Of Stroll By The Botanical Garden In El Salvador

Today I want to take them by a very colorful and fresh stroll, in which the nature speaks of its beauty, gentleness and harmony. Its route is a unique experience for that reason today I want to guide them by means of these lines. One of the charming and admirable places but of El Salvador is without a doubt the Botanical Garden the Lagoon, its location is very peculiar, is at heart of a crater, where centuries before were a lagoon, derives part there from its name, is a beautiful oasis in the middle of one extensive industrial zone, to the south of Old Cuscatln, department of the freedom. Its natural beauty consists of 60 apples, of these 4,5 are only destined to its visitors, predominating its extensive wooded zone in permanent protection. Their 3.500 species of national and foreign plants, are distributed in 32 zones with varied collections: orchids, ferns, medicinal plants of the desert, plants, bromelias, homemade orchard, and native vegetation in its environs. The route by the garden this plenty of tranquillity and magicians surprises, between the song of birds, revoloteo of butterflies, the pleasant sound of a small originating cascade of its forest, the ingenious decoration of its different collections, and a beautiful pool with fish and aquatic plants. Also it counts on area of infantile entertainment, a herbal one destined to the constant study of the collections of plants, a library with customized attention, a documentation on subjects of ecology, gardening, among others. An extensive one breeding ground is located to one of its flanks abierto to the public for the commerce of plants. This tourist destiny is visited by thousands of students, national and foreign tourists every year, if you not yet have enjoyed this earthly paradise, we invited to him to live this magical experience. It remembers that El Salvador is an excellent destiny for its next vacations and to know but it visits until a next trip by El Salvador. Original author and source of the article