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Valadares Governor

Creumir War the GREAT CHANGES OF the LAST YEARS the great majority of the users of the social nets in recent years did not testify the great change in the medias. My father was born in the year of 1942 and at that time my paternal grandmothers walked 05 km to hear programming in the radio of a friend. The radio was an enormous box and functioned with stacks that measured 20 cm of length. The pantry of the 1970 world was attended in a black and white television installed in a public area of the city where I was born. The people leave its houses and went to attend the games in the only television of the city.

In my adolescence she was common the families not to possess the television set, was luxury article. The skill was to see the novel or the soccer in the house of visinho rich or for the window of some house. The radios caught the signals of short waves and average waves and radio FM alone existed in great cities. People went up the mounts with antennas to try to catch the signals of radios FM Imparson and For a Better World, both of Valadares Governor. My generation saw to be born colorful television. My Reinaldo, fellow worker Menezes, was one of the first ones to buy the coveted TV in colors and us we made excursion to its house to see those images wonderful. In that place where we only worked they existed you scheme to type. The first one only schemes electric I used much later, when already it was in the public service.

The computer was another thing that my generation saw to appear. The fact to only have a text publisher was an enormous profit. Floppy, that many young nor it knows what it is, it was great, it measured ones 15cmx15cm, with capacity of 04MB. The skill to have music without buying age recording those that touched in the radios in ribbons Cassete. Radiola of my father could be programmed to touch up to ten vinyl records. The gizmo was mechanic, the arm that had the needle came back to the rest place and the next record falls. I already was adult when the fixed telephone arrived my city and cost carssimo. The fixed telephone for my office of law cost three a thousand dollar. The device of FAX for me was one miracle, to pass a leaf for the device and a copy of it if to materialize in any place of the world. My first cellular one was a tijolo and it does not make much time, worked as attorney general in Colatina I acquired when it. It does not have ten years that I knew the Internet, functioned on the telephonic line. It only used for email. To open a page took an eternity. The broad band is a beauty, does not only exist here in house. Today, the computers, notebooks, cellular, tocadores of music are unbalanced with less of one year. Pen drive appeared with 128 MB. In it I only deal if vende currently of 4Gb, 8Gb, 16 Gb and 32 Gb. The external memories already had passed of the house of tera 1.000Gb. If the life starts to the 40 years, I still am a child and lived all the changes above told. Where we go to stop?


It does not have, therefore a solution for these impasses in the communication. In the modern world the communication form moved total, the electronic interaction reduced the personal communication radically face the face. We are the all moment being white of new electronic technologies, that come remodelling the communication forms, not needing more than the sender is present in the environment, being able to transmit its message through some medias, as fax, Internet, telephone, videoconferncia, etc., thus reducing the barriers in the exchange of information through the new technologies of information and communication. The communication occurs the all moment, the extraordinary human progress and technological they represent the wakening for the necessity to review old concepts, analyzing and potencializando the interpersonal communication and relations. We must consider the ethics, as main pillar of respect and organization in the relationship with the user, searching a balance satisfactory and efficient so that our message while agent social equity and attorney general for the using society of the services either caught and understood without imperfections or noises well, so that thus the work for us constructed either accomplished with satisfaction and effectiveness. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES the interpersonal communication occur the all moment and most important in the process to communicate it is to know to hear to be able to interpret with exactness the content of the message of the sender.

A good social assistant must give and to receive feedback and nor always the communication is an ability cream, has then that to train themselves. The communication is for the professional of social service as a tactile and available tool so that the offered public goods and services and of right of all citizen, so that they arrive until same without interruptions or the imperfections. More than what to hear and to speak, the act to communicate becomes expression of the allotment, of the comprometimento of the social assistant with the users, thus this professional must to demonstrate to interest when hearing and consideration to speech. The communication in the practical one of the social assistant consists in this way as form to help another person to reach its objectives in way more effective. In this meantime it has that one more time the social assistant to reflect on its position in this transmission of aggregate information of psychological and social value for construction of independent beings social, conscientious and transforming of the proper reality.


