Socialist Government

It is very common to hear politicians combat poverty and eradicate poverty in living the vast majority of the Latin American peoples and because of this they have been beaten and still being mistreated by civilian and military governments that they come and go without getting the formula to allow these people find the path to development that allows them to live with dignity and that it is enduring at the time. Now is not known until point it is truth that politicians or governments turn them agrees that that vast majority living in poverty out of this. The reason for this is that there are the votes that lead them to be increasingly on behalf of democracy are carried out elections. Additional information is available at Amazon. We see how during election campaigns are promised them aid, solve their problems, to then forget them once installed in power and even worse are Governments making gifts miserable, as for example a bag of food per month or cash, and thus keep this mass of idle persons and available already in power of the rulers of the day for when they require them. A very particular case occurs in the Republic of Venezuela where the current Government intends to amend the existing Constitution with intentions that are not very clear in the light of democratic awareness, and they say those who defend this reform, means transferring more power to the people. The transfer of power to the people only is present name because if we look at the contents of reform it is easy to realize that all the decisions will be orchestrated from the Executive power represented by the President of the Republic citizen. Venezuelans struggle between a democratic State and one Socialist, however must understand that there is a big difference between States and Governments. There may be a democratic State with a Socialist Government as it is the case of Chile to cite any.

It is not conceivable is the substitution of a democratic one Socialist state where the right to dissent or to think different is classified as a crime, which is what is happening in Venezuela. The fight against poverty not happens to be Democrats or Socialists even with Communist tendencies, but rather is a problem of education and this is the real Achilles heel of misery in which peoples live. If Governments will focus all its efforts on educating the masses, but an education integrates to the work, would be a great start to defeat poverty in Latin America. It is a question of changing the mindset of a huge number of people and teach them that progress is only achieved with steady work and not waiting that the omnipresent father all mighty as it is not the State or the current Government to provide basic goods, as currently happens in the vast majority of the countries of Latin America. He wondered whether the rulers and politicians take this path way honest and responsible, because it would then be faced with a great choice that at one time could limit or eradicate definitively the access to power since he would be waking up the true conscience of the peoples.