Americas Data

Recently was given the report on the State of road safety in the Region of the Americas 2006-2007? made by the Pan American Health Organization, which obviously erroneous statistical information can be seen on page 76 supplied by our agencies. There is no continuity in the compilation of records nor much less the habit of making recommendations about public policies on road safety in Dominican Republic. The Attorney General of the Republic also unveiled on October 21, a report establishing ten crimes most incurred in our country in the period from January to July 2010, where it is observed that the violation of Law 241 and its amendments there are only 2 settled throughout the national territoryrepresenting 0% of the total number of cases recorded in the country. A failure is evident when we compare the data of the metropolitan authority of transport – AMET – with the Attorney General. A previous publication Unveils large amounts collected by concept of offences exceeding hundreds of millions of pesos per year, to light involve violations are called 241 law and its amendments. More than 229,000 the traffic law violations were recorded in the first 7 months of 2010, according to the same report of AMET. What concludes the first place among the crimes most prevalent in our country has to do with road safety. Poor and inadequate information handled by the State is proof of the why not decisions accurate and objective on the subject of road safety.

Our data are simply not credible or reliable. Not awaken no interest when instances of political and economic power they are told that the traffic law violations are insignificant and imperceptible in relation to all others. When are these violations so everyday that we perceive them normal. It is a widespread behaviour in our known countries by international agencies that handled false official data, and also our institutions that have the responsibility to propose and design public policy to improve road safety. Meanwhile, are how many million weights corresponding to the annual budget of the nation, which equally affects negatively on GDP will continue losing by a not wise decision? It will be so, while handling bad information, which is equivalent to saying: not credible or reliable for lack of a National Observatory of data.