The guard was to relieve the other guard that was of service in the office of the attorney general, while this left to lunch. Thus, the substitute guard was in its rank and in this it passed, in the front of it, the solicitor, when the guard gave good afternoon to it and presented itself saying to be guard that would go to substitute, every day, the guard that served in the distribution, during the recess of it for the lunch. But the solicitor, very important, did not compliment the guard, limiting itself to look at it, to start for its feet until its head, and without saying nothing, he entered in the room of the real throne of its cabinet, let us say thus. thus every day the guard went to substitute its fellow worker and in the following day the solicitor passed again for it, but of this made guard, acertadamente, he did not compliment more it. In this, an employee of the office of the attorney general approached the guard saying that one Sir was the solicitor, saying it complimented who it, what the guard it said: ‘ ‘ It is the solicitor and I am the guard, but I am not obliged to compliment somebody that not me cumprimenta.’ ‘ this arrived at the knowledge of the solicitor whom it ordered to call the guard to its real cabinet when the hands of the solicitor had been extended to the guard that did not steal itself to compliment it. But it counts the history that certain done God wanted to come to the land stops in it living as a human being and ordered its son who was born of a Virgin and, as he says the bible, ‘ ‘ The Verb if made meat and inhabited between ns.’ ‘ With us a God lived boy, son of a carpenter, therefore very humble, therefore he could have been born in a rich home, but also he was born poor, as the majority of the human beings. During the 33 years that God lived as a human being it taught to the men some things, especially the humildade.

It taught that the last ones will be the first ones and that the ones that if exaltam will be humiliated and that the ones that if humiliate will be exaltados. These teachings make with that until the Pope, until today, in the ceremonies of the passion of Christ, it washes it kisses the feet of humble people How much to the solicitor, I find that it is in way certain must continue looking for to meet with the life, because the guard, this yes already met in the life and if the solicitor not to look right runs the risk to die without if finding. Finally, the God also said: ‘ ‘ one remembers that you are dust and todustretornars.’ ‘ With certainty all we will go, more days little days, for the tombs, where all we will apodreceremos and come back, as dry mud, to the dust of the land. Some that if judges expert more ask for to be cremados when to die, but they do not escape to come back to the dust, they make however it before most humble than still they will delay a little more to turn dust. LAI ALONE.

Attorney General

I was promoted of substitute promoter for titular attorney general I directed and me for my first Judicial district, happy for knowing where it would be my doravante work. I received an inquiry where the Maria Pliers had killed the Elizangela. The two gave services in the Boate Vem That Has and the furniture of the crime was why ten Reals of Maria had disappeared. This, without tests, presumed that the author of the robery was the colleague of the easy life. The quarrel had end and the two ladies of the night had seated in the bank of the side of are to the wait of the eventual customers. The Maria Pliers, of surprise, cravou a knife in the chest of Elizangela, producing in it an assault and battery that evolved the death. In the interrogatory Maria she only counted on wealth of details the crime, disagreeing that she had assassinated Elizangela because of ten Reals.

The quarrel started in reason of the money that had disappeared, but was why it lowered me much that killed I it. My legs are embodocadas and them me they botaram this nickname of Maria Pliers, but everybody knows that I not taste. The defendant was condemned. The juries had recognized that it acted for violent emotion immediately afterwards the provocation of the victim, considerable cause of mitigation of punishment. In the jury I beat sufficiently in the defendant and said that he did not have the violent emotion and yes a cowardice act, therefore the quarrel I had ceased and Maria if he sets with a knife and of esfaqueado inopino the victim.

Before the judgment of Maria I stow visiting the chain I publish some times. It always revealed likeable, arranged well and cheirosa. The police station functioned without the integral presence of the commission agent and I age taken care of for the notary. I thought that Maria to impress was trying me and then I would catch more I have led against it in the Court of the Jury. I commented with the police woman this detail and she said me to it that he was not nothing of this. He spoke that he was alone to speak that the promoter would go to the chain that Maria if prepared all. Against-I argued saying that I would go to ask for the conviction of the defendant for doubly qualified homicide and the notary would see that would hate me to Maria after its conviction. In the jury I made my work and Maria was condemned the ten years of reclusion. Passed certain time I came back the Chain I publish for the routine inspection. He entered in the corridor and always he spoke with the prisoners for the gratings. I arrived ahead of the exclusive cell for the women and I came across myself with Maria as dantes: it dressed a dress red and it seemed that it would leave from there to go to the ball. Good day Maria. All good? Pretty red dress you this using! Doctor, underneath also the clothes is red. Pensei that you would be with ugly face after the jury, Maria. I know that the doctor tava making its work. Who must has that to pay. I was even so thinking that Maria did not have lost the love for the profession, continued acting as if it was in the Boate Vem That Has.

