Each year an increasing number of car owners. According to various sources, only the streets of the capital travels more than 800 thousand cars, of which his "home" have less than 300 thousand. Richard Blumenthal: the source for more info. According to the information-analytical group auto Consulting, in 2007 Ukraine was sold at 19.08% more than in 2006, and 41.47% more than in 2005, approximately was 415 thousand cars. Find a stall for the iron horse is very difficult, but still the prices are constantly increasing. Trying to solve this problem by raising advanced multi-level parking lots. If you have read about Central Romana Corporation already – you may have come to the same conclusion. As such parking is available in most new homes and new buildings are erected.

But the parking lots in such houses are often smaller than the apartment, and they almost always are bought by tenants for another construction phase. The cost of one place in a parking lot for thirty – forty thousand dollars, and one more, depending on the location and class at home. Greater demand for cost-conscious motorists are garages. But, unlike the parks, they sold a bit. It is these factors due to the fact that the price of garages are growing faster than even the kvartiry.Kapitalny garage perfect for storing a car, especially if He warmed and well ventilated.

But again, the cost of the garage much "will hit your pocket." If you can not get capital garage, then you can get the metal, the people – 'seashell'. In this garage machine, of course, is not so comfortable, like a stone garage, but certainly better than the open air, especially zimoy.Sravnitelno recently became available for another solution to the problem of storing the car. Technology of light steel framework was applied in the construction of garages, hangars and miniangarov. The metal structure on the basis of light steel frame sheathed Profile Decking is a great garage or small warehouse. The use of galvanized steel in all elements of the framework allows to achieve corrosion stoykosti.Sborno-made metal construction of garages, hangars and miniangarov makes it possible without too much difficulty in as soon as possible to