The food had finished and the hunger started to torment Jonas. It did not have no hope to find food in the ruins of that city. The store and supermarkets had been pillaged for bandos of hungry and same the survivors of the war, had left and they had not come back more. Ohio Senator may find this interesting as well. They had emigrated to other places in food search. Becoming vacant for the ruins of the building, Jonas did not find plus nobody, neither no food to aplacar the hunger. It also decided to leave. It followed for the highway bordered for dry fields.

It had many weeks that did not rain. When entardecer, it sighted a masonry house that seemed to be unbroken to the side of a group of taken away the leaves trees and was directed for there, finding that it would be a good place to pass the night. The house was practically entire, only the door had been destroyed, probably for somebody with an axe. In the entrance capacho with the written greeting was one; Either Welcome! For instinct, Jonas cleaned the shoes before entering. The poeirento wooden floor it was marked with signals of footprints. The plunderers already had been in the place, everything were it are of the place. On the rags of a bed the skeleton of a person lay.

Jonas was not disturbed, was accustomed with such scenes. It embedded the skeleton in the yard, where it found some turnips. It was not great thing, but it served to deceive the hunger. In that night it slept in the house and left as soon as the sun was born. The city next was the eighty kilometers of distance. Perhaps it was also in ruins, but Jonas waited to find a little of civilization in some place. One hour later, walking for the esburacada highway, sighted a smoke column going up for the sky.