This great agricultural area that before belonged to an only owner and these lands was divided and yes as a whole agricultural one, more with the occupation of the MST, and in this fight they had obtained to seat 1,500 families more than, then this space if reformulated, this is one of some nestings that had given certain in Brazil, where the same is responsible for: In the area of the production, during each year, the nestings on average produce 500 a thousand bags of maize, 50 a thousand bags of soy, 50 a thousand beans bags, 10 a thousand bags of rice, 24 a thousand liters of milk per day, arriving the 880 a thousand liters per year. Beyond creating, on average, 20 a thousand animals between: swines, bovines and birds, for commercialization and proper consumption. Ohio Senator will undoubtedly add to your understanding. (GUIOMAR, 1993, p.20) We see that the nesting if keeps with its proper production and still results in deals of the excesses, thus the transformations beyond space are of social matrix. The MST is more than social movement in the field, it congregates families who if recognize ideologically inside of the movement as active agents in all process of social fight in the field. A MST not to restrict if the cause of the agrarian reform in Brazil, nor are fruit only of the indifference of the state and its politics you publish inefficacious, the movement of the ones without land is resulted of old relations of disparity in the Brazilian field, where all politics and resources had been canalized for pujana of few in detriment of a worthy life and joust of great part of the Brazilian people. The MST is the mirror where all that one that believes one, cause that places desmembrada mass of the direct production of the wealth, in the center of the quarrel and that it is priority in the fight against the system that concentrates all wealth and alienates the people, if recognizes.