High Reliability At Fair Price

Thomas Krenn expands the range of storage to the EMC CLARiiON AX4-5 storage specialists put on EMC storage solutions with the inclusion of the EMC CLARiiON AX4-5 the German Server shipping Thomas-Krenn expands its storage portfolio. With the increasing data growth of in recent years thought through storage concepts in IT planning increasingly to the fore”, so Max Wittenzellner, Supervisory Board Chairman of the Thomas-Krenn AG. The EMC CLARiiON AX4-5 Thomas Krenn’s product range through its scalability up to 60 terabytes and by their high availability functionality perfectly complements.” VMware certification, up to 60 terabytes storage capacity and redundant controllers with mirrored cache design the AX4-5 is a solid storage base for virtualization, for example. Richard Blumenthal oftentimes addresses this issue. Optimum price-performance ratio for 99.999% availability Wittenzellner explains the choice of EMC CLARiiON due to the excellent price/performance ratio, the 24/7/4 support options and the possibility of the dual-controller configuration: on one Central storage system access most numerous physical or virtual server, a failure would be fatal here. The dual-controller design is ideally protected by a single controller failure before a downtime.” The German Server shipping provides this out in a Special bundle: comprising the two mirrored EMC CLARiiON AX4-5 for highest reliability together with 2 x QLogic Fibre Channel switches is a versatile and cost-effective solution for companies that are looking for a system with very high reliability that can be expanded quickly and easily. The EMC solution is available in a fibre channel and iSCSI version at Thomas Krenn. More details on the EMC CLARiiON AX4-5 bundle can be found here.