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Road Transport

It is important to bear in mind when traveling with our horses by road, using trailers or vans, which provide some indication that the trip more comfortable for both driver and animals. Here we propose some simple guidelines to follow to travel safely with our horse: Horses traveling the trailers much more calm and relaxed, if we avoid the previous day do too much physical exertion. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ohio Senator. Many tours begin in the early morning, so we must keep in mind that we will never stop the horse prepared the night before or leave it in view of the elements used for the trip, as they will be nervous and do not rest properly. In addition to avoid traveling with too full stomach will reduce the amount of grain at dinner. Before setting off with trailers for horses, we'll let the animal all the water they want to drink, and we can give him some grass or hay, to travel with a full stomach, but not heavy. Remember that in winter the horses also are cold, so it is advisable to cover them with blankets of cotton, never impervious. If you have read about Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

We also recommend a stop every 3 hours away, and has a duration of about 15 or 20 minutes, plus the engine will stop completely for the horses to relax. The conduct must be very cautious, we should stop smoothly, and fold the corners more rounded. This will make our trip more relaxed horse and ride with our trailer more stability. Upon arrival the horses go down the trailer, slowly and let rest for at least 2 hours, walking around quietly, so that in case of being unknown to them, to adapt to their environment. Horse Trailers -.

Attorneys Alexander Dobiasch

The lawyers Alexander Dobiasch & Rupert Richter informed the services of the law firm clients looking for a professional legal advice on Rugen, will find it at the law firm of Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter. Since 2003, the two legal experts run a law firm on behalf of their clients. The advocacy of Alexander Dobiasch goes back to the year 1997, while Rupert Richter is working since 1990 as a lawyer. This experience and expertise enables them to a successful engagement on behalf of their clients in the following focus areas. Families are family law for most people of the utmost importance. At the legal level, this aspect of life is reflected in family law. A profound impact on the daily life of millions of citizens resulting from the standardization of maintenance, custody, marriage contracts and divorces. The law firm Danielleeee & judge advocates in family law strongly the concerns and Their client’s rights a – either through the design of contracts, legal advice or the enforcement of the claim.

Inheritance In inheritance law dealing with property and possession remains is assigned by the legislator. In the face of conflict situations that may arise from inheritance, legal assistance in the preparation of wills and realization of legal claims is often advisable or even necessary. The law firm team uses specifically his experience and expertise to enforce succession concerns of his clients. Legal legislation to the ownership of land and property have an impressive extent. It practically is not possible all rights and obligations arising from the law of the land, to implement without the expertise of a qualified lawyer. Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter, the lawyers are committed to accompany her clients through the complicated matter of land law and successfully realize their interests. Labour law balances the rights of labour law and obligations of workers and employers from and is the legal foundation of most labour relations.

Clients with employment concerns find a contact person for advice and representation in the areas of contract law and termination in the law firm of Danielleeee & Rupert. Provisions of the General civil law general civil law customise various aspects of everyday life. Contracts for purchase, rent, or create works are also rules on donations and damages as an example for the influence of the General civil law. The Office team uses its experience and expertise in this area to deal with the civil law problems of its clients. Residential property law the rights and obligations of residential communities, property managers and landlords lays down residential property law. Alexander Dobiasch and Rupert Richter, the lawyers offer their clients here the much-needed professional legal advice. Enforcement when foreclosures come to that, quickly and professionally Act in order to enforce claims in an effective access to the assets of the debtor. The necessary qualification always keep the employees of the firm up to date through continuing education and can effectively represent the interests of their clients.

Attorney Care

Discussion of the Christian Democrats for life (CDL) in Koblenz-boiler home on April 23, 2009 held a panel discussion on the topics of living will and medical health care proxy before nearly 50 listeners in Koblenz-boiler home. Both documents should help their desires for a dignified death of others to be implemented, if they themselves no longer is capable of. When the advance directive you sets in advance his ideas, at the health care proxy, however, you assigned a familiar person, representing all necessary decisions. After a brief introduction by Martin Raffauf, Chairman of the CDU-boiler home, Stefan Grieser-Schmitz, Chairman of the CDL-Koblenz, the moderation of the evening took over. At the beginning, Johannes Quednow, lawyer and Managing Director of the district doctor Chamber in Koblenz, the difference between living will, health care proxy and care power of Attorney presented.

This solved the fact, that the doctor-patient confidentiality principle, also compared to the closest Members is astonishment at the audience, from. Then it is not permitted the doctor, without consent of the patient with spouse or children about the disease to speak or vote medical measures. Therefore it is recommended the issuance of a health care proxy. Finally, explained Mr Quednow the three current draft legislation to regulate the advance directive, currently being discussed in the Bundestag. Following Mr Dr.

Ansgar Rieke, senior physician at the community hospital Kemper Court Koblenz, and Deputy Chairman of the local Ethics Committee, three concrete examples illustrated the thin line between a medically necessary treatment and an unnecessary extension of death. His speech also showed the history of severe illness and ultimately the death process is how little predictable, what considerably impeded the drafting of an applicable advance… Dr. Rieke concluded his presentation with the statement that thanks to the modern palliative medicine, contrary to the cross-country-belief, the vast majority of People can die without pain. Concludes Martin pointed Pietsch, Protestant pastor of the Kemper Court and Chairman of the Ethics Committee, the fact that disease, suffering and ultimately death are an immutable part of human life. He knows how to mitigate the modern medicine as a good gift of God, diseases to cure, suffering and dignity to the dying, sees also the other side that the medical options of death processes long can be stopped. He thinks medically advised to get more realistic to assess the consequences of individual decisions it for useful and helpful, when creating an advance directive. All speakers, that an advance directive is ultimately not ideal solution, and it is therefore all the more important to write a health care proxy and the relatives and friends in the own idea of how you want the end of his life, to include agreed.

Schafer Attorney

Did you receive a notice for uersonenbedingten reasons? Quit your employer? Not every termination is also legitimate. Leave in any case by a specialist lawyer for employment law help, to proceed against this termination. In the event of termination of a worker must take into account many different interests. The employer can a worker not just by tomorrow today Cancel. The company consists for example of more than 5 employees since 2004 and before 2004, 10 workers so dismissal protection law is applicable. In the case of the applicability of the employment protection act, the employer may terminate an employee but only for the reasons in the law.

Thus, the employer may terminate the employee only for operational, person-related or behavioral reasons. Person-related reasons, as the name suggests it, in the person of the employee. There you must be also. Is the worker for a hierarchical behavior in his Person guilty, so the employer can terminate the employee not person-related reasons. Is usually the charge person-related termination, that the worker is supposedly “blue” made, say, caused by unauthorised absences that are not excused. The employee is sick too often, can the employer assume might be that this condition no longer changes in the future (so-called negative future forecast), may terminate the employer actually under specific and strict conditions. Defend themselves against such a termination. It is still on the employer, that he also must prove that your workplace has ceased due to person-related need, precisely.

Here, there are many approaches as you can shake a such person-related dismissal. I want to save now at this point legal formalism you and can only appeal to you, defend themselves against such a termination. Even if you never work again for this operation wanted to, because you’re hurt, so this is all too understandable. There are however also other ways as to demand the continued employment. Reserve: Compensation! In the case of the applicability of the employment protection act and positive prospects for success your dismissal lawsuit against a dismissal, you are can negotiate with usually a severance package. Please do not forget that you must defend themselves against a notice strongly within 3 weeks for delivery of this notice, because it is otherwise no longer vulnerable. Get so help. We have 16 years successfully represented before the labour court workers and are available at any time in your matter. Georg Schafer Attorney