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Every day the Cel. Plaisant ordered to distribute for the pobresa viseres: big cookie, coffee, to assucar, cod, meat secca etc; excused it will be to say that all were poor! The Cel. sortia Plaisant of the necessary merchandises the traders of the square, ordering to bring them of Curityba in its reasonable trucks and later yielding them it price to the traders. It was not having in the square a Real, said it who wanted to leave for where he entered and that he did not want to know. For where it entered and that atrz did not want tail. all the people of Apiahy falla with homesickness of the Cel. Plaisant! ' ' The notations made for the Foot. Prime Vieira Maria is important for the description of the Movement of Constitutionalistic revolution of 1932 ' ' now we have the Constitutionalistic revolution for our State.

Our zone is of new in war foot. Everything paralyzed; the fear everything dominates because the memory of the 1930 revolution still lives fresquinha in the memory of all. I have strengthenn for infusing spirit and courage the staff who to the few goes raising its moral. Ribeira, occupada for the Bandeirantes has been theater of some escavanas and also already of two small combats. In day 17 it had a meeting in the Paran enters the advanced destacamentos of recognition.

The Paranaenses had shone for the escape, leaving to the Bandeirantes 15 arreiados cavallos of race, 10 snaps and a prisoner. It consists that it lives, with enttusiasmo in the troops Bandeirantes, the idea to try the discovery of Curityba.' ' Alzira owner Branches Baptist, with 81 years of age, all lived in Ribeira. In the room of its house, she helps to reconstitute to the history of the small pacato city of Ribeira on the Revolution of 1932. ' ' Something was very terrible.

Human Rights

These theoretical rules face some of these controversies in the direction to contribute for the gift and future of our professional project, in the social political direction that was constructed and consolidated throughout the years. It estimates autonomy and theoretical independence and politics of socioprofissional performance in the immediate conquests for social, working rights and histricas.' ' (Oliveira, 2008). In this way the ethics are intrinsicamente on to the elements that compose the professional project not if limiting to the moral norms or lapsing of rights and duties, they involve very moreover, they involve theoretical options, ideological and politics of the professionals. The ethics code is a landmark for the category of the social assistants in the construction and constitution of the duties and rights of the social assistant, as well as the laws and the punctuations concerning the practical ethics of the profession, therefore it surpasses the theoretical fragilities of the Code of 1986 ethics and if it materialize through the prxis social. When it is said in to give to a social direction the profession, confident in the emancipation ideals human being, consisting in a protagonism that defies the concrete reality, the preintention is to transform it into a realistic, warranting perspective of rights as of the freedom, through the construction of the autonomy and the emancipation. All using it has right to go and to come, to express itself and not fitting to the social assistant the control of the life of the same, or the intention to coerce the user or to print in it its thought and ideas, a time that the guarantee and intransigent defense of the Human Rights is to have in potential of the professional to assure. With this, the consolidation of the citizenship aims at this guarantee of rights that the diligent classroom possesss, therefore the democracy for the confrontation of the social matter through the participation politics, as well as the division of the wealth socially produced by the workers must be one of the biggest flags of fight of the professional.

Proper Nature

Then, most sensible and honest to make it is, simply, not to publish the workmanship that if constitutes instant offence to the beliefs and principles Biblical-doctrinaires of the public which if destines. Dake, to all evidence, does not share of the vision theological-doctrinaire of the Assembly of God in some points, many of them unnegotiable central offices and for the Christianity. It is what it happens, for example, with the Cristologia, the basic Soterologia, Trindade and other doctrines. Relation the Cristologia, Dake believe that, the spite of what it teaches the Bible, Jesus if would have become Son of God at the moment of Its incarnation, and Messias for occasion of Its baptism in the river Jordo. Position anti-Biblical and condemned clearly by the Christian Church already in its primrdios, and today adopted for the Witnesses of Jehovah, is known as ' ' Doceptismo.

The Soterologia taught for Dake is, similar, divorced the Biblical parameters. According to it, not obstante perpetual life to be one dom gratuitous of God, it, in turn, is insufficient to operate the salvation in the individual. If the Cristologia and the Soterologia de Dake are contradictory, what not to say of its positioning in relation the Trindade and the Proper Nature of God? Completely opposing to the assembleiana conception about the Trindade, Dake advocates that the Father, the Son and the Espirito Santo possess, each one of them, body, soul and spirit. E, as if it was not enough, the only difference between ' ' corpo' ' of God and the body of the man is that the body of God is composed for a substance spiritual and the body of the man, for a material substance. For everything this, and a infinity of other anomalies not mentioned here, the Bible of Dake Study becomes harmful and antagonistic the position Biblical-theological-doctrinaire of the Assembly of God, not representing, for no bias or angle, the theological thought of the Classic Pentecostalismo represented by the Assembly of God in Brazil. its publication, one year before the First Centenarian constitutes, nothing more and nothing less, that a desvairado act and inconsequente of who, having to engrandecer the denomination for its rich contributions for the Kingdom of God and the history of the Church in Brazil, of the one shot in the proper foot.

The Individual

It can have a significant autonomy in the action, case the environment is favorable to the sprouting and development of this autonomy. It does not do without, however, of the action of the adult, but in what it transmits the child, practical the cultural ones of its group and works with it, the constructive quantity of the formal knowledge of the cultural and scientific legacy of the humanity. In such a way the citizen if constitutes in virtue in virtue of processes between multiple of interaction with the partner-cultural way, for the presence of other individuals and/or culturally inserted and defined objects. It is characterized ahead of the mentioned one that the individual is not only a being in psychological development, but one to be without relation with the Real, consequentemente formation of cognitivas possibilities of apprehension and understanding of the reality, of proper transformation of itself and consequentemente, of this reality and producer and consumer of knowledge. In this context, practical the pedagogical one implies a process continues of interactions between agents you participate and children who if configure of multiple forms: dades (adult-child child-child), groups of adults and children or groups of children.

The knowledge that if it intends: to take the pupils is apprehended and reorganized in function of the processes of reception of information-lesson-assimilation and modification of posterior information-research-and construction of proper knowledge. WHAT IT IS LEARNING? The term learning if does not only apply the said learnings pertaining to school that however happen through a test of day-by-day, that it corresponds since beginning of the estudantil life. The learning can be understood as a lasting modification of the behavior, through the trainings, experience, comment. To the professor it fits to evaluate; if the pupil trained, or passed significant experiences extremely, or observed the accomplishment of something being able to demonstrate this modification since that he presents conditions adjusted, and, moreover, to keep this change for reasonable long time – then we can say that it hears learning.