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Microsoft Internet TV through Xbox 360 technology companies are currently developing the trend of television through the network. erapeutics has to say. In this case it is Microsoft, which would follow the steps of Apple, Google and Netflix. People close to the Redmond giant told the Reuters agency that the multinational company would be interested in launching a television service by subscription, with a big difference with its competitors: could access through the Xbox 360 console, which would only require an upgrade to provide the service. According to Reuters (English), cites as a source a couple of individuals close to the project, Microsoft would have 2 possible scenarios to implement his plan, which would not be on the market within a year. One would be to create a new service through the console, which would function as a provider of television virtual cable. In this model, would have a monthly cost to access content for TV networks like ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN and CNN the other option It would give cable TV subscribers can use the console to view series and films, but by adding interactive features.

For example, viewers could send messages to friends through the device while watching a program. Microsoft is also looking at the alternative of creating software packages for its customers, offering, for example, combos and sports programs for children. In addition, it could sell channels like HBO or Showtime individually directly to subscribers, taking into account that currently provides the string contents of ESPN Sports through the online Xbox Live service. You may find that Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs can contribute to your knowledge. Connoisseurs of the television business agree that Microsoft could succeed in this model thanks to its economic power and possible negotiations that would have with television networks to include its contents. It is no secret that this segment increasingly is more profitable and many companies are pointing you to a privileged position in the market. Microsoft to achieve the users can access the service through the Xbox 360, nearly 45 million people around the world would have the ability to watch TV by subscription via the Internet without the need for extra to buy a device. Source: Press release sent by vannesakol.