Energy Minister Hernan Martinez

to continue reading and you also start earning with Global Value. to improvement in the volume of reserves also involves additional strength for the Colombian economy that looks to the long term and based on So it makes its economic policies. The Mines and Energy Minister Hernan Martinez, announced the positive impact that the increase in reserves will have on the Colombian economy: This will allow us to keep away the loss of oil self-sufficiency, which currently stands at 2017. This finding was recently confirmed that belongs to the Rubiales oil field in the Meta Department, according to official confirmation that was broadcast by Radio Caracol. With this finding, Target will become the largest complex of oil production in the country. The oil field will not delay too enter produce as detailed as the Republic, the operation of the pipeline that is planned for August and September this year, will enable you to the start of production.

The region will start producing 120. 000 barrels of heavy crude per day, increasing in 2010, to 170. 000 barrels per day, making the most complex production in Colombia. In addition to increase in oil reserves, the combination of gasoline with a percentage of ethanol that is driving the Colombian government will increase the autonomy of the country's oil resources while helping to reduce the polluting effects of emissions. According to The Republic Martinez said: Today a little over 80 percent of gasoline consumed in the country already has a 10% blend of ethanol.