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Civil Procedure Act

Exalt a priori may have similarities in its colloquial use, from a legal point of view there are significant differences between the compensatory and the pension for food, which are subject to summary in this article. The compensatory pension has important differences with maintenance: 1. compensatory pension only can remember to benefit the spouse prejudiced by the separation or divorce. 2 Is finally the imbalance compensation, while the pension for food is set to cover needs. 3. The compensatory pension is subject to the principle device and therefore they are waived or available by the parties, while foods are not available. 4.

The right to compensation arises from the judgement of separation or divorce, and the right to food was born since there is the situation of necessity. 5. The imbalance that justifies the compensatory pension has to occur at the time of separation or divorce and must be caused by these. This implies that if it has requested such a measure, a loss of earnings subsequent to the divorce not allows us to ask a compensatory pension. 6.

The compensatory pension does not disappear with the death of the debtor, while food obligation ceases with the death of the obligor. Likewise, the right to food is not extinguished by remarriage or cohabitation with another person of the beneficiary, and yes the compensatory pension makes it. 7. The criteria of quantification of both pensions are completely different. From a procedural point of view, the non-payment of food or compensatory pensions arising out of a judgement of nullity, separation or divorce, entails the possibility of exercising the enforcement of this judgment in order to demand and obtain payment of the amount owed by such concepts. The requirements for the opening of the route of compulsion, are established on a regular basis at the Lec. The spouse prejudiced by non-payment of the compensatory and/or food pension shall submit, comparecido through Attorney and low (legal address, executive action before the Court of first instance, explaining: to) the title in which the performer is founded. b) the purported guardianship. (c) relationship of known property of the debtor subject to embargo and sufficient for its implementation. d) identification of the spouse front is intended to that implementation. While previously targeted solutions are applicable to non-payment of pensions enacted by a court in matrimonial processes, it is undeniable as social reality the existence of in fact stable couples that make up family units out of wedlock. The current Civil Procedure Act does not establish a procedural conduit for couples in fact, being analog application procedural channels intended for matrimonial law. Thus the two possible ways of solution for the problems arising from the breakdown of marital cohabitation of couples in fact would be the following: a) the procedure of declaring to settle all aspects b) the special procedure for matrimonial processes for issues affecting the children, attending to legally recognized between the marital children and not marriage equality, and a declarative procedure for other issues.

Constitutional Court

Surely many will tell me by the crisis. That’s half a truth, you know that 62% of defaults are intentional? 75% Of companies never denounce or take to the courts to defaulters. We are currently experiencing a pandemic of defaults and not wine the worst yet. Defaults among companies exceed 100,000 million of and grows at a rate of 15,000 per month. The world has changed very quickly, in my daily contact with companies as a consultant in arbitration I find sick companies.

Yes, ill by the pandemic of defaults. There are sectors that are very sick (looong unpaid) and I enjoy doing this parallelism between being healthy (no defaults) and being sick (with defaults) by this allows to quickly see their situation to the employer, company sick or healthy. In this case, the first thing I have to do as a consultant in arbitration, is a diagnosis of the health of the company to find out which measures (remedies) apply. When one goes to a doctor and says it hurts something, it is usual that you ask several questions. In my case, as a consultant is something similar, I do some very basic questions.

How do you sell? He makes a contract with conditions of sale? Do you use a note of request? Packing slips? Those who sign these receipts? They surprised to know the number of entrepreneurs who do not use the necessary means to be able to demonstrate in the ordinary courts that completed a sale of goods or provision of service. Do you know that it exists in addition to the ordinary courts, which tends to be slow and costly, another way to solve the problems between companies? It exists and is called arbitration. You can resolve disputes between companies without lawyer or attorney. Your disputes handled by former judges of the Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court. In Spain we have two types of companies that have defaults and that are going to have. What is yours? If you read this post you reflected the situation of your company I am at your disposal to help shield it. Successes.

