Anaximander Arche

Anaximander (610 a "547 BC) was born in Miletus, Greek philosopher and mathematician. Like Thales is considered one of the most prominent thinkers. Demas was astronomer and scientific discoveries are attributed as the solstices, the equinoxes and the obliquity of the zodiac. (Pliny Natural History, II, III) and released a sketch of geometry (Suidas) but the stories show us the man inventor. Nomon inventor, builder of world map, and the letter from heaven, an earthquake prediction, as well as military and political organizer, at the head of a colonizing expedition in Miletus in apolonia. (History III, 17) His treatise on the nature was the first written philosophical prose.

Anaximander can be seen in a materialistic scientist, applied to the natural questions of things. As happens with physics. His theories are the principles of scientific materialism which seeks to explain the phenomena of matter in its various phases. "Apeiron." That is infinite, the indeterminate, the eternal, that which governs the world by being substance law. We now can make a clearer idea about the theory of Anaximander as a result of our century we have a greater knowledge, for this reason are broader concepts even when they are reduced to the figure of speech. "If you look involving young people as the force of gravity in this beautiful phenomenon "raises the search Anaximander Arche or beginning of things given by the very principles of sensory experience. behold to our surprise, a rigorous thinker with a thought, which supports its analysis on the physical structure of the senses or the brain as a primary function of the body.