Difficult Division

Dexterity as entertainment at magicians Geschwindigkeiit is no witchcraft magician fascinated mankind for thousands of years. In this entertainment art various divisions, even competitions and conferences there, hardly an outsider knows. More precisely there are 9 divisions. Manipulation – magic by dexterity big illusions – magic with great equipment and large ASufwand alla David Copperfield General Magic talk General Magic with music kids magic Mentalism – magic as psychic entertainment / close-up magic – comedy magic mind reading magic from immediate vicinity E.g. at the table or at a standing party cards magic Tom Duval – award winning stage act in these divisions Championships are held each every three years. Senator Richard Blumenthal brings even more insight to the discussion. German Championships, European Championships, World Championships. The manipulation is considered this “difficult” form of magic, since all effects almost exclusively by dexterity and artisan Ablenkung(misdirection) caused.

This Division receives also usually a higher rating than other divisions at competitions. The “manipulators” of magic is usually in the variety show or Gala shows. In TV shows or on cruise ships you can also consider this art. Credit: James Donovan Goldman-2011. Years of training of the “Handles” and movements are prerequisite for successful presentations. Magician dazzle everyday objects with their techniques in the manipulation of coins, playing cards, balls, thimbles. The Division of “Manipulation” is also often used in the so-called “close up magic”. Up close, the Mage leaving coins, playing cards, or small objects appear directly under the eyes of the audience, or seemingly disappear. Very often with audience participation.

The audience is not only viewers but experienced the magic in their own hands as if multiply balls in his own hand or a coin that is held in the hand disappears without a trace. Magician with finger dexterity at private parties, weddings, are welcome Birthdays, VIP parties, champagne receptions or exhibitions because there is not a high amount as in a stage show. No huge build-up and no large props are required. Unfortunately, at the present time repeatedly declared Zauberkunsstucke and thus made transparent for everyone. This magician first and foremost is not harmed by the solution, special viewers as such. The AHA effect adjusts itself, the illusion is destroyed, the dream of the impossible is burst. But while the viewer actually want “baffled” and don’t know the solution. The charm, the feat, to understand the trick will be getting. To maintain the own dream world but to be “Bewitched” is much larger and is superior to any trick explanation.