Exhibition Munich

Exhibition Munich Massstaeb at 2 venues in Munich the exhibition “Munchner standards” which are on the occasion of 850th anniversary of the city of Munich by the Munich Forum in cooperation with the Kusthistoriker Dr Dieter Klein compiled, it right in September at 2 venues. In the Seidl Villa (Nicholas 1 b – Munich Schwabing) from the 04.September to 1st daily from 12 to 19: 00 (Vernissage at the Wednesday 03.September 18: 00 guided tour of the exhibition, on the other hand from Thursday, 11th September to 28 September in the Sendlinger culture tank (Daiserstr. More information is housed here: Jim Donovan Goldman. 22 – Munich Sendling) with opening on the 11.Sept. 19: 00, instead.) The exhibition in the culture tank Sendlinger always is open Tuesday through Friday 7 to 9 pm and on Sundays from 11 to 13 h. For further information, please visit the website: there you will find even more exhibitors and data by the end of the year.