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If last spring were very popular bags with lots of detail – rivets, pockets, plaques of different shapes, a combination of leather and fabric, denim handbags, as well as bags of bright and light colors, such as beige, pink, bright green. Has become a very popular bag-purse, such as in the days of our grandmothers. Today, the trend in the bag changed since fashion is fickle. What bags are this spring? Bags that this spring represents the world's most famous designers, for the most part elegant and practical. These bags can be worn to the office, a movie, a walk, anywhere. Typically, such bags are strict colors – such as black, brown, gray.

However, for those who like bright and unusual handbags are created in the classical style, with vivid detail, fur or leather inserts. Fashion shows of spring-summer 2010 already passed in the world's fashion capitals, and there, of course, demonstrated unusual accessories, among which every woman would have found something, what would she could not help but fall in love. The main trend of the season turned out to be classic and vintage handbags. For those who do not like strict classic style, this season will be an alternative – a variety of bags with patterns, prints and appliques of natural motifs. Leaves, trees, landscapes, all beautiful and interesting pictures and ornaments in style.

In general, the emphasis is on practical bags. Bags on the long wide straps that can be worn as a shoulder or in hand. Bags should be comfortable, have plenty of internal and external pockets for practical organization space. For example, bags that are associated with the postmen are becoming more comfortable. Spacious, comfortable, plus the appearance of well-known designers – such bags in fashion. Generally this spring topical bags medium-sized clutches and large bags overshadowed. These bags are so roomy exactly how much is needed, such bags can be worn as you like and wherever you wish. Of course, great value not only has a certain fashion for handbags, but also a personal preference and taste. That is why the designers did not cease to create unusual model outside the trends in the bags to meet the tastes of different customers. Bags – this is the accessory, which is especially important for women. And the bags have to choose, consistent with their ideas and features of the wardrobe.


Introduction One of the most characteristic language disorders, specific and striking what is called dysphasia. Some authors prefer ‘or Disfasoideo dysphasic syndrome. Long is their history and names that have received over the years, depending on the age and nationality of the authors. Thus in 1888 there was talk of idiopathic Alalia Audimudez to refer to the Dysphasia. Names In the following century denominations abounded Congenital Aphasia, Aphasia Child Idioglosia, Simple Delay, Noise and Deafness Verbal Agnosia to describe the same phenomenon. In English literature refers to “Specific Developmental Expressive Dysphasia Tipe (Developmental Dysphasia Type Specific Expressive) while American authors use the terms of Aphasia Infantile or Congenital. Not only the names abound, but the definitions of the table, among which we highlight the following over the years: 1. Lack of speech in a child with normal hearing, average intelligence and no known brain injury (Nadoleczny, 1926).

2. Disturbance of internal language (Descoeudres, 1936). 3. Specific dysfunction in the development of the expression and / or reception of speech and language in the absence of other disabilities that may be considered as possible causes, such as hearing impairment, deficits in peripheral structures of speech, mental retardation, personality disorder, injury brain or psychotic disorders (Benton, 1964). 4.

Idiopathic disorder, not organic in the acquisition of speech by alterations in the structures is in charge of the collection, integration and conceptualization of language. The real Dysphasia must not show any motor impairment, affective, sensory, sensory or mental (1979). 5. Failure of normal language development can not be explained in terms of mental or physical, hearing impairment, of emotional disturbance or environmental deprivation (Bishop, 1992). 6. It is a perturbed form of language organization that builds on the foundation at odds with the common language. The dysphasic children living in a linguistic framework of its own and that once established, is difficult to undo. Therefore the dysphasic child is not only a poor speaker, but a child whose personality has been structured in any particular manner, according to a troubled relationship. As we have seen there are multiple definitions for a single box, although most agree that the disorder must be pure in the sense of not having any other associated pathology that can be interpreted as the cause of the problem, ie, the specific care the table. Moreover, all posit that the language would be the only factor altered. Concluding the above idea, considering the Dysphasia as a specific language impairment, would be assuming in the first place that has no apparent cause and secondly what would be affected would be only the language. However, following the first could hypothesize that point is not that there is no causality but the etiology is not passive case-finding by conventional methods of assessment such as electroencephalography, Audio-impedance analysis, CT, etc, and its cause could be found, for example, functional brain changes and dynamics that affect higher nervous activity as Azcoaga posit. Being even more inquisitive, we could argue that every phenomenon is a causality that causes it, regardless whether or not the means of passive case-finding.

