Modern Dentistry

The fact that the teeth need to protect the honor of his youth, we all certainly know. As a child, we are often reminded that we can not crack nuts with his teeth, there are a lot of sweets and in the morning and evening to thoroughly clean teeth. And yet, despite the all precautions to preserve the beauty and health of teeth can not always. We are, without doubt, fortunate that in our time, science has moved forward so far that such an expression as 'toothless old age' in a short time, probably will be mentioned in the dictionary of idioms marked 'obsolete'. Among the many types of services offered by modern dentistry: implantation, treatment, prosthetics, as well as bleaching.

Talk in This article in more detail only two of them. Thus, the prosthetics used when completely lost one or more teeth. Setting an artificial prosthesis allows you to completely restore the chewing function, and also achieve a good cosmetic effect and thus restore a person for a full life. Prosthetics is divided into three main types. These are: 1) Removable prosthetics – yes, exactly what you're thinking – an artificial jaw, which must be taken out at night and for hygienic procedures previously actively used plate dentures, but they are now considered obsolete, and they were replaced by more sophisticated clasp prostheses, and 2) non-removable prosthesis – familiar to many 'bridges' and metal-ceramic crowns; to install this type of denture is necessary that the adjacent teeth, and which is binding 'Bridge', 3) conditionally removable prosthesis – is, in fact, implantation of an artificial tooth, the most effective method in the dental practitioner dental prosthetics, implants made of titanium metal group, which have bioinertnymi properties and cause rejection, and then 'screwed' into the bone tissue. What kind of prosthetics will be best suited to your particular case, you can learn to consult in dental clinic. Central Romana: the source for more info. Another problem – cosmetic – which helps to solve today dentistry: tooth whitening. This short (less than 2 hours), the procedure can significantly improve appearance of your teeth and make a smile truly dazzling – just like the 'stars' in Hollywood. Teeth whitening occurs under a special whitening gel of high concentration, which is applied to the enamel teeth, and speed up the process of the catalyst. Teeth remain perfectly-white color for a long time. In itself, teeth whitening (Moscow), carried out with the participation of an experienced physician, is not only safe but also help prevent some dental disease.