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Spanish Attorney-General

According to sources, the stamped paper of the hospital and the doctor’s name were real, but this statement had not been issued by the hospital, and according to what we’ve seen, its content is completely false. In conclusion, according to our investigations we have determined, that this message that has been circulating in the Dominican Republic, simulating that it has emerged from the Attorney-General’s Office, is really a copy of another message to circulate in Mexico, in August 2007 and in June 2008, also simulating being in the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) of Mexicowhich was denied in a statement dated 17 June of the current year and published in the digital newspaper that reads: the Attorney General of the Republic said that a dispatch of press that this afternoon was ascribed to the institution through various means is false press releases, where alert to parents, teachers and education authorities about the sale or gift of decals impregnated with LSD drug outside of campuses. The spokeswoman for the PGR in the State of Tabasco, jasmine Diaz said that the document is a forgery with the logo of the PGR who appeared glued this Tuesday at various campuses of preschool and elementary school in the center of the city of Mexico. Definitely, there are no the most minimal chance that a child may be victim of this drug through tattoos and/or self adhesive decals. However, we cannot ignore that any child or adolescent at any time may be at risk of any form of provocation or innuendo associated with these substances, if we as parents don’t take care of their environment. This type of message was described as a computer virus HOAX calls, as summarized in it page specialized in VSantivirus computer viruses, in date April 12, 2001, and according to Wikipedia verbatim is defined as: A HOAX is nothing more than an attempt to make believe a person or group of people that something false is real (the English translation to the Spanish is deception, hoax, mockery).

In Spanish-speaking countries the term was popularized mainly referring to massive cheating by electronic means especially through the Internet. It is a message of e-mail with false or deceptive content. It is usually distributed in chain by its successive receivers because of its shocking content that seems to come from a serious source and reliable or because the same message requests to be forwarded. As you can see that information has been repeating from time to time with the same content as is State broadcasting since early 1990s, hope that nobody in their right mind pay to disseminate this type of messages, since it creates disturbance and nervousness to the Dominican family and the world, while we’re saturating Internet networksThis being the ultimate purpose of the creators of such messages. JORGE LUIS VARGAS R.

Academy Yemit

With my friends I have as it is obvious notable affinities. Why are my friends, among other reasons. And with all I am extremely indebted; they are friendship debts over time. I have some because they have tended the hand at the time when I most needed them; others because you supported me in the adventure of the shared dreams; others books that provided me and me took me to return or not I never back. With a good group of my friends I am infinitely grateful for some gesture, a detail or attention. Among these lies Rada Gamarra Wilmer attorney who made bridge so that this server could start a very good relationship of friendship with Yemit Parodi who the linked me the world of the Academy and the social service in favour of the community.

Yemit was one of those people who when they delusion of a project or initiative engaged him all his time, his energy, his affection and all possible efforts to bring them to a successful conclusion. In the University of La Guajira is recognized as the person who charted the extension Fonseca which took from his embryonic stage until turning it into one of the most important centers of intellectual development in the South of the Department. In their times of provincial director was always the first to arrive and the last to leave; the needs of the University absorbed to the point of surrender body and soul not only to his functions as head of the administration but as a permanent contributor of students who do not hesitated in providing its advice and give it the required support in that could meet their academic commitments. I’ve given to the task of finding out the aspect which most agree Yemit and gave me your answers in the midst of a State of mind in which nostalgia, excitement and sadness mixed with students and graduates from the University.

Economy and Government

There are no guarantees for the majority of the people to revolt against an atropellador Government from human rights and vendor or stash of natural resources; as is this uncovering the conduct that had the Minister Pedro Pablo, who held the post in economy and which allowed him to establish contracts damaging for our State, but very juicy for transnationals. First before the brazen theft of whole sale of enterprises of the State, whose funds have gone into tax havens in Asia, to buenaventura of the children and descendants of the family of the Fujimori, continues with the gift of all natural resources to transnationals, that have very well rewarded by intermediaries, as it has been able to listen to in the scandalwhere an employee of this service such as Romulo Leon Alegria and partners were engaged to represent to the more grained dome aprista. Being rewarded with juicy economic privileges.And above all this that has made the judiciary? Absolutely nothing. That is the sad reality. More properly this dilating and already is this seeing that many traces of corruption aimed at Alan Gabriel and all their cronies is being erased. For the same Judicial power is putting his granite of gold to cover up the indefensible. The same applies for example to that Provincial Prosecutor who in an outburst of value I venture to file the complaint against the real culprits of the massacres of the curve of the devil in Bagua. Immediately has been shifted and cautioned she the same attorney.

Thereby we are giving to know where this entrenched corruption, does not respect anything. I think that this implies that restructuring must be accompanied by political struggle and ideological at the universities where the future judges that do form in the arrivismo and opportunism, the easy economic climb. It is that that is what has influenced the encystment in all faculties of law by aprismo, than the main virus of corruption, which arrives and corrupts everything what finds its way.Both the fujimorism, the aprismo and the far right are the plague of locusts that devastate what little dignity that can hold society. The question of what to do. It is the dilemma for now.


After all, if the profit is the maximum objective and the return has corresponded to the expectations, so that to move? The human being and the proper existence become angry! In the cultural industry, mass society does not pass of one simple agglomerated on no-pensantes human beings, but that they are left to lead for the wave of the moment and if they brag to belong to the modern times. As they affirm Adorno and Horkheimer, they do not pass of one ' ' statistical material distributed in the maps of the justinian codes of research. (Ib., 102). The entire world is forced to pass Currently for the filter of the cultural industry (…), the atrophy of the imagination and the espontaneidade of the cultural consumer it does not need to be reduced the psychological mechanisms. The proper products? between them in the first most characteristic place, the sonorous film? they paralyze this capacity in virtue of its proper objective constitution. They are made in such a way that its adequate presentation demands, is truth, promptness, dom of comment, specific knowledge, but also of such luck that they forbid to the intellectual activity it spectator, if it not to want to lose the facts that parade quickly ahead of its eyes. (…) The violence of the industrial society was installed in the men of a time for all. The products of the cultural industry can have the certainty of that even though the distracted ones go consumiz them openly. Each one is a model of the gigantic economic machinery that, since the beginning, not of the recess to nobody, as much in the work how much in the rest, that as much is resembled Inevitably to the work (…), each man

Current Society

The current society demands, necessarily, an education compromised to changes and social transformations. In the bulge of this society an education meets that for social and being historically constructed by the man, it requires as essence in its development a language multiple, capable to accumulate of stocks all a diversity and, understanding of this form, the challenges that are part of the fabric of professional formation of the professor. This formation constitutes process that implies in reflection permanent on nature, objectives and logics that presides over its conception of educator while subject that it transforms and at the same time it is transformed by the proper contingencies of the profession. In this direction, Pepper (2005) places that the education, portraies and not only reproduces the society, but also projects the desired society. Therefore, it is associated deeply with the civilizatrio and human process. The author complements its thought with the following affirmation: while practical pedagogical, education has, historically, the challenge to answer to the demands that the contexts place to them. With the objective to necessarily analyze the teaching formation from the social and historical construction of the knowledge that perpassa for this formation, that goes of the educational theories developed in the universities and justinian codes of teaching formation to the practical ones developed by the professor in the classroom.