Table Steamers

Table steamers, as a rule, are equipped with one, two or three baskets for cooking. The presence of several baskets allow you to cook several dishes simultaneously. When choosing steamer should pay attention to the pallets. Preferable to have a few pallets because they help prevent condensation and Padania juice from one product to another. If you prefer a combination of flavors multiple products (such as vegetables, soaked in meat broth), will approach you with a steamer tray. Please note that trays should be deep enough so that during cooking is often not accounted for condensate drain. Type of control One of the important parameters when buying a double boiler type of governance. It can be mechanically and electronically.

In a double boiler with mechanical control of the device while set by a switch in a pen with subdivisions. The advantage of mechanical control is that it allows you to quickly and easily install the necessary time on the timer. Steamers with an electronic type control occur more rarely. They feature a keypad with a small board, which displays the selected mode. In terms of functionality steamer with electronic control is preferable because they allow you to set the exact time of shutdown device or delay the start of cooking. In addition, these steamers are usually the function of maintaining the food in a warm state: after work, they do not disengaged, and pass into the heating mode, so that food does not cool down.

Additional Features When you purchase a double boiler you should pay attention to the presence of a number of additional functions. First of all, the steamer should be equipped with automatic cut-off at low water level. For its control, you must have a special indicator. In addition, it is desirable that steamer had a hole for filling in during cooking. Since the effect of steamers and steam ovens is based on the active evaporation of water, they necessarily formed the scum of the salts contained in water.