Civil Force

But in fact it was virtually impossible task. In comparison with the employers (and formed a strong independent individuals) that have passed through fire and water, and with whom we speak the same language, to build a working dialogue with the federal government, with political parties and state and public organizations up to now have not been successful. When the second half of 2007, we appealed to all parties with a proposal to familiarize with the solution of the independent development of small and medium businesses, we are faced with an astounding ignorance. For example, in party told us that they invent stories about small and medium businesses, but we have surpassed them and that they themselves to a level far Also, very strangely responded to atp, Fair Russia, Civil Force, United Russia, an independent deputy Vladimir , and all the rest, as if the topic of development of small and medium-sized businesses and the formation of the middle class before the elections to the Parliament at the moment is for them firing the article. Credit: Sen. Sherrod Brown-2011. (A maybe it's how it was: after a decision on SMEs as there was, and still does not. And to make any promises would certainly a substitute ). Very "interesting" we were greeted by a personal meeting at the Reception Administration President of Russia. A Mr V. Rozanov (At that time Deputy av Dvorkovich) for giving us the program looked with undisguised amazement, and said that he was not going to read it at all, let those involved Dvorkovich.