, including or chronic, criticism, reviews, interviews, human interest news, investigative journalism, opinion, analysis, and more. Sadly, in Bolivia a large number of media workers forget there is a time and place for everything and only engage in the above mix, and since the country is experiencing today in the crucial moments that will decide their future through elections general out on the “journalists” who forget their real responsibility to society to the extent that some openly support a political party and others strongly criticize both sides overturning the information and making accusations and “analysis” omitting the expectation of negligible a people means that their work towards the whole society and not just a group or groups.

Price Production

This is due not to the taste preferences of buyers, but rather with the price of the product – traditionally believed that cookies should not be expensive. However, the road segment cookie is gradually increasing, and even those manufacturers who have always specialized in inexpensive biscuits, gradually introduced into their range of higher costs position. Sugar cookies – unconditional liderNaibolee common is sugar cookies (a representative – cookies ‘Jubilee’). The predominance of sugar cookies on the market explained by the peculiarities of its production, as used in its manufacture high-performance production lines, whereas the production of so-called spritz cookies (typical representatives – Kuraby, , etc.) used small-scale production (up to 1.5 thousand kg / shift).

That is why there is predominance of only a few brands of manufacturers of sugar cookies, the most famous of which ao is a ‘Bolshevik’. The production otsad-GOVERNMENTAL kinds of biscuits is the lot of small and medium-sized businesses. Fraction of dry biscuits (typical representatives – crackers) is not very large. Some experts explain this to some monotony of this type of cookie. Stuff cookies or netPechene stuffed yet won a deserved place among the other varieties. This is due to a slight suggestion of this kind of pastry and, consequently, weak demand and also with the fact that the technique allows it to manufacture, relatively new, it’s too expensive and not yet very common in the industry. However, analysis of market consumption of biscuits in Moscow shows that redistribution among different types of sand-spritz cookies in favor of cookie with fillings, so this kind of a big future.


The deforestation of the Amaznia continues the steps largossegundo the sources of some justinian codes that monitor aquesto. The subject is serious, worries todosns or until the o world all, giving motivo speculation of questoquanto to the internationalization dAmaznia.Em the world the countries desenvolvidosdestruram its forests to propitiate odesenvolvimento, without the concern quanto preservation, was other times? Perhaps, but today we cannot admit essadestruio. But for aproduo of cattle, soy, etanol or another type farming deatividade she is necessary to knock down the bush. Then we do not have the right to the development? Human Oser has the capacity to create different forms or ways dese to get the desired results using its intelligence. Hojej dentrodo exists diverse proven studies of activities model of sustainable development, that can generate umganho real for hectare of forest, greater of what any atividadeagropecuria of the mentioned ones. The nafloresta existing wealth is immense, in the set its main riqueza referring to the global heating that reaches the world all eno has price.

Because to destroy, if we can obterganhos Reals with it in foot. The world has that to pay hoialtpara the Amaznia to be preserved this the forest would be first ganhosobre, pay to the proprietor in fact and of right. Ofardo is weighed excessively for the government, not resolvea question to be creating area depreservao or reserves, and to be spending to paraproteger. To be implanted model would be aexplorao of preservaoda forest for companies of the private sector, whom they would get resultadospreservando the forest and the environment.

Psychological Aspects of Wrought Iron Fences

Fences, railings, fences for a country house, cottage, or dacha is not just an element of protection of its territory, but also an integral part of landscape design. Therefore, when planning the inner area is taken into account decorative features should not only consider the features of the landscape, but also take into account the decorative functions of fencing. In the city the prestigious offices, government agencies and banks to protect the inner area prefer presentable forged fences. For houses or holiday homes make better use of fences closed brick, stone, concrete or combined type. For the protection of unpretentious cottage in the village is quite fit the traditional wooden fences. And for the primary fence netting rather nets.

Wrought iron fence is not just a safe guard your territory. Wrought iron fences, it is also the prestige and decorating your home or office. Psychological component forged fence is, above all, reliability, consistency and aristocracy. It is this first impression will be created by guests and visitors to the landlord and customers of the company. And about nature and taste the home owner directly tell immediately artistic forging. Open forged fences attest to the openness of the owner, and the solid on the stealth. Strict forged fences with little amount of art elements forged often choose reputable, large companies and banks and associated with the business restraint, solidity and reliability.

A wrought-iron fence with lots of twists and flowery weaves come across the idea of subtlety and originality of the owner. Also forged fences can tell about the life style or occupation owner. Artistic elements forged in the form of emblems and logos prompt, which the company owns the building, heraldry will tell you that the owner of a home is an aristocratic man. Many famous people are woven into the wrought-iron fences, elements that are associated with their professions or hobbies – musicians or musical instruments, sheet music, sports – sports equipment, etc. For additional security fences can be equipped with cctv, alarms or pointed items. Of course, for such fences just needed a beautiful wrought-iron gates. Usually forged gates repeat or complement the design of the fence, which gives the composition a complete solution. Modern wrought iron gates often be equipped with a drive to automate open / close, electric lock, and a video intercom system, or, which is certainly very convenient.