Shell Heat

1. Competitive shell and tube heat exchanger for utilities shall be equipped with pipes, profiled so as to increase flow resistance only slightly exceeded the increase of heat transfer due to the use turbulator flow. This is achieved by knurling the outer surface of the pipe loop or helical grooves, due to their formation on the inner surface of the pipe are formed smoothly projections outlined a moderate height, intensifying heat transfer in tubes. Rolling ring turbulator in terms of heat transfer is more efficient than rolling helical grooves, as heat transfer coefficient in tubes can be increased in 2,1-2,5 times against 1,4-1,9 times during the growth of hydraulic resistance of the tube bundle of 5-7 times against 6.4 times in comparison with smooth tube (if in the case of smooth pipes contribution of the tube bundle in a loss pressure tube tract is about 70%, in the case of tubes with knurled ring it increases to 95%). For comparison, the use of inserts and swirl flow in pipes leads to an increase in heat loss by 30-40% at increasing the pressure loss in 3,5-5,5 times. 2. An important question is about the diameter and material of tubes. All heat exchangers for heating and hot water are focused on the brass tube with outer diameter of 16 mm and inner 14 mm in diameter.

Brass slightly corroded in a medium boiler and mains water, and a large inner diameter of the tube increases the stiffness of the pipe and facilitates the mechanical cleaning of pipe space. The latter circumstance Not long ago it was more important considerations of competitiveness and achieve high performance heat exchanger weight and size. It is known that the smaller diameter pipe and the thickness of their walls, the higher coefficients using mass and volume of ta. Known heat exchangers with an outer diameter pipe 6.3 or 8 mm, but these devices clean pipe space mechanically difficult. According to the authors of the article, the design shell and tube ta should allow the pipe to clean the area from contaminating sediments both chemical and mechanical means, pipe and there should be rigid enough to avoid significant deflection after several years of operation. Such requirements are met by pipes with a diameter of 12 mm and wall thickness of 1 mm. The accumulated operating experience with such a heat exchanger tube allowed us to subsequently wall thickness of 0,8 mm. Performed by our specialists monitor the market pipe manufacturers allowed to choose as a substitute for stainless steel, brass, austenitic 08 12X18H10T that except in special cases hardly corrodes the network and the boiler water, including the organization of alkaline water regimes, and has a low adhesion to suspended particles and crystals of scale.

The desire to get rid of in the design of the ta corrosive steam entailed selection for tube sheets, flanges, walls, buildings and steel nozzles ta 12X18H10T and method of fastening tubes in tube sheets – welding in an argon atmosphere. The same way, providing a high strength and integrity, should be used for other persistent connections ta. Shell and tube heat exchanger for utilities to produce useful not sectional, but as a stand-alone ta in his case and with the necessary pipes. When the missing area of the surface heat transfer for the implementation of large heat flows or at high pressure losses separate ta can be grouped into blocks with parallel or series-parallel connection of their tracts. In this case, blocks should have a minimum of piping.

Vedic Energy

A good example of one of the chakras is the sun – this huge gathering chakra energy in the etheric world and send it to us. Black holes show the inverse operation of chakra. If a person develops without flaws, the chakras are working properly and the transition energies are without loss. If the damaged channels, there will be a constant flood of energy and their mixing with other streams of energy, which limits human life, suffering from what the soul and spirit. Man is born with different amounts included chakras.

It depends on the antiquity of the soul and its destiny. If the creature carries a great leap forward in its development, the additional chakras are connected, providing new opportunities for individual and giving him new strength. If the person is lazy and does not fulfill its mission, the chakras are suspended on the contrary, the body begins to age from a lack of energy and people just living out his life. When it reaches a lot of persons, additional devices can be installed on the chakras that enhance or some sharing of power, giving more opportunities to man. In some cases, the high spirits may be brought energy directly to the chakras of human achievements to the divine. So that idea to read and see the future, without a body to travel, do not sleep at all and the food not to eat, you must have a serviceable all 47 chakras. We eat, breathe, see, feel, think – it all collects and directs the energy from the dense body to the subtle bodies through the chakras, and then through the shell of the soul, with some of the energy goes into the system, from which it came to embody the soul.

The work of the chakras watch There are special, that we call a guardian angel. Our quality of life directly affects the quality of the collected energy. If a person smokes, drinks or eating poisonous food in the form of meat and different chemistry, it would soon most of the chakras, mostly astral and mental, is closed. The man in this case lives on a very low level of energy and opportunities. Sources: 'Revival of Vedic culture of the Slavs'