Many of us have childhood dreams of four-footed friend, that's just an idea of caring for them few who complete. It turns out that the dog must not only walk, feed and educate, but also to monitor its appearance. Further details can be found at novelist, an internet resource. In what is to care for the appearance chetveronogo friend? Need to cut their hair and nails, washing and drying, plus extra care for the eyes. All these manipulations are called grooming. Frequency of treatments for animals depends on their breed.

For example, a haircut yorkshire terrier should be frequent and timely, since small animals with thick hair can get sick at the wrong care. Amazon will not settle for partial explanations. Caring for your pet can be both at home and go to zoosalon. Today it is no surprise the facility, which makes the dogs haircut, wash, card, dried, ie, full grooming. Here are often treated dog owners who participate in various exhibitions. Remember, if you crank four-legged friend, then you need to know how to care for it very often care depends on the breed of dog. And be sure to partially cut the claws of a dog, it universal rule applies to all dog owners.