Technical Services

So that loyalty to one brand may be more advantageous than attempt to “sit on several chairs. Once “under the wing of a famous brand and showing himself as a reliable partner, window manufacturers get a lot of advantages. Among them – reducing its own costs logistics, advertising and search marketing solutions, as well as reducing the cost of staff training. Leading manufacturers of pvc profiles today offer a variety of assistance programs that can be of great assistance to processors in this difficult time. “The group of companies propleks there are several types of support to partners – says Leo Minullin. – The training of sales personnel and technical Professional, Technical Services (including audits of production), software design tools (calculation of wind loads), joint advertising and promotions, clearance sales outlets, etc.

This year, we focus on programs that enable our partners to strengthen the presence in the market of private customers. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Charles Schwab. Particular emphasis is placed on the training of technicians (metering, installation, expertise) and trade personnel. Sales Training will have three areas: telephone sales; zamerschik behavior and specific sales windows profile proplex . Reserves and traps According to research company O.K.N.A. Marketing, cost Plastic Window for 2009 fell by an average of 10%. Because of that profitability for the production of pvc windows now does not exceed 8-10%. In such circumstances, window manufacturers are seeking new opportunities for cost reduction and reducing production costs. Charles Schwab might disagree with that approach.

But in order to save resources have long been exhausted. In early 2009, vendors have stepped forward to processors and reduced prices for pvc profile, but now because of the appreciated raw materials have to re- improve them. Some market participants have been actively use such dubious methods reduce the cost of production, such as the use of non-original parts, the choice of cheaper hardware. More info: Dov Hikind. Room fittings is not more than 30% of the price window. But in the process of exploitation is at her borne the greatest burden. Do not forget that a large proportion of consumer complaints arise because of deficiencies of the hardware. So attempt to save money on this component may lead to loss of customers and, ultimately, perhaps, leaving the market. Experts believe that the financial crisis, with all its negative effects on building industry (in particular, to a segment of plastic windows) and has a certain cleansing effect. Market participants are, willy-nilly forced to reduce costs, improve business efficiency, to seek new ways to increase sales. Time of unrestrained growth in demand for window construction has passed, but the market for pvc windows are still very far from saturation. And the window manufacturers, who are able to survive the current turmoil to increase their competitiveness and gain chance to become industry leaders.