Public Farm

These privileges elapse of the proper main function of the Public Farm to protect the public interest, therefore it exhibits a condition ' ' diferenciada' ' of the too much physical or legal people of private law. In the words of insigne doutrinador Leonardo Jose Sheep of the Wedge, above-mentioned: ' ' Accurately for acting in the process in virtue of the existence of public interest, its activity in the process in and the ampler possible way consults to the proper public interest to make possible the exercise of this most good, preventing unjustifiable convictions or incalculable damages for the State treasury and, of remaining portion, for all the collective that would be benefited with public services defrayed with such recursos.' ' 4 With the calls procedural privileges or as some they prefer ' ' prerrogativas' ' it intended the legislator, what he seems to protect the common wealth and the collective interest, of all and any harmful activity, here it is that, an eventual procedural recklessness on the part of a State attorney, would not only threaten its professional credibility, but also could try effective damage to the common wealth, reaching, thus, directly the interests of state being e, for saw reflected, all the collective. In this way, when the legislator intended to benefit or to privilege the Public Farm, it made express, the example of the differentiated stated periods to contest and to appeal foreseen, the necessary reexame, privileged execution, as already we speak above. Under this aspect, it is understood so that the Public Farm obtains to act in the best possible way, if becomes basic that enough privileges for in such a way exist, therefore when the Public Farm is in judgment, it it is defending the interests of the state treasury, then, when contesting an action or appealing of a decision, it is protecting the public interest.

Attorney General of Justice

The curiosity killed one face Taking care of to a special assignment of the attorney general of justice I was to make a jury in a small city of the region person from de state of espirito santo north. It was an old process where male defendant was fugitive and 1.hidden in the State of Rondnia, where he was imprisoned. I read the process to make the intent accusation and to the causes that had taken a good person to take off the life of its fellow creature. The victim was surprise handle when fusca with a hose washed its. The defendant arrived for backwards and made the detonations on the back of the disaffection, that nothing can make to defend, since its attention was come back toward the car that washed in the street. The defendant worked as barber in the city and days before the crime he had taken a beating that was imposed to it by the victim.

The barber counted that it was night and was giving ones walked to uncloud the head and suddenly he gave will to it to enter in the weeds to defecate. Of where he was underneath saw the car motionless of a tree. I propagate it exactly motionless made a movement: renque. .renque. .renque. The barber saw that a couple was in loving conclave and gave one watched. The man of the hall without wanting it left to escape what it had seen and in little time the entire city was knowing.

Victim, that was not flower that if smelled, was knowing that the barber was who was spreading for the city that it had taken a woman for the weeds. The face caught the cabelereiro of mount below and it gave socos to it, you cover, kicks and kicks, saying that it was to learn not to follow the others and to bisbilhotar what not of its account. Worse still she was not to be with the language inside of the mouth. The cutting youngster of hair left with fua swelled. If it was not enough, in the other day the defamed man it passed in the barber’s shop and it asked if the face of the barber had reduced a swelling, therefore the hand of it not. At that moment the valeto signed its sentence of death. The barber bought one to dig and waited the moment to avenge the suffered cocaine.

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Egyptian Fifi Abdo

This made of it one of the biggest Egyptian celebrities. After all, if it did not dare, it would not be Fifi Its name is mentioned in such a way with regard to the scandals how much to the high faturamentos of its films, parts and videos. Beyond bailariana of dance of the womb, the Egyptian Fifi Abdo is a woman business-oriented, sufficiently income-producing for signal! It and its entrepreneurs (possue nothing less than six) knows to deal with the media. They use the controversies to call the attention, to cause commotion and to breach conventions, as much with the media how much with the authorities. It is all part of a game.

A less famous dancer certainly would face problems with the moral policy. Its success in the media made of it one of the women richest of the Cairo. The French magazine Jeune Afrique disclosed that Fifi earned about 1,1 million euros between 1993 and 1996; it certainly it gained more than US$400,000 dollar per year. It more than possesss five a thousand clothes of dance, some Mercedes and two apartments throughout the river Nile. It still is known by helping less fortunate.

