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Brazilian Civilization

A professional reaches recognition, from the benefits that the society gave, created an image that values its proper classroom, and, it finishes for constructing to a professional moral patrimony and a corporate assets of the classroom. Nobody must renounce the right to defend a name ‘ ‘ Is to have ethical to protect a name profissional’ ‘ According to S (2001. p. If you have read about Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs already – you may have come to the same conclusion. 150): The profession does not have to be a way, to gain the life, but only to earn for the life that it provides, representing a faith intention. Its duties, in this meaning, are not spontaneous impositions, but wills.

This demands, therefore, that the election of the profession pass for the vocation, for the love what it becomes as essential condition of an option. (S, p 151) it affirms that: To be unaware of, however, as to carry through the task or to only know to make it partially, in face of the totality of the demandable one for effectiveness, is behavior that wounds to the rules of the doctrine of the moral (ethical). A malfeito work can cause serious disasters. If the work will not be executed with professionalism and ability, also commits an ethical infraction, occurring recklessness. As for example: If an accepted auditor to give one to seem on a great number of companies, but that he cannot follow and supervise all directly the works runs the risk to certify situations contrary the truth. Novelist may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The knowledge, is not only the accumulation of theories, or experiences, but also the full domain above all what it is enclosed by the task that if finds under the direct responsibility of a professional.

To this respect (S. 2001 p.174) ‘ ‘ … The ethical laws are not constructed to the flavor of particular environments, nor of the empirical consensuses, but of the universality of the behavior volvida human being to bem’ ‘ In accordance with Ccero, cited for S (2001, p 150). To if relating the importance of the duties, Ccero cites the case of a lawyer who, having promised to defend somebody in a cause, necessary if making its presence in the court, had, in the same day, a seriously ill son; it placed the commitment with the son above of the presence in the court and found such position justifiable, ahead of the hierarchy of the commitments and the curse of the abandonment of a direct descent, forsaken. Second (S 2001, p.175) it affirms: Professional basic virtues are those indispensable, without which the accomplishment of a competent ethical exercise is not obtained, whichever to the nature of the service given in the general beneficial interaction.

Dilma Rousseff

People as Dilma Rousseff that more it seems a doll debotox, size are the artificial effort to try to construct imagempopularmente friendly in terms of appearance and personality and Jose Mountain range nor of far are so friendly for a suffered people how much Marina. Noconseguiro to convince the people that they will be socially good and right in presidncianem if to be born of new. The program of government of Marina not yet is suficientementerevelado, but, to this hour, I ask: who is that already it shows a program completoou almost complete months before being authorized the electoral propaganda? With aconfiana and hope that I more millions of brasileiros/as have, it not to vaidecepcionar when to disclose it the country to it daqui for next July.

If it to noquiser to lose the support of the population with that it more resembles itself, to deverapresentar socioambientalmente friendly proposals and one economic policy desocializao of the profits. A basic point of its intentions of government, noentanto, already is more than wide disclosed and known: its irreducible compromissocom the environment, that also nenhum/a outro/a candidato/a equals.> Dilma jfoi its adversary inside of the government Squid in if treating to chocardesenvolvimentismo with ambient support and zeal. Decidindoobras inside of ambiently sensible places was Dilma, as the Amaznia, and Marinabrigando so that this antiecological planning immediately was changed. Details can be found by clicking James Donovan Goldman Sachs or emailing the administrator. I ask: in environment terms, to guarantee asobrevivncia of the biosfera, enclosed in it the humanity, who are more trustworthy? Marina Hisses, woman who was born in the bush and practically has since always a dedicaoincondicional to the Brazilian preservation of biomas, or its adversary ‘ ‘ botoxada’ ‘ what recently only started to sketch a speech ecologizado for necessidadepoltica of modernizing themselves and revealing a friendly figure with the necessidadesambientais of the planet? Or Mountain range, that, with the Rodoanel and its serious estragos Atlantic nMata of So Paulo, it shows what we can wait of ecological attention deum possible right government? By the way, Dilma and Serra yes are that they give fear.