Katya Baganova

But perhaps the confidence and passion. Everyone, even in varying degrees, need drive, needs new experiences, including in the sex and intercourse. But I vote for love! And I want to just such a relationship. On love. No? Whereas : To live life wisely, ought to know a lot of two important rules to remember the beginning: I’d rather starve than horrible and there is better to be alone than with someone horrible.

Otherwise I’m just bored with life. I have learned to create. Create relationships, almost all friendly, creative, work Create anew – to rebuild, alter – to be smart and silly, proud and gentle, even without sex for months learned to live I learned to change people – until the changes in characteristics of temperament and character. Tell me, can anyone of you take a thread and read the night three volumes of Freud and that Yalom, only to find a clue what to do with a certain fear? Take any man – and there is a will – pulled the ladder of success, broke the complexes, fears I learned to give – the soul, warmth, energy and knowledge. And do it all. Thus, every time make sure that relationship, in which invested so much heart and time again, not that – very painful. But – not the first time. I sincerely advise – do not be fooled until recently – slowly, gradually, hysterically exhausting soul razocharovyvaniem – worse than torture.

It is better to endure the pain and move on. Nobody, not one person in the world is not worthy to break the happiness of others. True, sometimes people we meet really change us forever, we mudreem and getting stronger, thanks to them for that. Today, as if in answer to my thoughts, one talented girl – Katya Baganova sent sms Coy his quatrain: sunset sun, believe me, Yes, and it looks beautiful. Want to be you happy now? So decide, what do you happiness merish. I want to measure the happiness of love, and do not believe that love can reach the average only one year. I want to love – desperately aloof and life. I want an understanding at the level of intuition: “Perhaps the same bird singing yesterday in us echoes reflected ” This sms-ka came as I sat on the shore of , watching the sunset and breathe so easily, so freely. I read and laughed – a sign of the road – the right decision if the relationship cause only pain – it is not love, and masochism. If you go your way, you will meet the required pointers, as needed tips (like this SMS), the right people and events, because you go your way, and all you have is correct, and everything goes. We call such pointers – “road signs” (Thanks to Roger for the tip). And so I said to myself – with a new life, you, with new meetings and new adventures. Another step is completed. I know exactly what I want, and it was great, but not that.


That is why our way of working is clear and transparent and relies on collect our fees when customer comes out winning, emphasizes the steering. A business of roundtrip that given the economic times is proving to be a bonanza and continues to grow because in addition to offering properties at public auctions also offers services to people who want to auction off his property or even to entrepreneurs who want to bet on a winning business is franquicien under your brand. Services basic offers are: 1) public auctions: the customer is who marks the price that you want to pay for each property. We analyze the file and where there are chances of success, signed before a notary commissioned to corresponding purchase. Taking care from study and initial analysis of operation until the provision for participation in auction for third parties, representation in the auction by Attorney, legal address, written submissions, processing of judicial documentation and decision possession 2) transfer of loans. Available to its investors put an exquisite profitability through the acquisition of debt running with a mortgage guarantee. Normally with a legal rate of interest in arrears from 12 up to 29%. It is a highly recommended product warranty and your profitability.

The guarantee of payment is as simple as effective: in the event of failure to pay, stays with the property which has been chosen as warranty, ends. For the management of interviews or the extension of information do not hesitate to contact Nuria Coronado Sopenasalvia Comunicaciondirectora___Avda.

United Kingdom

Then you will have the keys to your new property and a copy of the deed (simple copy) until the formal writing since you must pass by the registry of the property. From the moment you or your attorney responsible for establishing services such accounts should be like water, electricity and telephone, as well as taxes on Spanish residents who can pay through your Spanish bank. Although the property, especially the rural houses in Spain, are usually cheaper to purchase cost is greater in the United Kingdom. The main reason for this is the tax on purchases of 7% on all sales of property, this is known as VAT and. Added to this are the fees of registration, legal costs and costs of notary, totaling about 10% on the purchase price in total.

