Shanghai One Bronze Medal

Remains third with his team in the test of 4 100 m freestyle behind Australia, gold and new world champion, and France, silver. Phelps swam the first outpost of the relay. Belmonte, out of the final of the 200 styles. American Michael Phelps won his first medal at the world of Shanghai, one bronze, being third with his team in the 4 100 m free, behind Australia and France, gold, and silver proof. Phelps swam the first outpost of the relay. His team consisted of him, Garreth Weber-Gale, Jason Lezak and Adrian Nathan. The United States dndian his world title achieved in Rome two years ahead of France, Russia and Brazil. The result was a small revenge of the Gauls, since they came from be seconds after the Americans in the two last major finals, of the Beijing Olympics, where Lezak took the gold in the last stroke from Alain Bernard, and the Italian capital worldwide.

The new champions of the world presented a Quartet composed by James Magnussen, Matthew Targett, Matthew Abood and Eamon Sullivan, who stopped the Chrono in 3:11.00 to beat the French, silver with 3: 11. 14, and the Americans, with 3: 11. 96. The fourth Gallic reliever, Fabien Gilot, was instrumental in his team’s comeback to be relined at the last meters to American Adrian. Gilot made 47.22 47.40 Adrian, who had received the Lezak posta in second position. Prior to Gilot French bullpen were Alain Bernard, Jeremy Stravius and William Meynard. For its part, Phelps was second fastest on the first 100 with 48.08, only surpassed by Australian Magnussen with 47.49. The Italian team, with Luca Dotto, Marco Orsi, Michele Santucci and Filippo Magnini, qualified in fourth place with 3: 12.

39. Belmonte, Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte fell badly eliminated in the semi-finals of the 200 m the world of Shanghai swimming styles. Barcelona swimmer could not repeat his time from the morning, 2: 11. 38, and did 2: 12. 37, fifth in his series and tenth in the sum of the two. In the playoffs he had been second. The best of the two semifinals was Australian Stephanie Rice, Olympic champion, who won the series for the Spanish with 2: 09. 65. Source of the news: Michael Phelps wins his first medal in Shanghai, a bronze in the 4 100