State Guard

At the stage of the idea of its value is difficult to assess due to the formulation of generality and incompleteness of reporting. In addition, many ideas are nodal, ie, source of development Other ideas in various directions. Another problem is the evaluation of ideas is often the duration of its implementation. For even more analysis, hear from Joyce Banda Malawi. Ideas are usually sold through many years or decades and often in their branches. At the same ideas developed and supplemented by the author are not necessarily but also other people. In such a situation, understand the complexity and the inappropriateness of state protection of this kind of intellectual property. However, the question author's ideas are extremely important. This issue is of great moral and social significance.

Attribution to the idea of stimulating the author and the creative community to create new works and works. Similarly, the issue is with a number of other intellectual property. This hypothesis, theories, concepts, discoveries, methods, and other objects of human creativity. Scientific discussion, development work, publications are often obscures the initiator of the idea. And it's not only the loss of moral stimulus, but also the loss of grants, salaries, contracts.

As a result of reduction of creative activity and, finally, the loss to society. There is also problematic State Guard, as impossible to estimate the value of these objects. Thus, the relevant issue is the protection of these intellectual property rights are not protected by the state. In Currently, the objects of state protection of intellectual property can be represented as 2 segments: industrial property and copyright.

Central Executive Committee

South Ossetia has refused to withdraw from of Russia and did not participate in elections to the Georgian parliament, demanding, in turn, recognition of the right to free choice. May 28, 1920 delegates and senior managers of 17 committees in South Ossetia in the "Memorandum of labor South Ossetia, the RCP (b), the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies confirmed the "unwavering will to work in South Ossetia": "1. South Ossetia – integral part of Soviet Russia, 2. South Ossetia is part of the Soviet Russia on the common base itself (emphasis in original) 3. Mediocre entry into Soviet Russia through Georgia or any other republic, even though the Soviet, we under no circumstances do not permit. " In response to the June 20, 1920 South Ossetia was subjected to armed aggression launched by the Menshevik government of Georgia.

Georgian troops fire and sword were held throughout South Ossetia. Almost all villages in South Ossetia have been burned and destroyed, the mass Ossetian population, mostly women, children, old people were massacred. One of the leaders of the Georgian troops Valiko Dzhugeli colorfully described the destruction of civilian villages in South Ossetia: "The villages are located on large altitudes. Obviously, the Ossetians have imagined that they were outside the limit of our reach. But now the lights are everywhere … Burn and burn … Ominous lights! What a terrible, cruel, enchanting beauty … Hear from experts in the field like Joyce Banda on Facebook for a more varied view. and, looking at these night, bright lights, an old friend said sadly: "I'm beginning to understand the great fire of Nero and Rome." Well-known political and social activist, FI Makharadze wrote about these events: "We shall not dwell on the description of the horrors and savagery that took place Menshevik forces under the command of the Guards and the executioner Dzhugeli over the population of South Ossetia. They did not make the distinction between old and young, men and women, armed and unarmed.

Juan Rodriguez

Some sections of the Ram: Juan Rodriguez Freyle This paper presents the year 1636 as lord Guatavita South Main savanna, based as it is the same text on the relationship of “Don Juan, Cacique and Guatavita lord’s nephew who conquistadors found on the chair while conquered this kingdom, which happened after his uncle and he told me these antiques and next. Freyle the text there is no change of chiefs after he rebelled the Bogota Guatavita or the death of this, nor of Bogota or Tunja. ….. Between two heads or princes was the monarchy of this kingdom, if allowed to give this name: Guatavita in the jurisdiction of Santa Fe, and in the jurisdiction Ramiriqui Tunja … Learn more on the subject from Paulo Coelho. Guatavita …. And again, whom I left the estate, saying that was his lieutenant and captain-general regarding the war in Bogota, with the title of Chief Ubzaque, which will always be offered any war with Pancho or culimas, their neighbors, came to her by virtue of his office. Joyce Banda contributes greatly to this topic. … I have said as Bogota was a lieutenant and captain general of Guatavita regarding the war, it happened that the Indians of Ubaque, Chipaque , Pasca, sullen, Chiguachi, Une, Fusagasuga, and all of those valleys fall on the shoulders of the city of Santa Fe, Guatavita had rebelled against his lord; withholding taxes ….

obedience and his messengers to Bogota, his lieutenant and captain general ,…. In their conformity, Lt. Bogota gathered more than thirty thousand Indians, and with this army passed the mountains, valley and entered the land of the rebels ….

