We live a tumultuated reality estresse, it, the violence, the unemployment, the misfortune and constant unreliability, the depression that surprises in them, the familiar disagreements, the loves not corresponded, the social and economic problems. Everything this is part of this reality that, it causes the people, the feeling to be alone. This solitude is a combustible fort for the unbalanced search of forms of satisfaction of the necessity to belong, to be together, of being accepted and being loved. The people already do not know what to make or as to deal with everything this that our society presents in them daily. It is the frustration of these necessities that cause many of the adjustment problems. The chaos is inserted in our way and psychic well-being is a determinative factor of the good performance in some areas of the life and, is this that demands a psychological intervention, the adjustment if it makes necessary for the satisfaction of these necessities and a possibility not to die. Aiming at to minimize the effect of these tensions, the psychological treatment is a space and a time for reencontro of a personal way, a form of intervention and aid for the confrontation of the problematic one, appearing as a possibility to rescue the direction of the life.

The psychological treatment is not thing for mental sick people, as many imagine, deals with existenciais problems, not with insanities and its cures. However, the psycotherapy does not allow only the resolution of existenciais problems. It has the possibility of the interior growth, the full development of the personality of the individual can be reached from there, life can become an experience of bigger intensity and sensitivity, compared with the weakness and the lack of interior route. The proposal of the Psychologist is to walk the customer together with, thus, both, find resources for the rescue of the dignity. It is a learning process, as well as the life is. The main function of a psychotherapist is to make with that the person if knows, if has accepted while individual, finds Ch. Urban Jundia