Although the prohibition of the films and novels in which Fifi Abdo acts as Tar’ al hob and El siti aseelah, its popularity continues intocada. Some women of the Middle East see Fifi as a heroine, because of its audacity, even so has some opposition it due to controversy that has created. Invited sharp language of a program of tev, Fifi Abdo openly said on its life and its career. It clarified that, after if to retire as dancer, she is not working as faxineira to gain money and that continues acting in different novels and films. In an attempt to neutralize some rumors, she added that opposed to take off it advantage of the fact of its current husband (sixth so far) to be a prosperous man business-oriented and to use money of it to produce films or series for television.

Professional Education

With the Constitution of 1934 beginning to a new National Politics of Education when establishing was given as ability of the Union to trace Lines of direction of the National Education. During the State New it is granted Constitution of 1937 and a Constitution deals with the Vocational and Daily pay-vocational Schools for the first time as a duty of the State for the favored classrooms less, in turn it consequently folloies the history of the economic models and politicians and, of the relations of being able of the groups that are in the power. From 1942 the Organic Laws of the National Education are lowered, Secondary and Normal Education and of Industrial Ensino (1942), Advertising (1943), Elementary school and Agriculturist (1946). This provided the creation of specialized entities as SENAI (1942) and SENAC (1946), and gave transformation to it of the old schools of apprenticees craftsmen in Schools Techniques. In the set of the Organic Laws of the National Education, the objective of Secondary and Normal and Superior education (attributed as ability of the Ministry of Justice and the Interior Businesses) was of ‘ ‘ to form the conducting elites of the Pas’ ‘ , and the objective of Professional Ensino was of ‘ ‘ to offer adequate formation to the children of the laborers, the desvalidos ones of the luck and less fortunate, those that need to enter the force of trabalho’ more precociously; ‘ 1.

The first LDB? Law of Lines of direction and Base n 4,024/61 equalized the professional education of the point of view of the equivalence and the continuity of studies, thus finishing, the old dualidade between education for the less the most favored elites and education for. In the Military period of 1964 it had the significant loss of the function of the Federal Advice of Education? CFE.

Assessorship For Consultation

Information for the email: Assessorship for Consultation – the concept and the solution Many Brazilian companies count on the support especializadode auditors, legal advisors, financial and countable or same detecnologia of the information, however, does not have the habit to contract serviosespecializados of assessorship and organizacional consultoria. To take care of estesclientes the service was developed Assessorship for Consultation. What he is ' ' Assessorship for Consulta' ' At crucial moments in the companies, many osempresrios times and the executives if see alone, in the hour of a decisoimportante: the new definition of a strategical one of performance, the search of umasoluo for economic, financial or operational problems, or simplesmentena quarrel and conception of new ideas. Although to make use of the traditional legal advisors, countable, financial or of technology of the information, in some situaescertamente them it would be useful and providencial to be able to count on one profissionalexperiente, well qualified, discrete and independent. Somebody of is daorganizao, for the exchange of ideas, discutio of solutions, simply analyzes docontexto or for a frank colloquy. The great companies can contract such professionals comfacilidade, however, companies of lesser transport not.

This service allows to small the average companies oacesso to this type of qualified service that, until today, was almost exclusive eprivativo of the great companies. The act of contract of ' ' Assessorship for Consulta' ' it can serrealizada for modules of varied formats, with the duration and the intensidadeespecfica for each necessity. The companies of lesser transport can have access esteservio without the necessity to sign long contracts and dispendiosos and ocontato with specialized consultant will allow to the entrepreneur and the executive to develop, gradually, a reliable relation, that the company if for the new challenges allows prepareprogressivamente that and thus, preventing to look aid apenasquando its situation already became critical. The easinesses to contract ' ' Assessorship for Consulta' ' At the moment of the act of contract the customer chooses the formatomais adjusted for its necessities and, in accordance with the option, serestabelecido the monthly value of the contract. However, if during the period of validity of the agreement it will be necessary to demand realizaode visits you add or to extend the time of each visit, the prices relativosao period will be recalculados automatically to transfer the vantagensestabelecidas for the superior bands of the table of prices. The contract of ' ' Assessorship for Consulta' ' it can serinterrompido to any time, being enough for this a communication simplesenviada for email with thirty days of antecedence. The price of ' ' Assessorship for Consulta' ' The companies will be able to choose how many visits for month to queremreceber for the contact with the consultant and which decade will have to be the duration time visits typical.