Federal District Separation

Option for those who doubt the divorce with the increase of the rates of divorce, in the State of Yucatan is planned the creation of the legal figure of temporary marital separation, which gives an opportunity to make couples think better step that will give. In the words of attorney specializing in family law, Pablo Loria Vazquez, there are people who repent of being divorced, since it acknowledges that it took that decision in little favorable circumstances to take that step in Yucatan. According to Loria, in professional practice, it has frequently found that spouses resort to him in search of a rapid dissolution of the marriage bond, but then repent and recognize that they made a hasty decision. That is why it now usually propose to its customers a temporary separation instead of formal divorce, because it has important legal and patrimonial implications and also affects children. Once that expiry of temporary separation, forget the majority of couples in the divorce, he added. Loria Vazquez, who was Executive Secretary of the State Institute of access to public information (INAIP) took advantage of its experience in that field to develop a master’s thesis that recently concluded.

In it he proposed establishing and regulating the marital separation in the Civil Code of Yucatan. Nowadays marriage passed into the background because the problems of modern life confusing spouses, said. When conflicts arise, the couple believes that divorce is the best solution but do not know that that only aggravates the problems. And it seems that the State opted to facilitate marital disintegration instead of protecting to this institution, believed. Quick divorce was already implemented in the Federal District and in Yucatan and other federal entities offered voluntary divorce, he added, latter may be administrative or judicial, he noted. In the first case it is enough to appear before the official of the registry Civil and the second presents a Convention before a family judge to approve it. In Yucatan divorce is to link, there is no alternative to a temporary separation during which the couple engage in a process of mediation and conciliation. If there was this last it would protect the marriage, the couple would have opportunity to reflect and to save his union, ended. Source: yucatan.com.mx source: press release sent by divorces espresso.