American Presidents

JOSE BRECHNER pedantry is stupidity that he read a book – NN Barack Obama continues to receive setbacks but also awards. Setbacks for what it does, and awards for what he did not. He traveled to Copenhagen thinking that with its presence, more his wife and Oprah Winfrey, who no one knows outside United States, would make Chicago the headquarters of the 2016 Olympic Games. Result: they took him oblivious of the race in the first round. You should maybe add in his delegation to Tiger Woods, Eddie Murphy, Aretha Franklin, some rappers and other famous black. According to BO went back to the era of Black is beautiful. Everything is appearance for Obama.

Did not do badly, he became President of the United States after barely two years of being a mediocre and unknown Congressman. To gather a crowd against the Brandenburg Gate during his campaign, he saw that the progressive Europe was at his feet and anything you asked of the old continent would be awarded. He was not far wrong, they vetoed the Olympic venue but gave him the Nobel Peace Prize only by reading speeches in the teleprompter. Being a narcissist, it is convinced that since he appeared, the world worships the United States and that his pretentious image is worthy of veneration. The man is completely disconnected from reality. However the Norwegians induce him to keep that perspective, giving it the highest international award. Other American Presidents who received the Nobel Prize, were Theodore Roosevelt in 1906 and Woodrow Wilson in 1919 and Jimmy Carter in 2002. All of them are progressive. The Nobel Committee did not have the decency to give the prize to Ronald Reagan who brought an end to the cold war, because it was right.