Tea Debts

Here's the hidden insidious and diabolical intent marketing "Someone", introducing us into the temptation of snobbery and vanity. Have insignia larger than the differences themselves – this is the very desire for the satisfaction of which we are willing to pay more than half the price. Of all the arts important to us is the "Seem". A "be" us "is not enough will! ", and two points above the" E "- is not enough! Two points everyone has. And we – not everyone.

We have – incomparable, unique, naiprevoshodneyshie. We have three points, when all the two, the soul of something and sell it. And much more willing to pay additional money. And if not money – credit shall find on the thing will not spoil! Such is the analysis It turns out the car, then we have enough money. But not enough to pay for their own snobbery and vanity. Not enough to pay for inadequate self-esteem.

But it is not deadly, with outstanding self-esteem to live, not tea debts of rent. Experience is finished. Conclusions are drawn. It is time to restore order on the table. Cutting paper, depicting unnecessary money given to children for drawing, and in fact money, in fact – colored paper. And if you cut his fifteen cash "dolls" out of toilet paper, return them to the grand Dr. Puppet Sciences Carabas-Barabas back into the toilet, because there they were present place, and let it out there, they relate to the secret thoughts back to your ridiculous self. Such an romantic encounter between two characters at the waterfall. Now replace all the text the word "car" to "House", "home" to "Furniture suite "or" a set of saucepans, to "a pack of cigarettes, on anything. Reasoning remains valid. Because it is the law of marketing. And if its beauty will penetrate your heart oh, my brothers! – That you then dishes Zepter! You are arrogant prefer different pot boiler and mechanical plant from the city of Elektrostal. And never, no snobby bullshit does not offend you. And never Faberge eggs will not close your horizon genuine consumer culture. Fashion trash can cost a fabulously expensive (example: a greasy cravat had died of heroin lead singer of the group Hell with imprints of lipstick). And the excellent things (clean air, parks, intelligent conversation, true love) can be absolutely free of charge, gratis. Anyway, the price varies depending on the quality of the goods to a much lesser extent than depending on other psychoanalytic reasons. I tried to talk about them. Sergey Alexeev

Human Rights Not Are An Option

Universal human rights are an anthropological category of persons. They may not be an option because there is no other similar to value, dignity and excellence. A given society may not recognize them and act as if they did not exist, or as if they depended on the enactment of the legislature. That attitude will be legal, as legislated, but not fair. How legal were concentration camps Germans and Soviets, apartheid in South Africa or slavery for centuries.

No authority can give them or remove them legitimately, only thing you can do is recognize them in their legal or conceal them with unjust, aqutodos and exclusionary legislation. These human rights – political and social – belong to all human beings. Not enough these or those to give appearance of democracy, but everyone. Everything else that can make the political powers is recognizing them, as it is done in the Magnas letters. Not in the Otorgadas.

But even if they did not, as in fact it happens every day in so many places in the world, industrialized and impoverished, when they violate them, there is no wait command order: must snatch them and exercise them. The legal doctrine that, before tyranny, oppression of caste, the military or financial oligarchies is not only permissible to revolt and kill the tyrant but that resistance becomes an ethical duty is unanimous. About everything when suffering from the weak. We live alienated by the fallacy that things are not up to the dominant Powers dictate them. You must not expect law nor permission to exercise fundamental rights, such as the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With all the social rights that derive from these premises: work, health, culture, housing, freedom of thought and expression, freedom of Association, diversity and, ultimately, participation in the res publica as sum of all political rights.

House Contract

If you have decided to buy a property in Spain, it has found numerous possibilities and finally decided. Your next step is to select an independent lawyer with experience in Spanish property law and who have a good knowledge of the area and its language, if you don’t speak Spanish. A number of NIE (foreigner identity number) is required in order to buy a property in Spain. Your lawyer can arrange their residence permit and Spanish bank account, as appropriate.An important part of the responsibility of the lawyer is to verify that the farm the is free of debts, because Spanish law debts will pass to the new owner. For a new construction, will be required to carry out various studies on the ground.When everything has been checked and is correct it is necessary to perform a contract (purchase option), which will be signed between the buyer and the seller and will be paid a deposit of 10% or what the parties agreed as signal that the seller loses if it finally decides not to buy property. If the Seller waives the sale of your property will have to pay double the amount of the deposit to the buyer.

This contract is made to stop the practice of gazumping, which fortunately it is not usual to occur in Spain. If you can not be present to sign the contract, or you can grant power to his lawyer by the signature of a power of Attorney notarized. Said contract shall indicate the date of payment of the outstanding balance that must be carefully observed if you don’t want to lose the right to the property or your deposit. On the day of completion both parties (or their representatives) shall be submitted to the notary to sign the sale writing.