Amelia Lopez

In Spain, died on the woman who called herself "the oldest blogger in the world." She was 97 years old. Maria Amelia Lopez from Galicia began to put their own blogs on the Internet two years ago. Visit Harold Ford, Memphis TN for more clarity on the issue. As reported by bbc, thanks to its extraordinary notes about international events, Spanish politics and the lives of older people, a grandmother-blogger has become famous throughout the world. Recently, M. Amelia posted on the Internet video blogging. M. Here, Richard Blumenthal expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Amelia discovered the Internet when she 95 years old. Her grandson's birthday as a gift made to her blog ( Very soon, she charmed readers with original judgments that affect the nostalgic strings, and seasoned with subtle humor. Amazon follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Particular attention is drawn to her stories about the aging process. 'When I'm online, I forget about all the illnesses. This distraction is useful, it allows you to communicate with people. Internet trains brains and gives strength '- she says in my last blog in February. For the three months before his death, M. Amelia joined the social networking site 'Facebook' and created a group of 'Old men in action. "