Gonzalez Services

Olmeda Gonzalez abogados is a law firm that provides multiple legal services providing you an attorney specializing in horizontal property. It is a firm that offers a degree of specialisation of legal services in each of the areas, providing at the same time the most suitable solutions to the interests of each of the clients through solid legal training. This Office offers many services, among them provides to those who request it a lawyer expert and specialized in horizontal property. What you want the horizontal property is a set of rules in order to regulate and organize various real estate as a result of a separation of a building or land. In Gonzalez Olmeda lawyers, develop three areas the legal, business and financial in order to achieve the best solutions for the various services at the same time provide the required advice to all clients.

The services offered are: construction defects Attorney, lawyer horizontal property, urban leases, real estate, banking and finance, right planning, procurement, commercial law, law bankruptcy law, law international law. One of services of interest is that they provide you an attorney specializing in condo, establishing a series of activities and regulations that are of great importance to ensure a peaceful coexistence between the owners of the property. Olmeda Gonzalez lawyers, provides a horizontal property lawyer and carries out the following functions such as: the Constitution of communities drafting, revision of establishing title, statute or rules of procedure of a drafting estate, revision or correction of statutes or regulations for housing developments. Challenges to Community agreements claim for fees to delinquent owners official claim by alteration of facades, troublesome activities Street Altamirano, 48.