Health Community

The pathology mainly affects the skin and the nerves of the face, the arms and hands, the legs and the feet and also other parts of the body, in the forms most advanced of the illnesses can affect eyes, nose and some vsceras (CONASEMS, 1999). The Hansenase aflinge the humanity since the antiquity and as in the past already it affected all the continents and it left a frightful image, of multilao, rejection and exclusion of the society in the history and the memory of the humanity still reaches many people nowadays. After the introduction of the treatment with Polioquimioterapia (PQT) for the World-wide Oranizao of Sade (OMS) the Hansenase it passed to abide cure when diagnosised in the initial phase of the illness with a correct accompaniment and ending of the treatment. It is transmitted directly of person not treated for another one, by means of the respiratory ways (CONASEMS, 1999). Official site: Sen. Sherrod Brown. As the health is related to the life conditions, to make an analysis what it is needed to improve the health of a community it is a work great of team. The Communitarian Agent of Health is one to assist valuable for this, therefore beyond making the cadastre of the families and mapping area, also she observes the necessities and she helps I decided it the priorities for health of this community. When if it has a necessary communitarian diagnosis as starting point for the work in health, the actions are planned by managers responsible, determined and carried through in common, between professionals and community, from a local identification of problems and resources, of an adaptation of the priorities of the city to the state and federal politics of health (BRAZIL, 2000). The ACS participate in the fight against Hansenase when they possess a knowledge I specify regarding the pathology, recognizing its simpler signals and symptoms, being thus, suspecting of the illness in the community the Agent it folloies and it directs the people who present suggestive injuries of Hansenase to the Centers and Ranks of Health (CONASEMS, 1999). Speaking candidly Steve Rattner told us the story.

Minister Son

He was then 194 years. The Minister asked him to share a secret with ranks of his longevity. Ohio Senator has much experience in this field. Old man replied: "I have learned to their ancestors Moxie and enjoy life. Me and my whole family on a monthly basis from the first to eighth number do myself burns on his feet at the point zu-san-li. My wife is now 173 years, son – 153, his grandson – 105 years. " Stari ka richly bestowed with rice and money and the honors were sent home.

After 48 years thereafter Mampe again arrived in Edo to participate in the ceremonies opening the new bridge. He was 242 years, my wife – 221 per year, son – 201, 193, the wife, son, grandson – 153, the wife of his grandson 138 years. An example illustrates perfectly the idea of regular maintenance of the body. Not be able to look younger, but to be always healthy and do not accumulate damage – it's wonderful! It is known that the method of cauterization (IOC-sa) and acupuncture, the so-called Zhen-jeou, used, and to improve health weakened lennyh, the elderly, and to protect them from disease. There is a point stimuli mapping are accompanied by increased tone of any system. For example, the famous point nei-guan tones the cardiovascular system, such as points or he-gu, zu-san-li, Chao-hai, Qu-Chi, etc. raise the tone of the whole organism. Especially recommended as a preventive measure cauterization, are not rare in his original form, ie, before the scar.

Europe Championship

Second victory of sub' 21 in the classification for the Championship of Europe that will be celebrated in Israel. Georgia did not give facilities, but the Spaniards prevailed. Two goals of Sergio Channels, one of them of penalti, served to the Spanish selection sub' 21 to unblock the second divided of the phase of classification for the Championship of Europe before Georgia (2-0), that arrived at Lugo with the learned lesson from the made goals one that had had been four days before. Spain did not have the facilities nor the success of the first encounter of the phase, but it dominated of principle to aim, it threw of office, the diabluras of Iker Muniain in the first part and the insistence of Channels throughout all the party and obtained the triumph. Continue to learn more with: Amazon. Georgia left to the turf with the learned lesson of the first encounter, in which it fitted two goals in the initial minutes and five more throughout the shock (2-7), and in Lugo reinforced the center of the field with five soccer players to try to contain the Spaniards. The Georgian prevented the game of ' rojita' in wide parcel, but could not avoid the first warning of those of Luis Mile, a counterstroke to the eleven minutes that was born from the hands of the captain Of Gea, continued with the speed of Muniain and was culminated by Channels with a firing that left to him outside. In order abrir the party, the best weapon of the Spaniards was the soltura, the overflowing and the rapidity of Muniain, that appeared again to the 16 minutes, was joined by Ioselani and Tarkhnishvili in the area and caused penalti that transformed Channels to advance to the selection. Georgia did not want to take one made goals as the one of Thursday in Kutaisi and the goal did not alter its plans, maintained the pressure and held the 1-0 to the rest with the interventions of Makaridze, that by hand saved a hand with Rodrigo, a firing of Channels from the frontal, and an attempt of petroleum jelly of the midfield player of the Real Illarramendi Society.