This should be taken into account before searching a property and thus able to act within the budget.Once purchased, there is a tax called IBI (estate tax), which must be paid annually. It is a municipal tax that gravel and varies greatly from one municipality to another and from one type of property to another. It is possible for example, pay 50 per year for a single property in a rural area, while a luxury home in an expensive urban neighborhood can cost up to 1,500 or 2,000 a year. Both residents as not resident in Spain can now obtain loans and mortgages for properties in Spain. Funding is based on the valuation of the property and their status in order to check their income as well. For urban properties can be achieved between 70% to 80% and for rustic properties usually only grants 50%.

The maximum period for a Spanish mortgage is usually up to 30 years, although there are some mortgages available up to 40 years depending on your age. Finally there is a difference in laws relating to inheritance, a law called the law of compulsory heirs Act forced heirs, which means that in the case of death his property can be divided into equal parts between a conjugal partner and their children in Spain. Inheritance tax can also be very high. To avoid surprises, unwanted in any case, we recommend that you seek professional advice from a qualified lawyer.

National Association History

This demonstrates avoids so best bad companies that can never be fair in the removal of your bad credit, legally for sure. Bad credit is as the Main time. You should follow the good weather, meaning good credit history, as long as you take serious measures and its financier position clean credit. So to erase your bad credit one can or approach to a credit repair attorney or to a regular credit repair company. There is not much of a difference between them. Check out the credentials of a service of credit repair, when he says that there are qualified lawyers working with them for their service.

Does not fall prey to information that could fool him really. Now that you decided to legally erase your bad credit seeking legal aid sooner you can. First check the Web site of the National Association of consumer attorneys or call them. A lawyer or a legal credit repair company has a thorough knowledge of the repair process of the credit and the laws that protect the your rights and this come well to know erase your bad credit also. It is a slow and steady, step-by-step process requiring a careful legal procedure. To avoid denial of future credit is so very vital to not have lawsuits or late payments or definitely none such bankruptcies in their credit history. All this is a major cause of concern and test secure backwards to grant credit to any person. The work of a credit institution remove your bad credit legally and suggests appropriate measures to do the same. They help in contacting with the particular agency disputed in your credit history, and try to steps to make it better or to remove it altogether.

Children And Teeth

Children and teeth the Pediatric Dentistry is the part of dentistry that deals with the teeth of children. Children have 20 teeth, between teeth and toothache. 6 Years appear 4 wheels, one in each quadrant of the mouth, which are forever. They are the only ones who do not return to exit, it is therefore very important to take good care of them. Small we have so-called milk teeth and when we fall out new ones, that no longer have spare. Why you must care for them much as they are for life.

A tooth has different parts: the outer corona (which see) and the inner or root (which we can not see because it is on the inside of the jaw bone). For the part of the Crown, the enamel is the outermost layer. This part is very hard, even more than the bones. Beneath the enamel is dentin, is not as hard and below is the dental pulp, which is that note the Pang of pain when we eat food cold, hot, candy (sweets) or acids. The teeth have different shapes because they have different functions: crushing, chewing, etc.

and at mealtime must be used properly. Baby teeth can suffer just like the adult cavities. What is more, by the characteristics of the milk teeth, once starts the decay, has an advance faster and affects nervous tissue of the tooth more quickly that in the adult. Cavities in baby teeth should be treated equal in the permanent pieces. Avoid the pain which cause cavities is already reason enough to preserve the health of your teeth, but in addition, we must remember that dental caries is an infectious process and can affect the formation of the permanent tooth. Temporary teeth have many functions and very important for the normal development of the child (aesthetics, chewing, keep the space for the permanent teeth, influence on craniofacial growth, etc.). It should not be forgotten that last teeth on being substituted, molars, don’t fall up to 10-12 years and must perform their functions correctly until then. You can learn more about this topic or make any consultation by visiting the website of the clinic of Dr. Vicente Cots Alcayde at:. clinicadentalcots. com degree in dentistry from the University of Valencia in June 1993. Enrolled in the College of odontologists and stomatologists in III region no. 1820.. clinicadentalcots. com Blogs related dental implants: the best solution to replace teeth Crown Wrongful Death Attorney, Lost Love Lawyer and People Search teeth temporary Baby 4 tips to treat adult acne: recipe of croquettes of baked wheels of Esperanza Aguirre.