Jump from a height of 10 m is no problem with work platform from GL rentals the shortest way out of the House. Just jump from the balcony. But impossible from the second floor. Unless an extremely flexible tree stands before the House, gentle, elegant and above all safe wearing one after the jump in his tree to the ground. In an Internet video that Galileo, the magazine of Pro 7, asks: which is really or the video is a fake? Galileo wants to know it, recreates the scene together with GL cranes rental platforms and Eisele and makes the fake check. The origin video can be found under: and so you should do it: question: the video is real and if not, how was it faked? Here in the test jumps the Stuntman from the balcony, but of working platforms of the GL test from the work basket, a special work platform Leo 30 on crawler chassis or from the basket of a truck work platform L 350, secured through the stable hook of the Eisele-crane rental, and Lands somewhat soft in the stacked cardboard boxes on the floor. Filming the cameraman by Pro7 the jump sequences from the other platform or from the ground. If you want to know whether it actually also works without these assets, check here:.. / fake-check-balcony jump… Gitte Schorn