Valley To point out that until this data historical moment the population of Christmas if organized with rudimentary characteristics of the colony, where rich and poor they coexisted in the same streets and quarters. It was formed, there, the division of classrooms that if makes perceivable until the current days, in Christmas. general 2.2Plano of systematization of Christmas? 1929 In the decade of 20, appeared the first sketch of systematization of the urbanization of Christmas. This visa of the point of view of the doctor Janurio Cicco, passed for the accomplishment of workmanships that endowed the city with a plan of sanitation and water supply. The city in expansion faced problems with the expressive increase of the population and by this reason the Commission of sanitation was created in 1924 of Christmas, the first initiative of intervention planned in the elaboration and execution of a specific project for the sanitation and supplying of Christmas. The engineer Enrique de Novaes was the responsible one for the elaboration of the General Plan of Workmanships of Sanitation of Christmas. More ahead, no longer final of the decade of 20, then mayor Omar? Grady contracted architect Gicomo Palumbo to develop an urbanization plan.

Palumbo idealized a plan that already looked at Christmas with a futurista perspective, therefore projected the city with a population of one hundred a thousand inhabitants, what it only occurred in 1950. This vision of future demonstrates sensitivity in making of the city a better place of if living. Beyond the General Plan of Systematization, it was distinguished Law n. 04/1929. This Law regulated the constructions, the zoning of the city and the arruamento, making possible, in this way, the municipal executive to fiscalize the city with legal instruments. 2.3Plano of expansion of Christmas the year of 1935 was marked by the boiling politics. Of a side, social movements and also groups of left, of another side, sectors conservatives of the society participated.