Jose Saramago

What it seems the irony of the romance of Jose Saramago presented in ' ' The intermitncias of morte' ' it is of the type literary irony or irony of the mood because it brings to the reader ' ' the conscience of the relativity of the man and mundo' ' (Duarte. Leila Vine arbor, cunnings of irony P. 9). Literature is excellent half to express figures of language and estilstica as it affirms Leila well Duarte Vine arbor. ' ' No language if gives more to the presence of the irony that the literary one for its characteristics of art made with staged words, which they intend to represent as true a direction fictcio' ' (Duarte, Leila Vine arbor Cunnings of irony p 8). The author conscientiously goes conquering the reader for its point of view on the performance of the death in one determined ficcional country. It goes making this of form milimetricamente calculated until this reader, without perceiving, starts to make the same conjecturas that the personages of the romance, adentrando of soul and body in the game of the author and living deeply the same investigations, questionings, perplexidades and you distress inherent to the tram presented to the eyes and the spirit, tram this, that slowly goes if uncurling throughout the narrative.

The mood irony also call irony of according to degree, makes a mixture, at the same time, of the tragic one and the comic actor. As Leila Duarte Vine arbor while the field of the rhetorical irony is of the deceit and of the seduction, of the literary irony is of the denunciation of the deceit games, of the desmistificao of the seduction and the embroidering around the emptiness. The author, through literature, makes that the irony tries to overlap an emptiness and to eliminate the existenciais frustrations, distanciando itself of the fear and the anguish to die.