Katya Baganova

But perhaps the confidence and passion. Everyone, even in varying degrees, need drive, needs new experiences, including in the sex and intercourse. But I vote for love! And I want to just such a relationship. On love. No? Whereas : To live life wisely, ought to know a lot of two important rules to remember the beginning: I’d rather starve than horrible and there is better to be alone than with someone horrible.

Otherwise I’m just bored with life. I have learned to create. Create relationships, almost all friendly, creative, work Create anew – to rebuild, alter – to be smart and silly, proud and gentle, even without sex for months learned to live I learned to change people – until the changes in characteristics of temperament and character. Tell me, can anyone of you take a thread and read the night three volumes of Freud and that Yalom, only to find a clue what to do with a certain fear? Take any man – and there is a will – pulled the ladder of success, broke the complexes, fears I learned to give – the soul, warmth, energy and knowledge. And do it all. Thus, every time make sure that relationship, in which invested so much heart and time again, not that – very painful. But – not the first time. I sincerely advise – do not be fooled until recently – slowly, gradually, hysterically exhausting soul razocharovyvaniem – worse than torture.

It is better to endure the pain and move on. Nobody, not one person in the world is not worthy to break the happiness of others. True, sometimes people we meet really change us forever, we mudreem and getting stronger, thanks to them for that. Today, as if in answer to my thoughts, one talented girl – Katya Baganova sent sms Coy his quatrain: sunset sun, believe me, Yes, and it looks beautiful. Want to be you happy now? So decide, what do you happiness merish. I want to measure the happiness of love, and do not believe that love can reach the average only one year. I want to love – desperately aloof and life. I want an understanding at the level of intuition: “Perhaps the same bird singing yesterday in us echoes reflected ” This sms-ka came as I sat on the shore of , watching the sunset and breathe so easily, so freely. I read and laughed – a sign of the road – the right decision if the relationship cause only pain – it is not love, and masochism. If you go your way, you will meet the required pointers, as needed tips (like this SMS), the right people and events, because you go your way, and all you have is correct, and everything goes. We call such pointers – “road signs” (Thanks to Roger for the tip). And so I said to myself – with a new life, you, with new meetings and new adventures. Another step is completed. I know exactly what I want, and it was great, but not that.