Communication Workers

These are not generalizations about the power of journalists in Bolivia, but suffice it to means that between private and “state” irreconcilable positions are cynically only generate the skepticism of society toward its media, a cynicism that turns off the ability of journalists to see and feel things in a human context and news. The Communication Workers must ruling its actions with the aim of serving the highest interests of the people so that they can bring the news to society as accurate as possible and not serve the interests of a small elite, party, group of “political” or new small elites, party or group of “politicians” who only want to look after their personal interests to hold power as much as they can, because the social interest, it is true, it is important until it abolishes or diminishes dignity and rights of each individual in society.

To summarize say that the journalist met a better job if it has the respect and credibility of their society. Journalistic ethics, your balance and rationality seem to have passed into history in this country and now a number of “journalists” between supporters and opponents of us definitely lead to believe that the media gives rot for long without the citizen can do absolutely nothing but disprove the political practices of each medium (private and “state”) that they forget their primary responsibility, hiding behind either destructive criticism neoliberal capitalism and communism or socialism and instituted new forms of dehumanization driving public opinion as mere robots or automatons programmed to think like businessmen and criteria of the information embedded in the government and the opposition seeking to establish a place as a single reality, their reality and ignoring a single vision that the country is diverse and does not respond to a single emblem or criterion, let alone a single ideology and that its strength lies in the complementarity of all its inhabitants, that and more only remains to say Journalistic Ethics, rest in peace. ECOS News inland (EDTA).