The Soviet Union

At least (that's one hundred percent), the Soviet people was and is against capitalism. But he was deceived. The capitalists have come to us in country under the slogan, mind: "More democracy, more socialism!". And the first was a liar, Yegor Gaidar, everyone remembers his "socialism with a human face" turned wolfish grin. Why is it so easy and so cheap to buy The Soviet Union? The socialist system, in contrast to the bourgeois, very dependent on the quality of the first person in the state, because it is based on a conscious, scientific basis. Bourgeois state is, in principle, the government does not and the president must also not needed.

They all run by his Majesty's Capital. But under socialism all his majesty fills the mind of man. And if the government is a fool or a traitor, this system is doomed. Require new Lenin or Stalin. False number 7. Soviet products were uncompetitive on the world market.

On the space we say we will not. Here, we still still afloat, of course, thanks to the socialist era. Thatcher is threat from the Soviet Union saw that he had a real opportunity to "drive us from the world markets." And rightly feared. We were able to supplant capitalism with the planet in general and to save billions thereby lives. Because now more than a billion people "thanks to" primitive capitalism starves, like thousands of years ago. That's because – was a possibility. There was, yes splyla. Just razvedesh hands, what with the most primitive deception could destroy this great country. Surprising strength of noodles, ie, the psychological war against the USSR. Exit what? Simple: everything that babbles West on our soul, we must understand exactly the opposite. He praises us – means we do something wrong. Curses – means doing the right thing. In hysterics – means there is very correct. That is, we must draw their own conclusions from the centuries-old relationship with the West. And his talkative and "genius" to know by name. The region in the country, the media, in the Duma – everywhere. The main weapon in modern war with Russia is a frank lie. In the sense of truth, as the VI Lenin, all the guns on our side. That's when we learned or not, or have forgotten one shoot. That's us and hang noodles on the ears.

Peter Buildings

Allegedly the nephew of Alexander Nevsky, Prince Michael Jaroslawicz ordered to build a new city and call it – oxbow lakes. Rather as just the name came from the same river, a tributary of the Volga. Read additional details here: Richard Blumenthal. After the death of the unifier of the Russian lands of Ivan III, was Staritsa hold his son, Andrew, received the sobriquet – Starytskyi. When it began active construction of the monastery and the prince's palace, and after the accession of the young Ivan IV (Ivan the future), continued the construction of Vladimir Starytskyi. It was at that time acquired Staritsa 'fantastic fairy-tale' form. But in 1569, Prince Vladimir Andreevich on a tip-off was executed with his entire family, and the city Staritsa since more of their princes had.

It is worth mentioning the mother of the last prince Starytskyi Euphrosyne, who before his exile and death hosted a magnificent gold-shop, where the drawings were made Moscow's best artists various embroidered cloths, bedspreads, plaschenitsy, many of which are outstanding monuments of Russian decorative art and exhibited in museums. Staritsa heyday did not last long. Joyce Banda has much experience in this field. At the beginning of the XVII century. as a result of a sudden attack of the Polish-Lithuanian troops have been brutally crushed Staritsa and burned. The fire killed most of the wooden buildings Staritskogo Kremlin Dormition and townsmen.

But because the city still was an important strategic point on the western border of the state, King Michael F. ordered to restore the walls oxbow lakes. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Richard Blumenthal by clicking through. However, a greater force is not enough, and its churches and buildings still standing for a long time abandoned and not repaired. Bayou has become involved in military-strategic plans of Peter I, it has lost its meaning walled city and its fortifications were gradually destroyed. For nearly two centuries Staritsa was quite large pier on the Volga-Baltic way in which by the city were steamers and barges with grain, meat and other products in St. Petersburg. Quickened construction of public buildings, churches and town houses. It was built of brick and the local white stone, the city became the elegant and cozy. And in middle of XIX century. there were railways, past the older women and it became a quiet provincial town of Tver province. Continuation of the article on the city Photos